Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B CRUCZUO Jessica is no stranger to life giving her lemons On the tail end of her latest bad decision Jessica realizes she needs to make

  • Title: Back in the Saddle
  • Author: K.F. Breene Willow Summers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00CRUCZUO.Jessica is no stranger to life giving her lemons On the tail end of her latest bad decision, Jessica realizes she needs to make a life change So when college finally ends, she packs up her life and heads to Texas for a fresh start It is there she meets the most ruggedly handsome cowboy she s everLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00CRUCZUO.Jessica is no stranger to life giving her lemons On the tail end of her latest bad decision, Jessica realizes she needs to make a life change So when college finally ends, she packs up her life and heads to Texas for a fresh start It is there she meets the most ruggedly handsome cowboy she s ever encountered An entrepreneur with a million prospects, Jessica knows he s out of her league, but life, and an adventurous spirit, keeps driving her toward him, stumbling and laughing all the way He can only resist her for so long For reviews regarding this book series, please see A Wild Ride.

    One thought on “Back in the Saddle”

    1. Okay, 1.5 stars, because a few things redeemed this clusterfuck. I expected a bad book, sure. But wow! Hatred doesn't come close to how I feel about this. Dear writers. Stop. Just stop. And listen. Readers are tired of the same damn motherfucking thing again and again and again. We need to read something new. Stop trying to sell us on supremely attractive characters falling for equally attractive characters. By this, I mean physically attractive, of course. Because who the fuck cares about integ [...]

    2. I'm amazed at some of the harsh criticism leveled at this book, one that I really enjoyed. It doesn't have a bunch of typos like so many indie books, the characters are unique & fun, and this does not feel like a rehash of another NA/Contemporary romance plot. This is really a story about a young woman building a life for herself. If you're looking to laugh, this is the novel to go for. It's funny, sometimes over the top, but also with a main character who truly has a huge heart.

    3. Sexual commuter quotient: home and hosed, safe and soundSoundtrack: Saturday Night Fever youtu/kSVSbdmrT0UI read this book with the question in my mind 'OMG am I that person?!'

    4. Not so classic cowboy (Willie/William) is in love. The problem is he can't be. His love interest is a California party girl (Jessica) fresh out of college, who finds herself rejected too many times by the guys she falls into bed with. So, between a rodeo, a dance, an attack by an abusive cowboy, a night at a club (that included a hip hop/possible strip club moves) and a confused outing to a local bar, feeling/hopes/dreams are smashed. Had many good laughs reading this one and it gave me hope tha [...]

    5. I was a little disappointed in this romance novel. It kind of drags on at times. When I read a romance novel I expect some kind of conclusion in a romance. This book centers on William a rich cowboy and Jessica a girl from LA that moves to Texas. You have to go through the whole book before they finally even kiss each other. Then I see there are at least two more books to read on their relationship. To me that's just too much to invest in a ho hum book. I was disappointed in this one

    6. More than half of the reviewers wrote this book was funny and I must say I agree wholeheartedly with them. It was also compared to Sex and the City but I was never a fan of that show so I can't comment.Overall, I think Jessica's character was sarcastically, annoyingly cute. Its like one minute I'm cracking up at something she's saying or thinking but the next minute she's getting on my nerves. She's a grown woman who obsesses way too much over a men who treat her like crap, she spends about 75% [...]

    7. So when I first started reading this, I did not have any high expectations based on the cover of the book and the title.Little did I know then how hilariously funny this book would turn out to be. It is not often that I find a book which manages to amuse me to the point that I catch myself constantly laughing out loud.This is why Back in the Saddle has recently become one of my favorites. I really like reading contemporary romance novels, however, the female protagonists are very often incredibl [...]

    8. I loved this book, it was laugh out loud funny, and reminded me of my single, country bar days in Ft. Worth. The cover I saw when I got it as a freebie on is way better. I read a lot of bad reviews about the first chapter being too harsh, but I didn't find that to be so. I found out later that the first chapter was rewritten, so it may have been harsher initially. It did start a bit slow, I put it down after the second meeting between the MC and the love interest, picked it up later, and then r [...]

    9. I didn't have a problem with the writing style of this book, I just did not like the main character AT ALL. The book is about a 25yr old recent college graduate (why so old?) moving from LA to Texas to begin her first job and start over. She's poor, she drives an old beat up car that barely runs, yet she's a snobby bitch. She puts down one date because he takes her to Chili's for dinner. Then he has the audacity to point at something in a club (how dare he!)which is apparently a major faux pas i [...]

    10. This is not good! I was so put off by the first few pages that I couldn't bring myself to read the rest of the book. In the first few pages we are learning of the character waking up in a strangers bed, the sheets smell of mildew, there is an overpowering smell of body odor and a pair of underwear on the floor with skid marks. This is not the first time she has woken in a strangers bed. How am I supposed to like this person? I did skim through to see if the story picked up only to find the drunk [...]

    11. MOODYNot really sure how I felt about this on. On one hand I felt that the author did an amazing job writing the characters. When everyone was stuck mute by something Jessica would say I felt the same way. On the other hand Jessica drove me cry. I just couldn't connect with all her mood swings.

    12. I found this book to be funny and realistic for me. I would probably be just like Jessica moving from somewhere big to a place much much smaller with different "rules" to live by. I loved her land lady and their relationship. William was frustrating but he came around towards the end. I hope I can squeeze in the second book to see what else happens.

    13. Sweet baby Jesus I loved this book so much and cant leave a long winded review cuz I gotta go buy the second one!! Jessica is full as hell and I love everything about Apollo, er William I need more! Must go one click!

    14. DNF at 10% It was the ruby necklace No, actually the whiny, prude and totally uninteresting heroine.Clingy and obviously painfully needy in search for Mr Right. Nope, not interested.  

    15. Now I wanna ride a bullWe all know some of the best books come from a freebie. And now I'm properly invested in this series. It was funny. Jessica got on my nerves. I wanted to kick William. And it made me tear up a time or two. Excuse me while I go on to book 2

    16. Oh my goodness! I laughed so hard at this! Will is a hottie and this book is so easy to read. Did I mention it made me laugh? Out loud, all the time.

    17. Started off slow and it was a lot of cat n mouse chase between William and Jessica but finally picked upended nicely, looking forward to the next chapter in the their lives.

    18. I swore I’d never read romance, I normally leave that sort of thing to my friends, and let them gush about it. But then a friend of mine convinced me to read Back in the Saddle by Willow Summers – not just because it’s “great” but because Willow Summers happens to be the pen name of K.F. Breene, easily one of my all-time favorite writers (Chosen, HELLO!).*sigh* Here I am, stuck in that abyss one can only feel after living life through a factional character. After feeling only what they [...]

    19. The entire time I read this book all I could think about was how these people talk nothing like a Texan. Has the author ever met anyone from Texas? It was like she took every Texan stereotype rolled them up in a ball and watched them explode across the pages. As a Texan I have to say I couldn't even get into the book because I was so annoyed by the chopped up attempt at the Texas drawl.

    20. A must readWhat a good book and I just love Jessica so funny and full of life to bad it does not end in book 1 didn't see that coming but I still enjoyed this book.

    21. Back in the SaddleAs I read through this book the first thought I had of Jessica’s character was she was probably a typical college gal down on her luck with the male gender, she likes to get drunk, a live on the edge sort of girl. Reckless to say the least and somewhat irresponsible and extremely outspoken even on subjects she knows nothing about. When she finishes her four years of college and accepts a job in Texas she finds herself in new territory literally. She’s a city chick and knows [...]

    22. Loved this!Hot cowboys, rodeos, bull riding, hot cowboys oh wait I've said that already ;) Hot cowboys and a whole heap of drama that will have you eager for the next page! Oh and in case you missed it, this book has hot cowboys! (This girl lurves hot cowboys)

    23. DNF at 60%. Jessica got more and more annoying and finally I just couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't like I was going to buy/read the rest of the series anyway.

    24. Did not finish at page 85. This book is painfully dull, slow, and boring. I skimmed through a lot just to even get to page 85. I appreciate that the author attempted to make the female lead, Jessica into a funny character instead of dramatic and serious like other lead females in romance novels but she just couldn't actually pull it off. You can see the author trying to write the character thinking and doing funny things but it falls very short. I was kind of cringing through the humor attempts. [...]

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