Regarding the Trees: A Splintered Saga Rooted in Secrets

Regarding the Trees A Splintered Saga Rooted in Secrets Principal Walter Russ just wanted a simple proposal to trim the overgrown trees outside Geyser Creek Middle School So how did he end up with a wedding rather than a weeding proposal from designer Flor

  • Title: Regarding the Trees: A Splintered Saga Rooted in Secrets
  • Author: Kate Klise M. Sarah Klise
  • ISBN: 9780152051631
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Principal Walter Russ just wanted a simple proposal to trim the overgrown trees outside Geyser Creek Middle School So how did he end up with a wedding rather than a weeding proposal from designer Florence Waters And that s not all Angelo, the new cafeteria chef from Italy, has taken up residence in Mr N s classroom A sixth grader has moved into the weeping wilPrincipal Walter Russ just wanted a simple proposal to trim the overgrown trees outside Geyser Creek Middle School So how did he end up with a wedding rather than a weeding proposal from designer Florence Waters And that s not all Angelo, the new cafeteria chef from Italy, has taken up residence in Mr N s classroom A sixth grader has moved into the weeping willow tree behind school And all the girls in Geyser Creek are boycotting the boys As Chef Angelo would say Aye yi yi.Sisters Kate and Sarah Klise have created an uproarious third book in their award winning Regarding the series Told in newspaper articles, letters, and secret notes, Regarding the Trees has all the elements of everyone s favorite Klise books including lots of surprises.Includes tips on planting a tree and creating a family tree.

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    1. The 3rd book in this lovely series was always one of my favorites growing up.Trees at the middle school need to be trimmed and a new Italian chef is in town and his rivalry with the local chef starts an all-out gender war with people swearing off marriage proposing a wall be built to divide men and women (I am not kidding) and even changing the name of the town. This book shows most clearly what I loved about these books as a child and what I love about them now - they don't shy away from topics [...]

    2. This one is a hoot, especially because the plot is a secret from the audience! It's clever, and it's also a nice change from the typical villains keeping secrets from the characters. I liked how Minnie used the Historical Society to do research and how she found meaning in what women were doing in her grandparents' time. I wasn't sure how the girls-vs-boys setup would turn out, but I was satisfied, especially that they didn't just all decide "Sure, I WILL get married one day!" Two of them did, b [...]

    3. In this second sequel to Regarding the Fountain, Geyser Creek Middle School principal Wally Russ needs to have the trees on the school property trimmed in time for his upcoming evaluation, after which many expect that he will be fired. Naturally, he calls Florence Waters, the designer who worked on the water fountain and the cafeteria sink. Unfortunately, there seems to be a miscommunication in his correspondence with Flo, and now she thinks Wally wants to marry her! In the meantime, an Italian [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book even though it was an easy read, though I liked all of the characters' personalities because I thought they fit in with style of the novel. Also, it involved some cheesy yet amusing humor, which made the book highly pleasurable. "Regarding the Trees" is part of a series, which includes "Regarding the Fountain", "Regarding the Sink", and "Regarding the Bathrooms", this book being the third book in the four book sequence. It is basically about a middle school with an interestin [...]

    5. There are so many ways I could try to describe Regarding the Trees, but after calling it "humor, kid-power, MCBA-book--2009, real-life, school, wit, and written-in-letters", I still somehow haven't captured the nature of this book! It's a hilarious, rollicking story told in letters, newspaper clippings, school projects, video transcripts, notes passed in class, and much more. Sure, the 6th graders in Mr. N's class are on a mission to save the trees at Geyser Creek Middle School. But don't forget [...]

    6. This might be my favorite book in the Regarding theries. As Principal Walter Russ prepares for an evaluation he turns his attention to the trees on the Geyser Creek Middle School grounds. What begins as a mere proposal to Florence Waters, of the designer water fountain fame, to trim the trees ends up as the wedding of the century!Meanwhile Sam N.'s 6th grade class is studying everything about trees, especially family trees and tracing their own roots. Minnie O. frets about the project (she's ado [...]

    7. Hilarious. Mr. N's 6th grade class goes out on a limb to save the trees surrounding the middle school when Principal Wally Russ decides to cut them down or trim them drastically. In the process they discover some of the history of their town, Geyser Creek, and uncover a historic sorority of unwed women from the town who traveled around the world planting trees. Like the others in this series the story is told through letters, illustrations, and newspaper articles. The plot takes a romantic twist [...]

    8. Walter Russ is the principal at Geyser Creek Middle School. When walter Russ receives a letter informing him he is to be evaluated by the Society of Principals and Administrators everything goes down hill from there. Florence Waters, a.k.a the Flo, is the designated "tree trimmer", since Walter will also be graded by the appearence of his school. But when the Flo mis-understands Walter Russ's letter, the day may end in a wedding instead of a weeding.I loved this book, mainly beacause its not lik [...]

    9. Meh. This is not as good as the first two books in the series-- rather mediocre, actually. I got fed up very fast with the proposal banter between Florence and Walter, and the boys vs. girls fight felt overdone and tacky. While the basic humor and light-hearted approach to life remain the same, and the illustrations are as always amazing, the main plotline felt forced and irritating, and the wrap-up with what's-his-face was just out of nowhere. I'll still read the next book in this series, but I [...]

    10. The kiddo had a good time with this one, but the short letters and faxes and memos made for stilted reading aloud. Also, it's no longer a novelty, with several books in the series and other authors doing the same thing (with ims, text messaging, and e-mails thrown in). Despite the marriage theme (a bit off the mark for the upper elementary set), this has been a very popular series with 5th & 6th graders, and will probably continue to be so. The side story about the Maids of May was the best [...]

    11. A trip to the library with my daughter for science fair materials resulted not only bringing home encyclopedia volumes (remember those?), but also all of this series. They are all quick, clever, fun reads (speaking of the 'regarding' series, not the encyclopedia volumes). This installment has the biggest surprise twist, I think. One of my favorite parts is how the letters between the principal and Florence are interpreted by each other.

    12. I've been enjoying the whole Regarding series, but this one was especially appealing. The puns and misunderstandings and feuds just got more and more convoluted, but everything was neatly wrapped. A little piece at the end, involving Minnie O got me quite misty, which was totally unexpected for this series.

    13. I like this book because I like Florence Waters a lot. I also like how the competition is going on, because I am VERY competitive, and in the end, it turned out okay. Last, I like all of the Maids Of May sections, and how that goes along with the book. One thing that I didn't like was all of the romance going on, but I still liked the book, a lot!

    14. I love all books by Kate Klise, and this one was no exception. I love the mystery, with the twisting plot. The other thing I love is that this book is easy for "younger" readers (4th grade?). It's not a difficult thing with hard vocab. It's funny, and cute. I would recomend this book to anyone!

    15. Cute story with plenty of word play. I preferred the 43 Old Cemetery Road series more, but this story was fun. There are several books in this collection and this book is not the first. Might have been better to read them in order to be more familiar with the characters.

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    17. Like the other books in this series, this story is written in letters and is filled with puns and wordplay that will make you smile Kids will enjoy being able to "get" the jokes. Trees, Italian, boys vsrsl: it's all here. A fun read.

    18. This book was awesome!! One of the reasons I liked it was because it was all written in letters. This was really unique and it was the first time I have read a book like this. C.P.

    19. This book is like Kate Klise's other "Regarding the" books, it is written in letter form. The puns and 'miscommunications' are so hilarious in this book. I couldn't put it down.

    20. this book was okay. i had to read it for a book report in school, and prepare an oral report plus a visual. i liked how the book was set up, especially the mini newspapers.

    21. Fun fifth grade class is back to solve another mystery with many of the same characters and the same great writing method using letters, recipes, newspaper articles, etc.

    22. This book is a great addition to the 'regarding' series. I think it was very interesting and ended some conflicts of the story. I thuroughly enjoyed it.

    23. Florence's humor is hilarious, especially when it comes to dealing with Principal Wally Russ.This is a fun and light read. Children's book with illustrations is always a thumbs up!

    24. I thought this book Regarding the trees is a very good book because it's a book with letters going back and forth all start's at the first book regarding the fountain!

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