None So Blind

None So Blind Torrey Gray hasn t seen the woman she fell in love with for years Taylor Kent now a celebrated artist has spent the years trying to unsuccessfully forget the young woman who walked out of her lif

  • Title: None So Blind
  • Author: L.J. Maas
  • ISBN: 9781930928138
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Torrey Gray hasn t seen the woman she fell in love with for 15 years Taylor Kent, now a celebrated artist, has spent the years trying to unsuccessfully forget the young woman who walked out of her life Best friends forever, neither woman ever had the courage to speak of the passion they felt for one another Now, an unusual but desperate request will throw the old friendTorrey Gray hasn t seen the woman she fell in love with for 15 years Taylor Kent, now a celebrated artist, has spent the years trying to unsuccessfully forget the young woman who walked out of her life Best friends forever, neither woman ever had the courage to speak of the passion they felt for one another Now, an unusual but desperate request will throw the old friends together again This time, will they be able to voice their unspoken desires, or has time become their enemy

    One thought on “None So Blind”

    1. It was a touching romance, I really liked the characters (even if I had problems in the beginning because I always mixed up the names Torrey and Taylor and who is who). Sometimes it was a little frustrating to see their oportunities passing by because of miscommunication and insecurities. But still, it's the story that captivated me. Thumbs up

    2. This is one of the most frustrating unrequited love stories I've ever read, filled with loads of grating angst (15 yrs ffs!). But oddly enough I really liked it. The cowardice of both MCs was frustrating to read at times but their love story was captivating. The end was a bit rushed and I felt short-changed by that incredibly short epilogue. So 3.8 stars will do.

    3. This was the very first lesbian romance I ever read, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. The late LJ Maas really got the characters to connect with the reader and with each other.

    4. This is a fantastic book!I wish I had read this sooner. From the moment I started reading this book I had such trouble putting it down, I actually got mad that I had to work the next morning and needed to go to sleep.This story is such sweet agony. I found myself desperately rooting for Torrey and Taylor to get together. It took them so long but it was more than worth it 'cause boy did the temperature in the room rise when they did! They have fantastic chemistry and their friendship is truly som [...]

    5. I just re-read this book and I was just as enthralled in its pages now as I was the first time that I read this story. I initially gave this book a 4 star rating because I couldn't get over all of the miscommunication between Torrey and Taylor but after reading it again from the first to last page, without skipping any pages in between, I had to re-think my rating because anything that can capture my full attention not once but twice is definitely worth 5 stars and chances are I will read it aga [...]

    6. Personally, I am not a fan of flashbacks but this one is very well done. Though I still prefer a book that mainly concentrated on the present instead of the past. When flashbacks happened at the same time there are scenes from the future, the reader is basically feel like their book is spoiling itself ahead of time. As for the romance, I gotta say this is one of the most frustrated thing to read. (view spoiler)[ They kissed each other, they freaking KISSED each other, said "I love you" to one an [...]

    7. I have loved every L J Maas book I have ever read and this is a really nice love story, so why only 3 Stars? There are two reasons I decided on 3Stars, the first is a personal dislike for repeated flashbacks in stories. A couple of flashbacks are fine and often help explain actions or situations in the main story, but this story kept jumping backwards and forwards disrupting the flow of both narratives.The second problem for me was that I became so frustrated with the characters I wanted to shak [...]

    8. I've read this book probably 5 times and know that I'll read it again. I know that there are probably several things that other readers may call BS on or may not enjoy but, for me, Taylor and Torrey are about as perfectly written as could be. Maas had an incredible gift for writing her characters and drawing the emotion from her readers. She can make you laugh and cry in the same scene and never want the book to end. One of the best romances ever written, in my humble opinion.

    9. This book is a bundle of humanity and love. I believe in humankind. Every session of reading gave me loads of hope. Although it’s a fiction, I really want to believe the kind of people as protagonists of this story are out there in this world.The only problem with this book is the contradiction between the fact that these two lovely characters who are so tender hearted towards each other but at the same time they can not feel the love and passion they have for one another. I understand that th [...]

    10. I thought this was an enjoyable story with interesting characters that worked hard to achieve their individual dreams. However without love and someone to share success with, it is difficult to feel fulfilled and happy. I thought the flashbacks help to show the growth of the characters. Torrey Gray and Taylor Kent are both talented and driven to succeed. I thought Jessica, Torrey's daughter although infuriating at times, provided solid connection and common ground for the two women. My comment i [...]

    11. This was my very first L.J. Maas book and I must say that it was excellent! I can't say anymore. The character's were so dynamic, funny, witty, and the romance god the romance.

    12. This is my absolute favorite romance story. I will re-read it many times over. Great story, interesting characters. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!

    13. As lesbian contemporary romances go, this one's at the better end of the scale. Taylor and Torrey are perfect together and I loved the flashbacks to their time in college together and the nicknames Stretch and Little bit were just so cute!I was a bit frustrated with them though and at several points you really want to bang their heads together because they are so obviously in love and so dense about it! I also disliked having two similar sounding names - I know they were known as T&T, but it [...]

    14. ***No Synopsis***I had read this book about seven years ago and I loved it. I've thought of it often, wanting to reread it, but I couldn't remember the title. I found this on by accident and I am so happy I did.I thoroughly enjoyed how the book moves between the present time and when Torrey and Taylor first became friends in college. I thought the character work was exceptional and I could see how the young women matured over the course of 17 years. The relationship that Torrey has with her tee [...]

    15. This is such sweet story, I loved all the characters. tho the T^T names are confusing sometimes since I read fast. Highly recommended

    16. The story follows the journey of two women that fall in love with each other but let their fears and assumptions get in the middle of their love but life gives them a new chance. We can’t ever know what other people feel/think, so let’s never assume. The fear to be rejected sometimes paralyzes us from doing what we want, and unfortunately, we may be missing great opportunities in life, in this case, in love. This was a rollercoaster of emotions where frustration prevails over the others. (vi [...]

    17. First L J Mass book and was impressed although I did find the writing style a bit old fashioned compared to the recent books I've read. Also the concept of someone "belonging to you" - Taylor referred to Torry as 'not belonging to her' a couple of times while Torrey also said at one point 'she did not belong to her in that way'. Also not sure if the Xena thing was going on - tall brunette and petite blonde. A little bit of the butch/ femme dynamic too which was interesting because most of the bo [...]

    18. I don't understand people, I swear. Actually they have a brain washing, I think, like the authors advertisements that tell them they are good. LJ Maas was really good because it is not a copy of any of them.I've seen reviews of impatient people that apparently women should throw them into the arms because they say that these stories do not exist. Exist. Yep.This is the most romantic story that my poor mind allows me to read.I hate the stories too sentimental, but this I love it.Torrey and Taylor [...]

    19. Am I the only one who wish they had designed a different cover for this book? The outside does not reflect how good the actual story inside is so it's kind of frustrating. Anyway, I read it over the internet, and got hooked instantly by how the author incorporate the present and the past so well, and just the overall likeable characters. Great story to pick up if you like to read something slow and easy (though there's probably a lot of angst moments so try to be patient.)

    20. A bit slow starting, but once it got rolling I couldn't put it down. As much as I enjoyed it I did want to slap the two protagonists up side their heads a time or two just so they would stop dancing around each other. Sad I didn't see this book years ago.(view spoiler)[I expected Jess' tirade a lot earlier in the book. Making it about asking Torrey to move in weakened it a little but it still felt satisfying. (hide spoiler)]

    21. This is my favourite story as well as being my 1st. book I read by LJ Maas. I read them All and have all but 1!!! LJ Maas is one of the Great Bards to come out of the xenaverse. All her stories have plot, suspense, intrigue, and a romantic relationship that is HOT and challenging!!

    22. Totalmente genial! Una de las mejores historias que he leido, me declaro seguidora oficial de la escritora, fue un placer leer este libro y dentro de poco empiezo otro de la misma autora! Una agradable sorpresa que no te suelta hasta que terminas! Gracias por tan maraviloso libro!

    23. My absolute favorite book, not even in the genre, but all around. Fantastic story, great chemistry between Taylor & Torrey, just all around wonderful

    24. Great ReadThis was a great yet frustrating book. I loved Taylor and Torrey. I would definitely suggest this book and I will be reading more from this author.

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