Nights of Rain and Stars

Nights of Rain and Stars For her legions of faithful readers and just in time for holiday gift giving a brand new book from number one New York Times bestselling author Maeve Binchy

  • Title: Nights of Rain and Stars
  • Author: Maeve Binchy
  • ISBN: 9780142800904
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Audio CD
  • For her legions of faithful readers, and just in time for holiday gift giving, a brand new book from number one New York Times bestselling author Maeve Binchy.

    One thought on “Nights of Rain and Stars”

    1. This is must be the only Maeve book I've left off my shelf! I can't bear the thought that'd Id allowed one to slip through! As my memory is pretty (very) scratchy, I don't remember in vivid colour, but I know that I loved it, every single bit. Have also added it as 'Want to read again'. As with most of Maeve's books (look at me writing her name like we are old friends!), they are just so reliable, entertaining and down to earth. Now what's not to love about this lady's work?!Re-read in August 20 [...]

    2. The point to Maeve Binchy novels is not to wonder what will happen to the characters. You can pretty much assume a happy ending, and that is why Binchy is the comfort food of the reading world. Her writing is simple and sweet. The stories are not meant to be suspenseful or to leave you guessing. I'm surprised by the one-star reviews of this book which seem to be evaluating this novel by some other standard than what is ordinarily used for Binchy novels: does it make you feel good? Is it easy to [...]

    3. Contrived Plot is contrived. Anyone who can't figure out exactly what will happen with whom by the second chapter deserves to read to the end.

    4. This is the last Binchy book I will ever buy. She has a new one out now, and I won't go there.Her earlier works, until Tara Road, which was the "beginning of the end," in my opinion, are among my favorite re-readable books.She's one of those authors who should have stuck to writing what she knows (post-WWII life in small Irish villages) rather than trying to be hip (yuppies, cappuchino machines, groups of middle-aged tourists, etc.) Her newer books, in the opinion of one of my friends, seem ghos [...]

    5. One-dimensional, wooden characters just hurt this potentially lovely story of 4 strangers meeting on a remote Greek Island. Sadly, the characters are so similar it hurts, most of them good (with the occasional bad character thrown in). People who are good have faults, and bad people have redeeming qualities--but no one has told Ms. Binchy this. At times in conversation, my mind would wander and I would be lost at who was talking, it almost seemed like a conversation one person was having with th [...]

    6. Serious reasons drive four strangers to become friends. They all share one thing from the start - they are tourists on a journey of exploration. Each booked a trip to a Greek island from four quarters of the earth for six weeks. When hiking about, looking for the next sight to see, a boat catches on fire in the harbor below their hill, and in their shared consternation, they begin introducing themselves while taking a seat at a nearby restaurant table.Fiona, an Irish nurse, is in love with her c [...]

    7. I actually want to give this book two stars, but the characters were so sweet and nice that I don't want to hurt their feelings. Yes, I did just write that. Yes, I do worry about characters' feelings. I'm not a Maeve Binchy devotee, but I do like her books - I thought "Circle of Friends" was fantastic, and I've thought the few other books of hers I've read (although their titles don't jump out at me) were 3-4 star average. Good, solid reads. Enough that I expected this one would be, too, plus it [...]

    8. Haven't read Binchey in a long time but found this book on my shelf and almost passed it over. I am hesitant to read hard-covered books and this one was given to me by my mom with a, "Sorry, I know you don't like hard-covered books but it sounded like a book you would enjoy reading."Well, I DID like it! Easy read; absorbing characters whose lives, true to Binchey's trademark, intersect - this time on the Greek Isle of Ahnia Anna. I only predicted one of the four characters' endings but the rest, [...]

    9. 3.5 out of 5 stars!Nights of Rain and Stars was a nice read, it follows the story of four different people who all come to be into contact with each other on a Greek island. I picked this book up at my local College library where I am a student at a while ago. The characters themselves (David, Fiona, Elsa and Thomas) all had their own various issues and were trying to find the solution to them. There's also the mystery of the Irish woman Vonni who came to live on the Island but you find out why [...]

    10. My Take:What an easy book to fall into, and what easy characters to fall in love with. I was pleasantly surprised by this book – I tried to read a Maeve Binchy (The Lilac Bus) when I was in high school, and just couldn’t get into it, and never tried another one since. The style of this book is lovely, the writing easy and dreamy (except for a few places where the writing was coarse and choppy, it seemed that she had to create a conflict for conflict’s sake and didn’t fit into the rest of [...]

    11. Lectura bastante agradable y entretenida, pero nada más. Ha habido varias cosas que no me han acabado de convencer.

    12. I was in a mood to read about Greece, longing to remember the days and nights I spent on a Greek island, so in that sense, this book was just what the doctor ordered. I loved reading about the scenery, traditions, and culture of a small village on a Greek island. So idyllic and charming :) The setting is really what I liked the most about this book. If it wasn't set on a Greek island, I don't think I would've even given it much thought in the first place. Overall, it's a pretty simplistic story [...]

    13. Book on CD performed by Terry DonnellyFive tourists, all from different countries, come together at a small Greek taverna on a hill overlooking the harbor, where they witness a tourist boat fire that results in several deaths. Drawn together by this tragedy they begin to share their lives with one another and with the kind residents of the village. In particular they meet Vonni, an Irish woman who married a Greek man some decades previously and has made her life on the island, Andreas, who runs [...]

    14. One of Maeve Binchy's strengths is characterizations, and this one is no exception. There's no plot to speak of, but you really get to know the main characters for better or worse. It's a good comfort read and in general a charming book.

    15. DNF. Ap 70 lpp. sapratu, ka nebūs. Tāpat skaidrs, ar ko romāna varoņiem beigsies ciemošanās Grieķijas salā. Romāns nav tik labi uzrakstīts, lai izklaidētu mani pat skaidri nojaušot, kas notiks tālāk.

    16. Please note that I gave this book 2.5 stars but rounded it to 3 stars on .WHY??????Seriously. I ended up buying this on vacation because I got a kick out of it taking place in Greece. And what would not go better than reading a Maeve Binchy book in Greece while I was in Greece?I should have none better.We have classic Binchy following multiple people who reassess their own lives after coming to Greece and seeing the effect a fatal boat accident has on a small Greek town (Aghia Anna).We follow fo [...]

    17. I liked many of Maeve Binchy's books, but I think at this point she's just coasting on her reputation. This story was contrived and read almost like a young adult novel, with a bunch of random tourists suddenly bonding and becoming best friends after witnessing a boating accident that didn't involve any of them or anyone they knew. The characters were flat and the relationships highly simplistic, especially the girl with the abusive boyfriend who's somehow devoted to him despite his having not a [...]

    18. After reading The Glass Lake many years ago I have steared clear of Maeve Binchy. However, my neighbor loaned me this one and thought it was good, so I gave it a try. What a difference!!This was a pleasant book about four individuals who meet in the small Greek Village Aghia Anna and are drawn together one day due to a tragedy in the harbor. They spend the day and evening in a taverna with its owner Andreas. The book isn't plot-driven, but draws you into the characters' lives, and the life of th [...]

    19. I'd call this a good "beach read" It isn't too complex and it moves quickly. It tells the story of several individuals who have left their lives for a getaway to Greece. They happen to be at the same cafe where they witness a local tragic accident then go through the aftermath and grieving with the town. Each person has his or her own story/past from which they've escaped. Along with some 'locals' they help one another find what they need to go home and proceed with their lives. I'd never read M [...]

    20. I've always been a big Maeve Binchy fan and some of her books rank among my all-time favorites. But, several years ago Binchy talked about retiringd she should have. The novel released right before this one, Quentins, was badI thought, as bad as it could get. But, I was wrong because this book is even worse! *sigh* I am very disappointed that the writing style of an all-time favorite has changed so drastically. I definitely will not run out immediately to buy her books as soon as they are releas [...]

    21. There really is no way to go wrong with a Maeve Binchy book. It isn't terribly complicated or mind-blowing but there's a comfort and ease about her writing that always draws me in. Sometimes it's nice to settle into a book or an author that you know well. It's like visiting with a friend you've not seen in years - you don't need any big moments to happen to enjoy the moment. That's this book and her writing for me.

    22. I truly enjoy Binchy's writing style and her characters. I find myself engrossed in their lives and really enjoying it. This was a nice escape to Greece and to witness how four very separate and different lives became intertwined and straightened out.

    23. I loved this story. Thought I'd lose my way with all the characters but it flowed well. Only issue was some of the sentences seemed repetitive. Other than that, it was a cultural explosion. Love. Heart wrenching sadness. Nights or Rain and Stars has it all.

    24. With Maeve Binchy you always know what you are going to get. I loved the setting on a Greek island. That was the best part of this book.

    25. Maeve Binchy is one of my go-to authors for comfort reads. I know that I'm always going to get a big cast of characters with a bunch of happy endings and there is something satisfying about that. It does make things a bit predictable but there is some beauty in that as well. "Nights of Rain and Stars" is the story of a bunch of characters all in a small place in Greece. Most of those not from there have come from far away to escape. The natives mostly know how good they have it. This book is a d [...]

    26. I read this on audio and the way that the narrator handled the various accents: Greek, American, English, Irish was wonderful. The plot surrounds a group of tourists who witness a fire and subsequent tragic deaths of several of the townspeople in the Greek village of Aghia Anna. Each character experiences growth by the end of the story and the end result is a pleasant plot which deserves a sequel.

    27. Loved this novelThis must be one of the best one of Maeve Binchy's novels. I loved the way the plot rolls out and the characters. This reminds me of a novel by another one of my favorite novelist. The ensemble cast is brilliant and their individual story plots intersect at interesting spots. Engaging, enjoyable read.

    28. A group of tourists on a small Greek Island are drawn together after they witness a tragedy at sea. Each of them is struggling with personal problems: German Reporter Elsa has quit her job and left her boyfriend after discovering a devastating secret he had kept hidden. Fiona has come to the island from Ireland with her boyfriend Shane - her parents don't like him but she is determined to share her life with him. Californian Thomas is getting over a bitter divorce and his ex-wife's remarriage, a [...]

    29. Hay frases bonitas y escenas cargadas de sentimientos pero le ha faltado saber unir todo eso para hacer del conjunto un todo armónico, algo más que una serie de escenas que a trompicones te meten y te sacan de la historia. No ha llegado a despertar en mí un interés real, iba leyendo por inercia, más bien por saber si mis elucubraciones iban a resultar erróneas o habría acertado.Aunque hay alguna que otra sorpresa todo resulta demasiado predecible, se deja leer, pasas un rato entretenido p [...]

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