Dark Matter

Dark Matter An enemy might just have to become an ally in order to save humankind The United States of North America is now engaged in a civil war with the Earth Confederation which wants to yield to the demands

  • Title: Dark Matter
  • Author: Ian Douglas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An enemy might just have to become an ally in order to save humankind The United States of North America is now engaged in a civil war with the Earth Confederation, which wants to yield to the demands of the alien Sh daar, limit human technology, and become a part of the Sh daar Galactic Collective USNA President Koenig believes that surrendering to the Sh daar willAn enemy might just have to become an ally in order to save humankind The United States of North America is now engaged in a civil war with the Earth Confederation, which wants to yield to the demands of the alien Sh daar, limit human technology, and become a part of the Sh daar Galactic Collective USNA President Koenig believes that surrendering to the Sh daar will ultimately doom humankind.But when highly advanced, seemingly godlike aliens appear through an artificial wormhole in the Omega Centauri Cluster 16,000 light years from Earth, President Koenig is faced with a tremendous choice continue fighting the Sh daar or ally with them against the newcomers in a final war that will settle the fate of than one universe.

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    1. Dear Star Carrier Series,I am writing this in an effort to salvage our relationship, a relationship I have enjoyed since we first met. You weren't like a lot of the other space operas out there. You didn't give a damn about things like character development, or subverting traditional sci-fi tropes, or trying to tell a new type of story. You knew what you were, a hard sci-fi military pulp story. You gave me pages and pages of amazing space battles, daring military maneuvers, and spiffy futuristic [...]

    2. I have to say that I was rather disappointed with this book. The star rating I have given it is just barely and I was tempted to give it an even lower one but the writing itself is good enough so I stuck to the one I have given it.Previous books have impressed me with their detailed space combat and good solid science. Fictional science of course but solid within that context. This book is still rather hard core when it comes to science but most of the book is simply spent either discussing scie [...]

    3. Boring, repetitive and politics. A lot of wasted words.The first 75% of this book can be skipped. Nothing of interest happens here. It's all just ranting about politics and blah blah blah. None of it adds any value to the story or the characters.Since "Sandy" has become an admiral (in the previous book, I think), he is no longer the main character that you care for. Instead, the author has made a few feeble attempt to get us to bond with some other pilots, but it is poorly done. I don't get the [...]

    4. The fifth book is the weakest in the series so far. Maybe the second trilogy was not such a good idea after all.While there are some new developments, it somehow feels as if the author has lost focus.The Europeans are still stupid and evil (view spoiler)[(They even try appeasement with the Sh'daar)(hide spoiler)] and the whole conflict with the Europeans (that the author spends so much time setting up) is resolved very unsatisfactory.The new villains are interesting, although the space battles f [...]

    5. 1.5 StarsIt's something that I didn't notice the first time I read the series (up to book 3) but this guy repeats the same explanation of the concepts used, in every goddamn book he's written MULTIPLE TIMES per book. It's more than a little annoying when you have to go through dozens of pages of explanations when he's already done so in the previous book or heck, even the first one itself. Five straight books of this really got on my nerves. Plus, it didn't help that this book felt more like a f [...]

    6. Dark Matter continues the Star Carrier story some time after Deep Space. A new and massive alien artifact has been discovered, hinting at a population even more powerful than the Sch'daar. The conflict between the USNA and the Confederation continues. Now Admiral Grey gets a new mission.Unfortunately, just as in Deep Space, the infodumps have taken over the asylum. The characters can't seem to have three lines of consecutive dialogue, barring over-the-top and overlong combat communications chatt [...]

    7. This was not as good as the other 4 books in the series. I was disappointed in his introduction of the aliens from another parallel universe moving into this one, and their building a gate. I feel he went to far to fast into an impossible area of Science Fiction. His work and insight on aliens and their point of view and how they could be different from humans was done very well, and I liked that aspect of the book. It was left open enough to add several more books to the series if he wanted to, [...]

    8. Slow going but it finished wellBook 5 in the series was very much like its predecessors. So much so that it might have become too boring of a read. However, the story finished well with enough interesting surprises that it merits 4 stars, again.

    9. This was another good book in this series. I like how some of the characters have developed. I also like how Gray has kept his morals and his beliefs despite the prejudice around him.

    10. Books 1, 2, and 3 were very good, with excellent tech mixed in with heart-pounding action and decent characters. Book 4, though, was filled with pages of exposition that took the series farther down the technological rabbit hole so far that it started to overshadow and drag down the action. Book 5 is, frustratingly, more of the same. When Dark Matter is good, it's very good -- but then there are times it reads more like a technical paper. You can get away with some of that in sci-fi (some of th [...]

    11. Piąty tom cyklu "Star Carrier" rozpoczyna się od badania tajemniczej otchłani, którą autor przedstawił w poprzednim tomie. Ale to wcale nie tajemniczy obcy stojący za anomalią są głównymi aktorami tej powieści. Ian Douglas wprowadza do cyklu nową rasę, niebędącą dotychczas stroną w konflikcie, za to okazują się niezwykle groźną dla Ziemian. Problem stanowi nie tylko odmienna fizjonomia obcych, brak możliwości porozumienia się z nowym gatunkiem, ale również zrozumienie [...]

    12. Dark Matter, Star Carrier, Book 5The Star Carrier series is one of the best examples of space opera, military fiction on the market. Each book in the series can be treated as a standalone story or part of the larger whole with equal satisfaction. Book 5 covers events from January 2425-March 2425. Where the prior stories in this series were mostly military science fiction with the politics and scientific explanations taking a secondary role,this story turns that formula on its head. The politics, [...]

    13. An entertaining, if somewhat slow entry in the Star Carrier series. Delivers a lot of the military sci-fi thrills that readers have come to expect from Douglas, but does so in a rather predictable fashion. While there are hints at some really cool and interesting ideas, the characters and even the aliens that are introduced in this volume lack the punch of the previous books. Long and out of place info-dumps compound the problem. Not the best example of Douglas' work, but it clearly leaves room [...]

    14. I like this series and I recommend it to any who like Science Fiction and learning new things. Or just like a good fun read. It is number five in a series so get the others first but get it. I call it hard Space Opera for a reason. As expected in Space Opera there is fighting-ship to ship and person to person-but as I said already you learn things. In writing there is talk of memes. In this book I learned where that term comes from and what it really means. At least in science. I suspect it is s [...]

    15. Koenig is a libertarian. Here's part of his dialogue that occurs near the end of the book"You know, the old United States of America ran afoul of mommy-knows-best government in the twenty first century , when it flirted with socialism. Universal educationn by the government. Universal health caren by the government. Universal food rightsn by the government. Universal work rightsn by the government." Here's some more"In the old USA, all of the universal entitlement programs, all the free giveaway [...]

    16. Really? Ian you are starting to get on my nerves. I'm all for an epic space opera, but the writing style gets old really fast. He fails to understand that we are five books into this series and that we don't need an in-depth explanation on how a singularity drive works, or How the fighters boost to 50,0000 gravities. The main issue I have with this book is that at the end of the 4th book we were presented with a new possible Alien baddy, and that Sh*t was about to get real. However though this b [...]

    17. This is the 5th book in the Star Carrier series by Ian Douglas. In this one Earth is faced with two new problems. A new enemy, the Grdoch, who consider all species that they meet as prey and food animals. They attack an Earth colony and intermediately start feeding off the population. At first Earth thinks that they are allied with the Sh'daar who still want to make the human race subjects of their empire but they soon learn that the Gedoch are no ones allies. Meanwhile a new highly advanced gro [...]

    18. Summary: More bad guys, very nasty aliens that get there comeuppance, I expect we'll see more of food frenzy human eating nasties in future episodes.Plotline: Complex plot with aliens and civil war and much much more. The plot has weaknesses so shouldn't be over analysed.Premise: A great technological future with aliens way ahead of us as our enemies.Writing: Really good, some of the characters are a bit wooden, but all in all simple, clear and to the point. Good style. A lot of pseudo science t [...]

    19. This to me is what science-fiction is all about; truly speculative on where humanity is headed grounded in plausible science. It felt very clear to me exactly what Douglas was doing, using star trek as a template and layering on more realistic alien-species, the foes they encounter half-way through the book seem analogous to Klingons. I just loved the entire world, I felt like I learned something about science even, or at least speculative theory, however implausible it might be. The characters [...]

    20. As four earlier books, I really enjoy latest Space Carrier book. Action is quite dynamic, however I would prefer if some major threads from previous novels would be taken a little bit further.Instead of this we got two more major threads and kind of "clean table" between all players.As usual I liked where currently known scientific theories were taken and what benefits and dangers may they bring in the future.

    21. Probably shouldn't rate it this high, but these books really excite the imagination with a plausible sounding evolution of the human species in about 200 years. Sure, character development is a bit weak, but for me that's forgiven by the imaginative look at how humanity might react at being faced with powers beyond its ken. Coupled with varied, truly ALIEN aliens (no Klingons or romulans here!!), I can't say no to this series and eagerly awaiting the next installment.

    22. This was another good read in the series. I enjoy the universe but I am beginning to get bored with the story lines. The greater story line does not seem to be moving but it also doesn’t seem to be in a place where it can stall and let sub plots flourish. Hopefully the next installment will move the larger story line along so it doesn’t get too boring.

    23. Some good war scenes, but the book leaves the reader with a sense of "unfinished work". A lot was started but nothing was effectively concluded. On top of that, the author tries to develop new charismatic characters to replace "Sandy" as a fighter pilot but falls short on that front. Definitely not as good as the previous books in this series.

    24. Not nearly as good as previous stories in this series. Little action and sketchy political story. Then, boom, it was over. The rescue at the end was very thinly developed. Never really got into it.

    25. Not a lot to say about this one. If you liked the other books in this series, I do, the you well like this one, I did. there is a lot of dialog on cosmology and theoretical physics, again, which interest me but if that sort of thing isn't your bag this series isn't for you.

    26. Bogged downThe author has a great grasp of science, but bogs down when his characters try to consider religious imperatives from a purely scientific angle. He needs to appreciate that science can only discover how when and where. Why and Who are the province of religion.

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