Good Sports: Rhymes about Running, Jumping, Throwing, and More

Good Sports Rhymes about Running Jumping Throwing and More Exhilarating all new kid friendly rhymes capture the range of emotions from winning to losing to the sheer joy of participating that children experience as they discover the games of their choice

  • Title: Good Sports: Rhymes about Running, Jumping, Throwing, and More
  • Author: Jack Prelutsky Chris Raschka
  • ISBN: 9780375837005
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Exhilarating, all new, kid friendly rhymes capture the range of emotions, from winning to losing to the sheer joy of participating, that children experience as they discover the games of their choice Jack Prelutsky, a virtuoso at making poetry fun for the elementary school crowd, includes in this inspired collection poems about baseball, soccer, football, skating, swimminExhilarating, all new, kid friendly rhymes capture the range of emotions, from winning to losing to the sheer joy of participating, that children experience as they discover the games of their choice Jack Prelutsky, a virtuoso at making poetry fun for the elementary school crowd, includes in this inspired collection poems about baseball, soccer, football, skating, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, karate, and His signature lighthearted humor in verse that trips off the tongue is coupled here with the 2006 Caldecott Medal winner Chris Raschka s lickety split, stylized and stylish watercolors Every page is a blaze of color and motion Whether Good Sports will create good sports remains to be seen, but it will prove to young boys and girls that reading poetry can be fun.

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    1. Good Sports: Rhymes about Running, Jumping, Throwing, and More by Jack Prelutsky is a humorous collection of poems for the young competitive minded, sporty readers. Baseball, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, swimming, football and frisbee are just some of the sports that are described in rhyming prose. This book is a great selection to use when teaching aspects of poetry because the writing is catchy and the topics are relatable for most children.

    2. Chris Raschka won the Caldecott Medal in 2006 for his illustrations in, The Hello, Good-bye Window. Raschka also won Caldecott Honors for his illustrations in, Yo! Yes?, Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, and Five for a Little One. In the book, Good Sports, Chris Raschka used vibrant watercolors in stark contrast with each page’s crisp, white background. Raschka used layers of color, giving the images depth and texture, much like a collage would create. The subjects are painted in the abstract. The [...]

    3. This book of poems falls under the category of poetry. It is for children in the age group of P. The author is considered America's first children's poet laureate. This book was considered an ALA-ALSC Notable Children's Book of 2008. This book had seventeen poems about different sports. The poems described the experiences and emotions of the child as he participates in the sports. The theme is in this book is determination. Regardless if you win or lose as long as you tried your best thats all t [...]

    4. Anything by Jack Prelutsky is fabulous! He is this generation's Shel Silverstein. Some of his poems would work well for playlettes.

    5. This was a fun book to read. I loved how the authors described sports or activities all children might partake in. Additionally they described how it felt to win and succeed and loose and fail. This is important for kids to understand because some do not accept failure. The pictures look like children paintings where they can interpret them themselves. Grade level: K-3 Genre: Poetry

    6. Good sports, is a very enjoyable book of poems, each illustrating a different type of sports, in each set of pages. Speaking of illustrations, the book uses colorful and simple illustrations to visually connect each poem to the sport the poem is covering. The design is nice and very simple showcasing the fact that the book is geared toward children, whom I believe would enjoy them very much. The poems are a delight to read, with each poem following a set rhythm that rolls off the tongue and make [...]

    7. My son absolutely loves books that involve sports so I’m always looking for really good ones. I scour the bookstores for anything to break up the monotony of the “play by play” that is so often the formula in this genre, so when I saw this book by Jack Prelutsky, I thought, “what a find.” I was thrilled to be able to offer my son a book that combined sports AND poetry – and in a fun and accessible format. Each two-page spread depicts a short poem and zippy illustration to highlight a [...]

    8. Jack Prelutsky, an award winning writer and prolific poet, has written over 50 collections of poetry. Good Sports is an entertaining collection of poems, which celebrate sports and being “good sports”. The poems are about doing sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, football but they are also about running, jumping, throwing a frisbee and being active. Many of the poems are written in first person as children are engaged in the activity. They are not about winning but are about playing [...]

    9. This 2006 Caldecott Medal winner is a great poetry books that has rhymes about running, jumping, throwing. Poems about different sports and the movements that go along with that particular sport. There is Baseball, soccer, football, skating, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, karate, and many other sports. The watercolor illustrations easy display the sport, and go along with the text. The layering effect of the water colors make the illustrations pop out from the white background. My favorite is [...]

    10. I do not like sports but I liked “Good Sports” by Jack Prelutsky. Prelutsky uses rhyme to describe various sports activities – gymnastics, swimming, basketball to name a few. Prelutsky humorously uses rhyme throughout the book. The rhyme has a musical quality that makes the reading easy and fun. Prelutsky writes, “Though I like to swim I don’t swim very well. I swim like a fish that’s been sick for a spell. I flop in the pool, and I flounder around my friends laugh and say I should s [...]

    11. Good Sports is a poetry book for primary aged children. It is a 2008 A.L.A. Notable Children's Book. Good Sports describes different sports including basketball, soccer, and gymnastics. I feel this book deserves five stars because the book is just so appealing. The illustrations are the most appealing aspect of the book. The art is genuine with obvious paint strokes along with other painting techniques, it appears the illustrator used a sponge and maybe a stamp to add to the illustrations giving [...]

    12. I was drawn to this book because it was given a Poetry Foundation award, but I honestly did not like it very much. I thought the poems had a negative tone within them that just kept showing children failing at the activity they were playing. I'm sure it was to make it seem humorous but I think it is indirectly suggesting that teasing others is socially appropriate. The watercolor illustrations were very abstract and were distracting from the text. The poems themselves were all written in the sam [...]

    13. This poetry book jumped out at me because of its title, creative cover illustrations, and well-known children's poetry author. As today's children are often pressured to play as many sports as possible, I love this book's message of trying different things, focusing on the positive, and having a good time. I think it is great that the poetry in this book showcases trying many types of sports and sometimes there will be success, and other times you will find that a particular sport is just not a [...]

    14. Good Sports by Jack Prelutsky is an engaging book about sports poems. Each poem is about a sport and Prelutsky’s poems range from basketball to Frisbee to skating. The children in the poem are upbeat and having fun. It is clear they are not always good at the sport they are playing, but they are happy and determined, which sends a great message to children. I like that the poems are fun, but there are also some good vocabulary words such as epitome and asteroid. The water-colored illustrations [...]

    15. "Good Sports: Rhymes about running, jumping throwing and more" is written by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Chris Raschka. the book is a kid-friendly book that shows the children's who are reading it, different types of emotions, from winning to losing. the authors includes the theme of sports with his poems and shows the kids the best way to a good sport. whether you are playing in a team sports, individual sports, and even backyard frisbee tossing, the poems tell all. i illustration really [...]

    16. What's not to like. . .a collection of poems about sports from our first Children's Poet Laureate, Jack Prelutsky coupled with the imaginative, fill-the-page-with-color artwork of Chris Raschka!What I like most about this collection is a focus on doing one's best and aspiring to reach higher goals that is found within the pieces. A boy who swims knows he is not a champion swimmer, but he is growing and enjoying the time in the water. A baseball team wonders how it can have 94 runs and still lose [...]

    17. Depicts moments in sports that are both exciting, embarrassing, heroic and disappointing. The moment one strikes out, scores a basket, gets tackled and runs across the finish line. This is a children’s poetry book. It is a complication under the theme of sport paired with watercolor paintings. The poetry playfully describes the thoughts of athletes during their sports and the emotions tagged with it. The emotions are light-hearted and show the true ups and downs of sport and the try again ment [...]

    18. I love the watercolored illustrations in this book. As I read each poem, I cherished the small simplistic illustrations that gave this book a fun feeling! Each page of this book, celebrates a sport and the experiences of a child playing it. Whether it goes the right way or not, each message gives off a positive sportsmanship point of view. Each poem is fun-loving and often uses metaphors in its writing. I loved one particular poem about a child's experience learning how to swim. He or she says, [...]

    19. I found this book sitting out at the library and it was a real find! This is a poetry book all about different sports. This would be great use especially with boys who may be reluctant or uninterested in writing/reading poetry. The illustrations are soft and subtle with the use of watercolors. Within each poem the use of color is limited to two or three colors. The pictures are muted and in many cases not gender specific. I could see using this book with older children to give them a starting of [...]

    20. This poetry book is filled with rhyming poetry about various sports. It highlights on the fun had while playing the sport rather than being spectacular at it. It talks about kids who make attempts at touchdowns, home runs, and slam dunks, but may have not quite been the star of the team. The pictures int he book are very creative because it looks as if it was illustrated by a child. All of the illustrations are two page spreads that capture the emotions and motions of the kids while playing the [...]

    21. This is another great book written by acclaimed author Jack Prelutsky. It's full of fun rhymes about all different kinds of sports and games. There are a total of seventeen untitled poems, presented with beautiful illustrations by Chris Raschka. The poems describe the various experiences of young athletes as they participate in a variety of physical activities. It truly captures the joy and passion involved with the love of a particular sport. It is also a fun book for teachers who are intereste [...]

    22. I liked this collection because the children can relate to sports. But the poem I chose wasto help them know that its not always about beingthe best and winning its about enjoying the game.I hd to slide into the plateIt was my only chanceThough if I hadn't slid, then IWould not have lost my pants.The batter hits the ball my wayI watch it sil aloftI miss the catch, it hits my head-A softball isn't soft.I din't beat the trowto firstAnd now my face is redNext time when I'm on second baseI'll run to [...]

    23. This book was charming! The rhyming made the pages turn effortlessly and the illustrations were done beautifully. I would strongly recommend this story to a young classroom because of it's fun rhymes and encouragement to be active. The book covers a wide variety of sports for both boys and girls likely to grab their interest. I believe that reading this book before a gym class or recess would help get students excited to be more active. I will defiantly be reading this to my future classes.

    24. Reading Level: 1st - 5th GradeThis collection of poems are about different sports - baseball, soccer, gymnastics, basketball,swimming, football. playing frisbee, ice skating, track,rollerblading, softball, and karate. There are cute illustrations that go with each poem. I liked that while some of the poems were longer, others were short. This collection won the won the Children's POET LAUREATE 2006-08. This would be good as a mentortext showing description or for a gym teacher.

    25. This was a book that contained poems that had to do with different sports. I like this book because the poems were about something I thought kids could get excited about and relate to. I did not particularly care for the illustrations though, they are watercolors and ink and don't add a lot to the poems. I think I will use some of these poems in different sports oriented book bags.

    26. From one of my favorites—a collection of sports poems celebrating the joy of playing both team and individual sports. Baseball, football, gymnastics and karate are just a few of the topics treated to Prelutsky’s special brand of humor.

    27. Amusing verse that captures the motivations and obstacles of sports for kids. Raschka's compelling illustrations - I love the outcome of his wide brush at work - capture all the energy and activity of sports.

    28. Jack Prelutsky, author of Good Sports: Rhymes about Running, Jumping,Throwing and More, is a great book for young children. They would enjoy the rhymes about different sports. The book has some great words that can be used for vocabulary development with young students.

    29. This book had awesome illustrations! This book would be great to get kids interested into poetry. It's hard to get boys interested in poetry and using the topic of sports could be the trick to get them interested. This book is also great for the moral of good sportsmanship it gives.

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