The Sum of Our Days

The Sum of Our Days In this heartfelt memoir Isabel Allende reconstructs the painful reality of her own life in the wake of tragic loss the death of her daughter Paula Recalling the past thirteen years from the daily l

  • Title: The Sum of Our Days
  • Author: Isabel Allende
  • ISBN: 9780061551833
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this heartfelt memoir, Isabel Allende reconstructs the painful reality of her own life in the wake of tragic loss the death of her daughter, Paula Recalling the past thirteen years from the daily letters the author and her mother, who lives in Chile, wrote to each other, Allende bares her soul in a book that is as exuberant and full of life as its creator She recountsIn this heartfelt memoir, Isabel Allende reconstructs the painful reality of her own life in the wake of tragic loss the death of her daughter, Paula Recalling the past thirteen years from the daily letters the author and her mother, who lives in Chile, wrote to each other, Allende bares her soul in a book that is as exuberant and full of life as its creator She recounts the stories of the wildly eccentric, strong minded, and eclectic tribe she gathers around her that becomes a new kind of family.Throughout, Allende shares her thoughts on love, marriage, motherhood, spirituality and religion, infidelity, addiction, and memory Here, too, are the amazing stories behind Allende s books, the superstitions that guide her writing process, and her adventurous travels Ultimately, The Sum of Our Days offers a unique tour of this gifted writer s inner world and of the relationships that have become essential to her life and her work.Narrated with warmth, humor, exceptional candor, and wisdom, The Sum of Our Days is a portrait of a contemporary family, bound together by the love, fierce loyalty, and stubborn determination of a beloved, indomitable matriarch.

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    1. Isabel Allende has been my favorite author since I read House of the Spirits for the first time twenty years ago. I have read many of her other novels including Daughter of Fortune and Portrait in Sepia as well as Ines of My Soul. Just last month I devoured The Japanese Lover in a day. Yet, I have never welcomed myself into her life and read one of her nonfiction memoirs, limiting myself to her fiction. The Sum of Our Days is the memoir Allende dictated to her late daughter Paula over the span o [...]

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    3. What? I never wrote a review of this book? WOW!!!! I must have been crazy --or not a GR's member yet!I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! I wish I owned a copy of it!!!! Damn--I need to get myself a copy of this book!!!I bought it for my sister after I read it. I wanted to invite Isabel Allende over for dinner when I was done reading --I wanted to be part of her tribe of friends!I fell in love with Isabel -and her family!I STILL talk about funny parts of this book.(when her husband wrote a book), Isabel [...]

    4. Rosado on the road.Description: In this heartfelt memoir, Isabel Allende reconstructs the painful reality of her own life in the wake of tragic loss—the death of her daughter, Paula. Recalling the past thirteen years from the daily letters the author and her mother, who lives in Chile, wrote to each other, Allende bares her soul in a book that is as exuberant and full of life as its creator. She recounts the stories of the wildly eccentric, strong-minded, and eclectic tribe she gathers around [...]

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    10. Isabel Allende's books are treats I only indulge in occasionally because there are only so many of them and she's 74 (that worries me.) Still, I don't know why it took me so long to pick this up, it was released 10 years ago. It's wonderful, right up there with The House of the Spirits and Paula. We've had The Japanese Lover in fiction recently, but come on, Isabel, we need to know what happened after 2006. Another memoir, please?

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    12. This is a sweet and absorbing compendium of the goings-on in Allende's family in the years since her daughter's death. Though it recounts heartaches and sadnesses, the overall tone is wry and upbeat. It's really just a tale of life in a kooky but loving extended family, with emotions and ups-and-downs that a lot of us can relate to--not the specific events, of course, but the general feelings. Not that many of us take regular trips to the or India, have a daughter-in-law come out of the closet [...]

    13. Me ha encantado conocer parte de la vida de esta autora tan especial, a través de "Paula" y "La suma de los días".Al tratarse de una biografía, el ritmo no puede ser trepidante, aunque se trata de una cosa bastante interesante a la que le falta poco que añadir. Son continúas las sonrisas que desata, las emociones e, incluso, las carcajadas. Siempre recomendable .

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    15. This is Allende's second memoir, and she writes it to her daughter, Paula, who died maybe about 10 years earlier. It is an account of everything that has happened in Allende's family since Paula's death. As it is a memoir, clearly, it reads very differently from Allende's typical saga stories. The narrative arc, following the day to day events of life, is not always so smooth, naturally. What I really loved about this memoir is Allende's ability to talk openly about some of the deepest pains in [...]

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    17. Allende is a great writer, which made this book easy to read. But ultimately, I found her memoir/letter to her dead daughter to be disjointed and lacking focus. I was also disappointed with Sayers Peden's translation of many of Allende's phrases into reductive sexist English (he, him, his, etc.). I was surprised to learn that Allende is a nightmare mother-in-law and that she had plastic surgery. Bravo to her for her honesty.

    18. Mais uma vez, Isabel Allende não desilude. No último ano li bastantes livros da autora, e gostei de cada um deles, mas é diferente ler uma espécie de biografia ou ler um romance, mesmo que baseado em factos reais. Aqui, a autora expõe completamente a sua vida e a dos que a rodeia, contando à filha tudo o que foi acontecendo com a família após a sua morte. Alguns acontecimentos de relevância mundial são referidos, mais pela sua inegável importância e pelo impacto que causam na própri [...]

    19. I liked House of Spirits very much. This? Well this is a memoir, written some years after the death of her daughter Paula. It is sometimes written in the form of a dialogue with Paula. It has the feel of confession, apology and regret; not uncommon in memoirs written in later life. But Isabel Allende is such a firebrand, such a fighter, a real spitfire that she doesn't sink into it. She basically calls up her tough attitude and gathers her family and imposes both her will and her intense love to [...]

    20. Isabel Allende's memoir is a conversation with her daughter Paula, who she lost years before to a hereditary disease. Allende lives in a huge tribe of a family that includes step-children, grandchildren, a Buddhist lesbian couple, and her extended family from Chile. Allende presents herself warts and all, as the mother-in-law from hell. At times, her actions make perfect sense to me and other times I can't believe how much she interferes. I forgive her for most of her faults, but there are some [...]

    21. If I were feeling charitable I would give this memoir three stars, but since the book ended with a TMI scene in which Isabel and her elderly husband get naked together in a jacuzzi and she asserts her "non-feminist" love for him, I won't. It's a shame that this is the first Allende book I've read, because now I'm not sure if her fiction is any good. Based on the meandering nature and average prose of this memoir, my guess is not really, but maybe I'll still give The House of the Spirits a go sin [...]

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    23. Wow, what a rollicking read. I kept having to remind myself that this was a memoir and not one of Allende's novels. Lesser women would have crawled into a hole having lived through the tragedy and day to day uproar of her life, but Isabel Allende just keeps drawing the hurt and struggling into her family circle and that extended family supports each other and moves forward together. She is truly a matriarch who, as she admits, sometimes needs to be reined in a bit.Sometimes she needs to reach ou [...]

    24. In these memories, Isabel reminds her death daughter Paula and how this changed her life. He also describes her life in California, after her exile from Chile during Pinochet's dictatorial period. He tell us how her found her great love of her live and how she managed to reunite the whole family around her, her writing work and the several travels which inspired her to write her books.

    25. I actually read this in English: The Sum of Our Days. I am a huge fan of Isabel Allende. This memoir continues where the book Paula left off. Isabel once again writes to her dead daughter, Paula, and continues the family saga.

    26. LA SOMMA DEI GIORNIPremetto che per me è il secondo libro che leggo di Isabel e trovo che sia una meravigliosa scoperta. Mai avrei pensato che sarei stata completamente presa da un suo libro.Mi spiace solo di non essere stata attratta prima da lei…ora credo, però, che sarà difficile smettere di leggerla.Spero solo di riuscire, conoscendola ancora poco, di esprimere perfettamente ciò che mi ha fatto provare, le emozioni che ha suscitato in me questo libro.Ho constato che è una scrittrice [...]

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