The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories

The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories A paperback edition of three novellas set within the world of the New York Times bestselling Girl of Fire and Thorns series previously available only digitally The Shadow Cats The Shattered Mountain

  • Title: The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories
  • Author: Rae Carson
  • ISBN: 9780062334336
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • A paperback edition of three novellas set within the world of the New York Times bestselling Girl of Fire and Thorns series, previously available only digitally The Shadow Cats, The Shattered Mountain, and The King s Guard.The Shadow Cats is told from the perspective of Elisa s older sister Discover how their sibling rivalry looks from Alodia s viewpoint, and find out whA paperback edition of three novellas set within the world of the New York Times bestselling Girl of Fire and Thorns series, previously available only digitally The Shadow Cats, The Shattered Mountain, and The King s Guard.The Shadow Cats is told from the perspective of Elisa s older sister Discover how their sibling rivalry looks from Alodia s viewpoint, and find out why Alodia agrees to marry her sister off to King Alejandro of Joya de Vega The Shattered Mountain revolves around Elisa s best friend and handmaiden, Mara Before she meets Elisa at the rebel camp in The Girl of Fire and Thorns, she suffers her own tragedy Her village is destroyed and she must lead the few young survivors to safety The King s Guard centers on Hector, Commander of the Royal Guard and Elisa s true love Set years before The Girl of Fire and Thorns, it shows us fifteen year old Hector as a new recruit He must prove himself and he discovers a secret he must keep forever.

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    1. I am so glad I read this book. These are definitely one (three actually) of the best novella's I've ever read. I am so glad and happy to know the backstories of these three amazing characters. I feel like I know them so well now. I hope the side characters of each of these novella's will make an appearance in the series. I know some already have in the first book (and I might have missed some). I highly recommend these novella's if you've read The Girl of Fire and Thorns

    2. The Shadow Cats (Fire and Thorns, #0.5)From Alodia's POV. It takes place before Elisa marries Alejandro, and offers insight into the sisters' relationship, which I particularlly appreciated, being an elder sister myself. I'd had a hard time with how cold and indifferent Alodia came across in the full installments of this series. It's just a really good novella.The Shattered Mountain (Fire and Thorns, #0.6)From Mara's POV. This is the story of how her village was destroyed, and how she came to jo [...]

    3. Rae Carson could write twenty books set in Joya D'Arena, and I would happily buy them all. She knows the land, its people and their cultures, the climate, even the flavor of the sea water so well that I suspect she's been there and these books are just an accounting of her travels. As a fan of the original Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy, I was thrilled to have more insight into characters like Alodia, Mara, and Hector, and Carson did not disappoint in the slightest. Now that I've read these pre [...]

    4. 4,5 Sterne! Geschichte 2 und 3 haben mir sehr gut gefallen, Geschichte 1 war dagegen etwas schwach. InhaltIn The Shadow Cats erfährt man von Elisas Schwester Alodia, der rechtmäßigen Thronerbin von Orovalle. Ihre Gedanken und ihre kühle Haltung ihrer jüngeren Schwester gegenüber werden deutlich, ebenso wie ihr Wunsch, ihr zukünftiges Königreich vor den Feinden zu schützen, die sich langsam aber sicher erheben. In The Shattered Mountain erlebt Mara, später eine treue Freundin von Elisa, [...]

    5. Since this is a bind-up of 3 novellas I'm not going to give this a rating I'll just rate each individual short story and give a small reviewE SHADOW CATS-- 2/5I found this one to be the most boring and disappointing out of all three novellas mainly because Alodia is my least favourite of the main bunch of characters in this series. I really didn't like seeing the way she viewed and belittled Elisa in her head, it just made me hate her and want to take back the good feelings I began to have for h [...]

    6. HECTOR.That's enough for now.Review will follow.4.5 stars.Edit:I'm not reviewing this book on my blog, so I'm going to write down what I have to say over here. The first story shows some more of Elisa's sister and I liked that we got to see her POV. We only know her as the 'better' sister who hates Elisa, but now we get to see that's not true. She values Elisa at the end of the story and I loved to see that development in their relationshipERE IS A HECTOR STORY. I mean, what more do I need to sa [...]

    7. These were some really interesting short stories. Sometimes if I can't get into the main series I still love to read the novellas.The first one was really interesting. I thought the princess was really strong and that her sister was also strong but in a different way. I am curious to see how all these characters are in the main story.I felt bad for the poor eunuch guy. But glad that he and the princess have such a strong friendship.I had never realized that these short stories have a bit of a Me [...]

    8. This bind-up: mindblowing.If I had to list this in order from most favorite to least favorite would be: The King’s Guard, The Shadow Cats, and then The Shattered Mountain.I guess I’ll talk about each novella separately:The Shadow Cats is the first novella in the bind-up series. I liked this a lot. Mostly because it was funny to read how Alodia thinks. And she has her moments. But it was also so different, because, people, our badass Queen Elisa is completely useless from Alodia’s point of [...]

    9. Actual rating: 3.5These were good, but not great.Three novellas give us another peek at Carson's The Girl of Fire and Thorns characters, but I wouldn't say they offer any new insight.Apart from the reveal at the end of Hector's story - which was too obvious to be called a twist - I didn't come away with any added understanding of Alodia, Mara or Hector. I will admit, though, that Mara's story was inarguably compelling. All in all, these are nice, quick reads if you're not ready to let go of Cars [...]

    10. The Fire and Thorns series is one of my favourites and one of many things I absolutely adored about the series is the way Rae Carson wrote her characters. All her characters felt so REAL, and i'm so glad that we get to learn more about some of them. Each of these stories made me love the characters even more and reignited my love for the world that I was introduced to in The Girl of Fire and Thorns. Of the three, my favourite was definitely The Shattered Mountain (Mara's story).

    11. Writing style, pacing, you name it. Carson does everything right.The Shadow Cats: I liked that we got a little bit of Alodia's perspective and now it's clear to me that the sisters would have gotten along better had their mother lived and/or had a competent father.The Shattered Mountain: Mara is great, as usual.The King’s Guard: Hector had a lot more to do with Rosario than meets the eye.

    12. Reading this book made me realize how much I miss the world of The Girl of Fire and Thorns. I love Rae Carson's writing so much and hope that there are more books set in this world. It was pleasure reading from Hector's, Mara's, and Alodia's perspective.

    13. Really great insights on the back stories of these characters!! And HECTORRR I loved his story so much. and now this has prompted me to want to reread the series on audio!

    14. I loved these stories and I am excited to read more of Rae Carson's work. It captured me immediately and I loved every minute.

    15. I had read the first 2 stories as e-books. Nice to have more background about some of the more interesting characters. Best to read this before the main book series.

    16. *3 stars overall* The Shadow Cats - *2 stars*The Shattered Mountain - *3 stars*The King's Guard - *4 stars* Hector's story was the best. (I might be biased.)

    17. I actually enjoyed these prequel stories more than the actual series. I love the character development minus the overdramatic plot twists.

    18. These novellas were okay, but nothing to get that excited about. The Hector one was good, the others were okay.

    19. For more reviews, gifs, Cover Snark and more, visit A Reader of Fictions.As of this writing, I was chatting with Debby (Snuggly Oranges) about this series very recently. That made me reflect on how much my attitude on this series has changed. Though I read the first book twice, I still can’t say I liked it, and, even now that I know how good the series gets, I still highly doubt I’d like the first book. Yet, here I am now, enough of a fan to read accompanying novellas that aren’t essential [...]

    20. I actually read this one a few days ago, but I only had a chance to review now.You know, I really liked this set of prequel stories. It helps you understand the characters better, and it was really interesting to learn more about their background. I think it adds much more to the Fire and Thorns series.

    21. Full review can also be found on: Paein and Ms4Tune’s Book BlogThe Shadow Cats 0.5This was fascinating. We got to understand a little more about Elisa's sister, and we find out exactly why she sends Elisa off to marry King Alejandro of Joya de Vega. I assumed it was to protect her, right up until the very end. The happenings in this story could even support that. But it turns out Alodia saw so much more in her sister in that one situation that no one else ever realised. And she was right.The S [...]

    22. The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories is a compilation of three prequel novellas for The Girl of Fire and Thorns Series. The three novellas are called Shadow Cats, The Shatter Mountain, and The King's Guard. I have mini reviews for each novella.Shadow CatsTold from the perspective of the main character's sister. We get to see their relationship and why her sister set up an arranged marriage. Great conflict for a short story. I like Alodia (Elisa's sister). She really knows how to motivate people a [...]

    23. Originally posted hereLast year I read and loved Rae Carson’s series The Girl of Fire and Thorns, which to be honest I’m still a little shocked about. Mostly because to this day I am not a fantasy person. ButI liked it. And recently when Carson’s short stories came out in one volume I knew I wanted to read them. Of course a TBR happens and well, books get pushed down. Then, thanks to my library overdrive app, The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories appeared as an audiobook and it was fate. FAT [...]

    24. NOTE: Two of the three short stories are more violent than the first novel (the only one I've read). Wanted to give a heads up."The Shadow Cats" is the first story about Elisa's sister Alodia. This was a little too short for me to get more of an idea of the sister. There is a major difference between the two, which the author does very well, but the violence in here was a little unnecessary in the amount of detail. I really don't like excessive violence in my reading, so I didn't really enjoy th [...]

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