The Magic Wagon

The Magic Wagon This entertaining episodic novel is set in turn of the th century eastern Texas where crooked traveling medicine shows and aging gunslingers define the closing frontier Narrator Buster Fogg s famil

  • Title: The Magic Wagon
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This entertaining episodic novel is set in turn of the 20th century eastern Texas, where crooked traveling medicine shows and aging gunslingers define the closing frontier.Narrator Buster Fogg s family is wiped out by a twister in an early sequence described with surreal verve Buster hitches on with Billy Bob Daniels, a patent medicine pusher and trick shooter who claimsThis entertaining episodic novel is set in turn of the 20th century eastern Texas, where crooked traveling medicine shows and aging gunslingers define the closing frontier.Narrator Buster Fogg s family is wiped out by a twister in an early sequence described with surreal verve Buster hitches on with Billy Bob Daniels, a patent medicine pusher and trick shooter who claims to be the illegitimate son of Wild Bill Hickock, joining an entourage consisting of a kindly ex slave named Albert, and Rot Toe, the wrestling ape.Adventures on the road, which include swiping the mummified remains of Billy Bob s pa and swindling settlers with their concoction of watered down whiskey, stoke personal tensions that only aggravate troubles when their wagon rolls into Mud Creek and Billy Bob is called out by Texas Jack, a dime novel desperado who, legend says, intimidated even Wild Bill.Lansdale s affection for the classic western is never in doubt, although he spends much of the novel skillfully deflating the romance of heroic reputations made as much by luck and exaggeration as by skill with a gun The true charm of the story, though, is iin its telling, which melds laconic humor, colorful colloquialisms and outrageous figures of speech into a Twainesque tall tale This novel endures as a modern western classic.Published in a small print run with limited distribution From Publisher s Weekly

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    1. Joe Lansdale always delivers! It doesn't matter in which genre he writes, I'm down for reading it. I came to this discovery kind of late, but I'm happy to know that that fact gives me tons of stuff to read in the future and I couldn't be more happy about that. This here tale was a horror/western/humorous novella and I just loved it. From the man-wrestling chimpanzee Rot Toe, to the dead corpse riding around on the Magic Wagon with a coffin made of magical wood, what's not to like? Gunslingers, n [...]

    2. Lansdale states this is his favorite of his novels. Just my luck that my favorite author would pick a book that has been out of print for a long time. Fortunately it is back in print and I finally got around to reading it. Is it better than The Bottoms, my favorite Lansdale novel? It's a photo finish and the judges aren't back from lunch yet.The Magic Wagon is told through the narration of a 17 year old boy, having been abandoned and on his own, (Lansdale's favorite type of narrator) as he latch [...]

    3. This wild west fantasy novel has so much going on in its pages, and it's one of the strangest but also one of the most intense and exciting books I've read in a long time.

    4. A weird western set in the early 1900s. THE MAGIC WAGON is one of those traveling medicine shows. Billy Bob Daniels, old Albert, a black man, Rot Toe, the wrestling chimpanzee, the body in the box, and little Buster, a seventeen year old picked up along the way and the narrator of the story. Billy Bob was the star of the show, a trick shot artist, and the hawker of Cure-All, one of those fake medicines that cure everything, and claimed to be the illegitimate son of Wild Bill Hickok, supposely th [...]

    5. Che dire di questo libro“Qui giacciono un manipolo di uomini e una bestia protagonisti di un romanzetto da quattro soldi.”XD

    6. Im a huge fan of the Weird West, as that's the main genre I've written in, and Mr. Lansdale is the best of the best for weird west. This one was definitely weird, although very interesting. You have an unusual cast of characters, including a wrestling ape. There's also plenty of humor, and while the story is very dark at times it's just as funny in others. Overall a very enjoyable read. I did have a problem with some of the racism in the book but it was basically just being true to the time peri [...]

    7. This is an entertaining and fast-paced homage to the dime Western. Lots of fun in this Western-Horror-Comedy with a modern social conscious.

    8. They are the Western ones, drawing steel under multiplying suns, the inordinate-unordinary frontier ways, quick-days-die-days,the cankering, depraved, the dime store bad man and woman, sun wheels night sky, maddening western town.Chris Roberts, God of Melting Suns

    9. THE MAGIC WAGON. (1986). Joe R. Lansdale. ***. This is a kind of a western from the prolific Mr. Lansdale (1951- ), a native of Gladewater, a town in East Texas. It tells the story of a group of men travelling from town to town in a wagon that converted to a stage where they put on magic shows and let their pet chimpanzee, Rot Toe, take on any town wrestler who thinks he has a chance from a mere monkey. Their aim, at the end of the show, was to sell bottles of their “magic” elixir – touted [...]

    10. Western + horrorere's anything better? "YES", I hear you say, but for some reasons I like this stuff so much that couldn't put the book down for a week.Joe Lansdale is a master storyteller, and he makes this unique mixture of black humor, action and mistery that makes every single page of his books worth reading.I really hope someone (Quentin?) makes a movie out of this!

    11. In 1986, THE MAGIC WAGON was published as a "Double D Western" by Doubleday & Co. I can only imagine the reaction from the stereotypical "western" reader as they picked up the book, which features all sorts of atypical western trappings, including some supernatural elements, gross-out humor, and a wrestling chimpanzee named Rot-Toe.In many ways, it's sort of TRUE GRIT meets BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA. Lansdale's protagonist isn't always clued in to the action, and works to make meaning about [...]

    12. Traveling "medicine" salesmen in the old West. Slightly on the Fantasy side, but a very different type of read. Enjoyed it a lot.

    13. A teenage boy, an ex-slave, a fighting chimpanzee, and a con man who claims to be the son of Wild Bill Hickock. All of them traveling the Old West in a wagon that sells magical elixirs. Throw in an erudite shaman, a vengeful storm, a conniving barkeep, and a host of gunmen who all want a chance at taking down Hickock's "son," and what you have is a weird action adventure that only Lansdale can tell. I loved this one (but then, it's rare I don't love a Lansdale book).

    14. Il XX secolo è appena iniziato: nel Texas fanno la loro comparsa i primi venditori ambulanti di rimedi miracolosi, mentre i vecchi cowboy sorvegliano le linee di frontiera e gli sceriffi mantengono l'ordine nelle piccole città, dove l'odio razziale fatica a spegnersi, nonostante la liberazione degli schiavi appartenga al passato. La famiglia del giovanissimo Buster Fogg, voce narrante di questo romanzo, viene spazzata via da un tornado insieme alla sua casa, e il ragazzo si unisce - per caso o [...]

    15. AUDIOBOOK VERSION REVIEWED:I don't really know who Chet Williamson is (a cursory look at google indicates he's a writer, rather than an actor, in his own right), but his reading here was pretty good - he sounded like Michael McKean doing an impression of Joe R Lansdale hisself. However, towards the end of the book, his voice sounded a lot more wet which I didn't really like - cut the take and spit in a bucket, man. Anyway, the book itself was good - not great, but it's probably the earliest indi [...]

    16. Not one of my favorite Lansdale stories. It's short, which is good, as the story wasn't going much anywhere. Anyway the story is told from the perspective of a boy named Buster who lost his home and family to a tornado, and picked up with traveling circus visiting East Texas towns. The circus is just a wagon with one white and one black man. Billy Bob is the leader and a excellent trick shooter who is in love with the dime novels of Wild Bill Hitchcock. And he lies and says he's Wild Bill's bast [...]

    17. come al solito in Texas torniamo ai tempi del vecchio west, con tanto di sparatorie e tiri al bersaglio, schiavi appena liberati e rimedi magici per ogni occasione. Il protagonista è un ragazzino che un uragano lascia solo al mondo e che si aggrega ad una comitiva un po' sgangherata composta da un pistolero imbonitore, un nero factotum, un gorilla da combattimento ed una salma con proprietà quanto meno peculiari. Magia e sparatorie mischiate al modo Lansdale, insomma un bellissimo libro che as [...]

    18. Set in Texas at the turn of the 20th century, `The Magic Wagon' is the tale of Buster Fogg's life as well as other eccentric characters that he encounters. By the time he's 17, his life has been pock-marked by tragedy, yet each sad event is recounted in such a way as to make them Candide-like - tragic-comic, even farcical.It reads like a combination of an S. E. Hinton novel (`Rumblefish', `The Outsiders'), in its convincing account of a boy's youth and, throughout, a feeling that if Jorge Luis B [...]

    19. It is 1909 and an unlikely group travels together, including Rot Toe, the wrestling chimpanzee. The narrator and protagonist is seventeen year old Buster Fogg, whose family was wiped out by a tornado. Also traveling with the show is Billy Bob Daniels, quick draw artist and self-proclaimed son of Wild Bill Hickok, who also sells cure-all out of the medicine show wagon. And rounding out the group is Albert, black Cavalry man who holds the show together.There are creepy storms, shoot outs, the east [...]

    20. I loved this novella. LOVED IT. I finished up my last book and thought, I need a western to read. I picked up a couple of books from the stack and they were just terrible writing and put them back down then found I had picked up the kindle version of Magic Wagon. Lansdale - he's always good. Going in, I knew it was Lansdale and it wouldn't be your normal western story and it wasn't. The characters were great, the story was great and it was just a fun time. If you like a good western with some su [...]

    21. Yet again, I have to ask the question: why isn't Lansdale better known? This short novel has all I've come to expect from him. There's humor, action, mystery, and just when you thought the story was getting too serious, up pops a bit more humor. I cannot think of a single one of his books or short stories that wasn't well worth the read. Seriously, if you want a bit of good, well-written fun, he's the go-to guy.

    22. Libro preso per caso in biblioteca e molto apprezzato dalla sottoscritta: è un racconto del Far West agli albori del Novecento, ma non è un western come gli altri, bensì è ironico e sarcastico. Un racconto sul razzismo, i pistoleri indomiti ed eroi, gli indiani e i loro riti magici e un ragazzino, il protagonista, che ci racconta tutto dal suo punto di vista.

    23. Un romanzo da quattro soldi come dice l'autore ma scritto con stile. Lansdale si cimenta con quelli che sono i libri della letteratura da poco con cui � cresciuto ma li fa diventare qualcosa di pi�. Joe ha una bravura inimitabile nel tratteggiare in poche righe e con qualche anedotto i suoi personaggi e rapire il lettore con storie a cui fa assumere ben altra dimensione.

    24. Deludente. Probabilmente mi aspettavo un libro pieno di azione ed umorismo come uno qualsiasi della saga di Leo e Hap, e per questo ho trovato questo libro lento, incomprensibile fino a tre quarti del racconto e poco coinvolgente. Sembra un libro un po' tirato via.

    25. Great StoryReally enjoy the way Lansdale tells a story, no other author can ever come close to explaining it in a manly way as him. The colorfully country descriptions always takes me there with a smile.

    26. Pure, pulpy Lansdale fun. Mix a bit of horror and Western dime novels together and you have yourself a good afternoon read. Tongue firmly in cheek the entire time, but you can't mistake that Lansdale heart which he manages to imbibe all of his characters with. Overall, good stuff.

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