Paul the owl

Paul the owl A children s book about Paul an Elf owl the smallest owl in nature Gary is a big Spotted owl who mocks Paul Paul learn about life and his own strength

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  • Title: Paul the owl
  • Author: Elan Ezra Fabiana Farcas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A children s book about Paul, an Elf owl the smallest owl in nature Gary is a big Spotted owl, who mocks Paul Paul learn about life, and his own strength.

    One thought on “Paul the owl”

    1. Paul is one of the smallest types of owls, the Elf Owl. He is just old enough to make his first solo flight. When he does, he is mocked by Gary, a Spotted Owl. He tries to deal with the situation by avoiding the bully, but finds that solution doesn’t work. Paul remembers what his grandfather told him“Even if you are a small owl, you are still an OWL,and you can do anything you want”This saying helps him stay courageous and do things that are hard, even helping others who are in a tight spo [...]

    2. Paul is an elf owle smallest of owlsHe is ridiculed and humiliated by this fact from a larger spotted owl.BUTWhen Paul must give all his strength to help save some baby owls he comes to truly believe that~"Even if you are a small owl, you are still an OWL, and you can do anything you want."A GREAT book to just simply read!A WONDERFUL book to teach children about self-esteem and the harmful effects of teasing others.

    3. I was asked to read and review this book. Because my daughter is in the age group for this book, I read it with her. She loved it and said it was 7 stars. It is a great book that teaches kids not to listen to bullies. That you can do anything you want! It is a book that will be added to our reading list in our house.

    4. I personally loved this book! The lesson was great and it made it easy for me to explain to my 4 year old! I love that Paul never gave up even though Gary made fun of him! No matter how small an owl Paul was, he was still an OWL and in the end a small, brave owl!! Bravo Élan on a great children's book!!!

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