Uma Duquesa em Fuga

Uma Duquesa em Fuga Simon Hawkins duque de Trent est habituado aos esc ndalos Os rus e insinua es ca ram sobre a Casa de Trent durante d cadas e Simon teve de limpar o nome de fam lia Vive por um rigoroso c digo de ho

  • Title: Uma Duquesa em Fuga
  • Author: Jennifer Haymore
  • ISBN: 9789896574574
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Simon Hawkins, duque de Trent, est habituado aos esc ndalos Os rus e insinua es ca ram sobre a Casa de Trent durante d cadas, e Simon teve de limpar o nome de fam lia Vive por um rigoroso c digo de honra, mas quando tem de investigar o desaparecimento da m e, o ilustre duque vai tamb m encontrar a tenta o, pois depara se com a nica mulher que amou que tamb m lSimon Hawkins, duque de Trent, est habituado aos esc ndalos Os rus e insinua es ca ram sobre a Casa de Trent durante d cadas, e Simon teve de limpar o nome de fam lia Vive por um rigoroso c digo de honra, mas quando tem de investigar o desaparecimento da m e, o ilustre duque vai tamb m encontrar a tenta o, pois depara se com a nica mulher que amou que tamb m ltima mulher que devia desejar.Sarah Osborne passou a vida a sonhar com o toque de Simon Mas os duques n o se interessam por criadas Sarah acredita que, o beijo roubado despertou uma paix o que pode ser a sua ru na Mas ao come arem um romance proibido, surgem inimigos dispostos a destruir o duque e tudo o que ele ama.Simon v se preso numa teia de chantagem e, enfrenta uma escolha angustiante sacrificar o futuro da fam lia ou partir o cora o de Sara.

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    1. "'ISarah, I want you. But I don’t want to hurt you. I’m not the kind of man whoes women.' Simon flinched. 'I don’t want to ruin you.''I know,' she whispered. 'But sometimes I wish you did.'"This was such an enjoyable book. Tastes are all subjective, I know, but ultimately here's what really makes a romance novel enjoyable for me: mature, rational, likeable characters who behave realistically. They do not have histrionics, they are not spiteful, they do not play games with each other. This [...]

    2. I had a hard time with rating this one. I would round it up to 3.5 stars. I really felt the love from Sarah and Simon. I had a hard time digesting that she was willing to be his mistress to get her one night with him. The forbidden romance because of social ranking was a nice twist but Simon pissed me off because he didn't necessarily jump out to claim her. The mystery surrounding their mother's disappearance added a nice touch and I want to know more so I will continue the series.

    3. This is my first time reading Jennifer Haymore and I really enjoyed THE DUCHESS HUNT, the first book in her House of Trentseries. A charming story, it features two of my favourite tropes, friends to lovers and a cross class romance.When Simon Hawkins, the Duke of Trent, receives news from his sister, Esme, that his mother has mysteriously disappeared, he returns home to Ironwood Park to investigate, aided by his three brothers and his half-brother. Honour, integrity, decency and propriety are th [...]

    4. Simon, is the Duke of Trent and that position comes with much responsibility. Three years previous he fell in love with Sarah, a woman who was raised along side with his siblings. Now she is a maid, having been the gardeners daughter. Sarah Osborne, has always known the wide gulf that separates herself and Simon from each other. Even though she cares for Simon more than anyone knows, she also knows that they have no future together. She is merely a maid, and Simon a Duke. When Simon's mother dis [...]

    5. The only reason that I did not like to this book was that I found the heroine a little horny and then trying to look helpless because of her lower social rank.

    6. 3 - 3.5 stars.Jennifer Haymore’s new House of Trent series begins with young Sarah Osborne, the gardener’s daughter, falling into a blackberry bush. Fortunately the young Duke of Trent, Simon Hawkins is handy to save her and brings her to meet his mother, a Duchess unlike most duchessese’s open, engaging, and caring and treats Sarah more like a member of the family then a servant.Many years later, Simon returns to the family home, as his mother has disappeared without a trace. In the years [...]

    7. My first book by this author and it wasn't bad at all. The writing was done well enough. it was just story preference for me that made me stop half-way thru. This book basically starts off with the hero and heroine already madly, secretly in love with each other. I much prefer to watch the H/h fall in love, to watch the chemistry as it builds, to watch the hero finally realize that he is in love and can't live without his little lady. Not so here unfortunately. And when they did have some steamy [...]

    8. This really sums up my feelings about this book: it was AMAZING. Really, this book was pure historical-romance perfection. The writing and prose was absolutely beautiful and worked to transport you directly into the world of the Trent family and the emotions each character goes through in the search for their missing mother, the Duchess of Trent. I really enjoyed and connected with each and every member of the Trent family, including Sarah. Her romance with Simon was bittersweet to read because- [...]

    9. Originally reviewed for: Historical Romance Lover blogSarah Osborne has been in love with Simon Hawkins, the duke of Trent, since she met him. Being the gardener's daughter, Sarah knows that nothing could ever come from it.A forbidden kiss leaves Simon wanting more, but his strict moral code keeps him from pressing Sarah for more. When the Duchess of Trent goes missing, Sarah is promoted to lady's companion. Simon wants someone to help his sister while they are in London investigating his mother [...]

    10. He's a bit of a dick and she's a bit of a ninny and this makes the book as a whole more than a bit dull & predictable - not just the HEA, but every scene unfolds like something you've read a 1000 times before. They are both not terribly likeable: they behave like teenagers in the flush of hormones rather than the smart, repercussion-wary adults we're told they are, and by the end you're just glad they aren't inflicting themselves on anyone else. The writing isn't bad, but the author wastes h [...]

    11. Estreei-me com Jennifer Haymore em 2011 (parece que foi no século passado!) e gostei bastante do que li, algo que voltou a repetir-se com a 2ª obra em 2012. Este ano estranhei não terem lançado nada dela e ainda estou ligeiramente aborrecida por, a próxima obra dela ser de uma nova série, ficando a trilogia anterior incompleta (por enquanto). Até porque este volume é de uma nova série que estreou em inglês em Junho deste ano,apesar de já ter saído 2 contos e o 2º livro (o_o) portant [...]

    12. Yay for mature, responsible​ heroes and heroines doing the best they can in the situations that they have to deal with. yaaaaaaaay so much. I love good guy heroes. I much prefer the. to rakes and scoundrels.

    13. Tried really hard, still couldn't get into it. Which sucks because I normally love Jennifer Haymore's stuff.

    14. Originally posted at smexybooks/2013/06/review-Favorite Quote: “My reputation has no importance when it comes to you…”Sarah Osborne is the daughter of the Hawkins family gardener. Having been raised and educated with the Hawkins children, she straddles a very fine line in the family. Not their equal as head chambermaid, but held in higher regards than the average servant. She has loved Simon since she was a child. He rescued her from a mishap with a blackberry bush and he became her knight [...]

    15. Jennifer Haymore is a very new to me author whom I recently discovered when I read and reviewed An Affair in Autumn as part of A Year Without a Duke series. It just so happens that the hero from that book, Markus, is one of the brothers of the heroes in the Trent House series…and I just HAD read more about the Hawkins family and all the scandals surrounding them. Simon Hawkins, Duke of Trent, despises scandal and has spent many of his years trying to right his family’s reputation after his p [...]

    16. I have only been recently introduced to the work of Jennifer Haymore. I had previously read the prequel novella to the House of Trent series which, while showing potential, did not wow me. However, the novella did include a lengthy excerpt for The Duchess War which sounded really promising and I was glad to see it pop up on Netgalley a few weeks later.The Duchess Hunt is the first book in a new historical romance series by Julie Haymore featuring the unconventional Trent family. Rumor and scanda [...]

    17. I must begin by saying that I was extremely skeptical about reading this book. When I read the blurb and found out the hero was a Duke and the supposed heroine a lady's maid, I scrunched my eyebrow and shook my head. Yes, it is fiction, but as I have said before, I do like my fiction with a smidgen of reality, and a Duke and a lady's maid actually ending up together was a bit far fetched to me. I even polled my friends, some of whom had similar feelings as I did, until I actually sat down and re [...]

    18. I loved this novel ! It was a beautiful tale of a handsome sexy duke who falls in love with his maid. It was so sad to see the heroine always on the sidelines and feeling insecure because she doesn't belong to the Ton. The OW is a super annoying bitch, who is nasty and spoilt. The hero's absent mother is part of the mystery plot and I suppose her story will be developed further in the second novel that deals with the hero's brother. I can't say I cared much for the hero's absent mother or his br [...]

    19. Nice story, a very goo idea but its a bit simple and easy between the heroes. Not very passionate and the love each other from the very beginning-moon/spipp?artiJennifer Haymore n’est plus tout à fait une petite nouvelle. Elle publie avec discrétion et régularité et ce premier tome d’une série très alléchante montre son évolution et la solidité de son talent. Notons aussi que l’intrigue générale de la saga est particulièrement palpitante et bien traitée dans ce premier livre.E [...]

    20. Sarah and Simon are both genuinely likeable characters, both torn by the difference in their social status and what it will mean to the others in their family. Perhaps it's more fair to say Sarah is more torn than Simon. (Isn't that always the way? Woman pay a much higher price than men for social transgressions?) BUT. I just can't ignore the author's penchant for choosing awkward or odd names. Once again, she has done so for one of her main characters. How could she name a DUKE "Hawkins"?? How [...]

    21. This is the first of Ms. Haymore’s House of Trent novels.Sarah Osborne lives in a small cottage with her father, the gardener for Ironwood Park, which is the large and sprawling home of the Duke of Trent. As a child, Sarah was allowed to play on the grounds of the estate but was cautioned by her father to stay away from the House of Trent. One day, Sarah falls into a blackberry bush and is rescued by none other than young Simon Hawkins, the Duke of Trent. He takes her into the house for his mo [...]

    22. From their first meeting Simon and Sarah have this connection that only has strengthen through the years. However, Simon being the duke of Trent must keep his true feelings for Sarah at bay, his reputation pristine, his siblings out of trouble and the gossiping ton quiet about his unconventional parents. When his mothers disappearance calls him home to the family estate after three years, his feelings for his trusted confident and love Sarah will push Simon to make hard decisions.Simon and Sarah [...]

    23. This was my first book by this author, and I found it well written on the whole. I did think the surname of the Duke of Trent seemed a little common for a member of the peerage, but perhaps that’s just me. It seems more like the name of an innkeeper, blacksmith, or the village idiot. I was really enjoying the story right up to the point where it is revealed the Simon, Duke of Trent, is the only legitimate offspring out of the six children of his father and mother. WTF!?! Seriously, you’ve go [...]

    24. A única coisa que me surpreendeu nesta história foi Sarah ser mesmo criada do inicio ao fim: normalmente nesta linha de história descobre-se sempre que a criada é a filha desaparecida de alguém poderoso. E se a linha de história parecia interessante inicialmente, ao longo da leitura percebi que houve várias coisas que não me faziam sentido. Primeiro: não senti química entre Sarah e Simon. A relação deles é muito pouco desenvolvida, pressupõe se que estão muito apaixonados desde a [...]

    25. I just couldn't get past the fact that the heroine is the head housemaid and the hero is a duke. Furthermore, she never did any actual housemaiding - yes, she talked about cleaning and dusting and whatever, but she never seemed to be busy doing housemaids' work (which, in a house that size, makes no sense) and she had no consequences of same - no wrinkled hands, no sore knees, nothing. Add in the fact that the overarching plot mystery - the disappearance of the duchess - (view spoiler)[is not re [...]

    26. How this story begins confused me: the Duchess of Trent has disappeared, leaving no word and no trace. Simon, the current Duke, and his brothers were called home by their sister, Esme, and Sarah, the head maid, who also happens to be a Hawkins childhood friend. They are a family already steeped in scandal, and could not afford to weather through another one, so they all agree to keep their mother's disappearance a secret.I was a bit confused by Simon's plan: the family has agreed to keep the sit [...]

    27. Cute, safe, and easy. There's some ridiculous "primal urges" and "innocent maiden" stuff in the beginning, the characterization and relationship are thin, and the sex scenes are nothing spectacular; but there's also no excess unchallenged sexism, dubious consent, or moral-less rakes. The lack of contraception is actually addressed (eventually). And the enthusiastic, no-holds-barred, ridiculous airplane chase ending warms my dumb romantic heart.I absolutely loathed Luke, though, so I won't be rea [...]

    28. I like the way Jennifer Haymore writes. She doesn't linger on overtly descriptive paragraphs about the weather, or a castle, or anything else of insignificance. It really helps the story move along. I liked the characters who were realistic and sensible. To an extent. Now as a matter of opinion, I found them both boring. I thought there might be some fire in either of their characters to liven things up but they were rather mild in their temperaments. I was more drawn to the character of Luke, S [...]

    29. Very enjoyable, despite the main characters behaving in a distinctly modern way about smex. Not for readers that like historical accuracy and detail.

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