Suho and the White Horse

Suho and the White Horse Relates how the tragic parting of a boy and his horse led to the creation of the horse head fiddle of the Mongolian shepherds

  • Title: Suho and the White Horse
  • Author: Yuzo Otsuka Suekichi Akaba
  • ISBN: 9780670681495
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Relates how the tragic parting of a boy and his horse led to the creation of the horse head fiddle of the Mongolian shepherds.

    One thought on “Suho and the White Horse”

    1. Somebody got me this book when I was 9 or 10. At that point, it was always a good bet that you could buy me anything with a horse in it and I would be happy. Except that in this particular book, the horse dies. Horribly. Riddled with arrows. Sorry to give away a major plot point, but it scarred me. The book was banished, but it haunts me to this day.

    2. An excellent book about a white horse in Mongolia and a little boy that looks after him. Recommended not only for children but for anybody.

    3. I have actually heard of this story through “Weston Woods” and I have thoroughly enjoyed this book ever since! “Suho and the White Horse” is a Mongolian folktale by Yuzo Otsuka along with illustrations by Suekichi Akaba and it is about how a young boy named Suho who finds a true friend in his white horse and the adventures they have together. “Suho and the White Horse” is a truly memorable book about true friendship that every child will love for many years!To be honest, this was the [...]

    4. This is a hard book to gt through the first time around but then it just grows in your mind so that you can't help but keep thinking of it until you have to find a copy and read it again or at least find something about horsehead fiddles.("No, Rena -- just you.")I wouldn't read this to a small child to try and get it to sleep. You need to have a few years on you in order to get the impact without dissolving into screaming anxiety attacks. Yes, it teaches that life sucks. However, life really DOE [...]

    5. This book is an ancient Mongolian folktale about a shepherd boy who finds and raises a white horse. I think that it is a beautiful story. With that being said, I was a little sorry that I read this to my kids without reading it first because the ending is quite sad. The theme of the story is that beauty can come from sorrow, but small children only understand the sorrow part. I had to do a lot of explaining at the end of this story- so, all in all, I like it but it is better reserved for a 3rd g [...]

    6. This is one of the stories from my childhood that has chased me in my dreams and adult life. It had a deep impact on me. Wonderful story about the bond between two beings that continue even after life. In fact is very similar to the Red violin movie.I would recommend it to anyone.

    7. This re-publication of Suho and the White Horse is beautifully rendered. Step back in time on the steppes of Mongolia, discover the story behind the horse-head fiddle and experience the devotion between a young man and his horse.My full review:bit/O4UWUs

    8. great story about the love of a boy and his horse that takes place in ancient Mongolia and explains the history behind a Mongolian stringed instrument with a carving of a horses head. Nice illustrations of the steppes and Mongolian yurts, or gers.

    9. MP3 audiobook version, so no artwork except the cover. (J 398.2 O)4/15/12 - read hardcover edition to view illustrations (watercolors?)--the illustrations do add to the overall story.The artist won an award for his other work.

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