Broken Silence: Conversations with 23 Silent Film Stars

Broken Silence Conversations with Silent Film Stars The silent film era is brought to life in this collection of interviews with stars of the silent era Lew Ayres Madge Bellamy Junior Coghlan Douglas Fairbanks Jr Dorothy Gulliver Maxine Elliott

  • Title: Broken Silence: Conversations with 23 Silent Film Stars
  • Author: Michael G. Ankerich
  • ISBN: 9780899508351
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The silent film era is brought to life in this collection of interviews with 23 stars of the silent era Lew Ayres, Madge Bellamy, Junior Coghlan, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr Dorothy Gulliver, Maxine Elliott Hicks and 17 others.

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    1. Interviews with silent film players, mostly minor stars. More interesting in aggregate than individually. Patsy Ruth Miller’s favorite actresses were Norma and Nazimova, while Lina Basquette (who didn’t seem to get along with Hollywood people) thought Norma Talmadge and Mary Pickford were snobs. Interviews with Lew Ayres, William Blakewell, Lina Basquette, Madge Bellamy, Eleanor Boardman, Ethlyne Clair, Junior Coughlan, Joyce Compton, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Dorothy Gulliver, Maxine Elliott Hi [...]

    2. Reminiscing with the movie stars from silent eraThis is a book of recorded memories of film stars from silent era. There are few notable stars in this book that includes; Douglas Fairbanks, Jr Lew Ayres and Eleanor Boardman. The rest of them are less known actresses which includes; Lois Moran, Madge Bellamy, Ethylene Clair, Dorothy Revier, Patsy Ruth Miller and many others. Each star is discussed in a separate chapter and part of their biographies is also described. The book is an interesting re [...]

    3. Michael Ankerich is an author who makes his work look easy. His style is easy to read, fun and informative. I was so impressed with DANGEROUS CURVES ATOP HOLLYWOOD HEELS that I purchased this. Again, every chapter captures the life of another star he's researched. There are thorough filmographies for each of his subjects. You can use the word 'love' to describe both Ankerich's dedication and this reader's appreciation for his work.One wonderful thing about the internet is the discovery of friend [...]

    4. I am very into film history, especially silent film history. I believe that those were the best days to be working independently in the movie business and that's when stars were really made. I was very interested to read a book that has interviews and first-hand accounts of that era, from people that were actually there. I was definitely excited that he was able to share interviews with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Madge Bellamy. All twenty three stars had something fun to reminisce about and I wa [...]

    5. While some of the stars in this book are grasping as 'stars' let alone 'silent stars' (the follow up book has higher standards) its really quite charming. In my opinion Ankerich is one of the top silent film researchers/biographers and these two books prove why. Whether you are familiar with the star or their workor nots always fascinating to see why they got into films, what happened after stardom and their thoughts on it all.For instance I'm not a big fan of Lina Basquettee's passable as a fil [...]

    6. While the subjects were fascinating, the text just didn't do them justice. Wish there had been more personal info instead of stats and movies they appeared in. Oh the stories they must have been able to tell. Was hoping for a lot more since the author actually interviewed each person listed in the book.

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