Dogs With Their Eyes Shut [HC]

Dogs With Their Eyes Shut HC None

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  • Title: Dogs With Their Eyes Shut [HC]
  • Author: Paul Meloy
  • ISBN: 9781848635845
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “Dogs With Their Eyes Shut [HC]”

    1. A well written and enjoyable story spoiled only by the ending. It feels as if the story is just the first few chapters of a much longer novel and, as a result, the ending was not satisfying.There is obviously much more to this story and I will now go and see if the author has written more about John, Bix and Lesley!

    2. I enjoyed Dogs With Their Eyes Shut very much. Although I must admit some confusion about what the hell was going on at the end. However it should have been written as a full novel. On finishing it, it becomes clear that it's the first part of a series, although it doesn't mention this in the blurb. A series of PS Publishing novellas is too dear for my pocket, so I'll probably have to leave the next ones :-(

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