El contrato

El contrato BLAKE HARRISON Rico noble encantador Y a punto de perder una inmensa fortuna si no encuentra esposa antes de dos d as Para solucionar su acuciante problema ha contratado los servicios de Sam Elliot

  • Title: El contrato
  • Author: Catherine Bybee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • BLAKE HARRISON Rico, noble, encantador Y a punto de perder una inmensa fortuna si no encuentra esposa antes de dos d as Para solucionar su acuciante problema ha contratado los servicios de Sam Elliot, que no resultar ser el hombre de negocios que esperaba, sino una atractiva mujer, provocadora, atrevida y due a de una voz digna de la m s sensual de las operadoras deBLAKE HARRISON Rico, noble, encantador Y a punto de perder una inmensa fortuna si no encuentra esposa antes de dos d as Para solucionar su acuciante problema ha contratado los servicios de Sam Elliot, que no resultar ser el hombre de negocios que esperaba, sino una atractiva mujer, provocadora, atrevida y due a de una voz digna de la m s sensual de las operadoras de l nea er ticaMANTHA ELLIOT Propietaria de la agencia matrimonial Alliance, soltera y fuera de la lista de candidatas Hasta que Blake Harrison le propone un contrato de un a o y una remuneraci n de diez millones de d lares Lo nico que tiene que hacer es guardarse la irresistible atracci n que siente hacia su reci n estrenado esposo para ella solita y mantenerse alejada de su cama Pero los dulces besos de Blake y su innegable encanto no se lo van a poner nada f cil Ahora solo le queda proteger su coraz n para salir airosa cuando su mercenario matrimonio llegue a su fin.

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    1. I picked up this book as a Kindle Unlimited selection with free Audible audio. Listening to this book immediately following 'Grayson's Vow', it was impossible not to compare the stories. Unfortunately, even though this was a pretty okay story, it couldn't compare. In truth, I probably should've held off on reading this one for a little while. Then, maybe I would have been able to enjoy this one without any lingering comparisons. This story is in the marriage of convenience trope. Rich guy needs [...]

    2. Review posted at:Swept Away By Romance Solid 4 StarsWhat a delightful book! Wife by Wednesday had me captivated and entertained right from the start with its wonderfully developed and charming characters, tantalizing and playful prose, and sweet, feel good romance.  I couldn't seem to get enough of the hero and heroine throughout this book. The chemistry between Blake and Samantha (Sam) was fabulous and made for some awesome dialogue and love scenes. There was a genuine and amorous feel to [...]

    3. Well I wrote it, of course I'm going to give it 5 stars! LOL ~I look forward to all of your thoughts/reviews. Look for translations in Spanish, Portuguese and Thai.

    4. Petty pleasant story about marriage of convenience that turns into a love match. Little drama, nice heroine and nice hero. Overall, easy, quick and enjoyable book if you like that kind of trope.

    5. This is not a clean read. Before buying it I skimmed over reviews but didn't find anything besides it being a "sweet" story. I guess I should be more careful about .99 books on , sweet to me means clean, but I guess it doesn't to othersBesides the two descriptive love scenes, I was disappointed in the story. Both characters are shallow and lustful. Their relationship moved along too fast to be believable. I skimmed most of the book and thought the whole thing was silly. The overall plot could ha [...]

    6. Back in the day when I used to devour Harlequin novels, the whole "marriage of convenience plot" was amongst my favourite to read about.The thing is, those harlequin novels? Well they had more plot, and character development than this one!(Ah! Who'd have thought?)And if they had some "ideas" that today would have sent me into a feminist rant, at least they had the excuse of having been written "back" in the eighties.This one?It was written in 2011 for crissakes!So, let me see if I got this strai [...]

    7. 4 stars – Contemporary RomanceThis was a great contemporary romance, and a very nice surprise, especially considering the cheap $0.99 cent Kindle price. It read like a really good Harlequin and should appeal to fans of modern royal heroes and “marriage of convenience for inheritance” plots. A solid 4 stars!

    8. [image error]★★★★½ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Tanya Eby does a nice job here, using her alto range sultriness to full advantage. Which is a good thing, as the heroine, Samantha Elliot, is known for her sexy vocals. I’ve heard Ms. Eby narrate before, and I liked her deep sexy voice for the heroine, especially when she purposefully lowers it a few octaves to push the buttons of the hero and dashing duke, Blake Harrison. While his voice wasn’t perfection - I didn’t like the [...]

    9. Blake Harrison is the modern day heir to a very old, titled English inheritance. An inheritance that his departed Father saw fit to rescind if Blake is not married by the age of 35. Sam (Samantha) Elliott is an all-American blue blood born with a silver spoon but down on her luck. Her one chance at making her high-end match-making business successful has finally arrived in the form of one very rich, very English power-player, Mr. Blake Harrison. What follows is an absolutely delightful yet surpr [...]

    10. En realidad 3'5 Estrellas. Es el primer libro que leo de ésta escritora, admito que si fuera por la portada, el título o incluso la sinopsis no lo habría leído. ¿Por qué lo he hecho? Porque lo encontré de oferta por 3€ y pensé que tampoco perdía demasiado, además de ser un libro cortito. Y la verdad, no me arrepiento de haber gastado esos 3€. Mis prejuicios contra el libro fueron que me pareció un libro más de entre toda la vorágine que prosiguió a la publicación de las odiosa [...]

    11. A contemporary romance with all the components I love of historical romances: MoC, sexy duke/strong duchess, and a major but quickly resolved misunderstanding to introduce some angst into the novel. I really enjoyed this book. It was a simple and smooth read. There was a few minor inconsistencies in the information presented.but I could overlook it because I enjoyed Samantha and Blake's love story. This is the- I am suffering from insomnia and want to read but nothing too serious or thought prov [...]

    12. 2.5 "It started as a Sham" Stars "An agreement was exactly what he needed. A contract. A business deal that would benefit both parties for the course of one year. Then they could go their separate ways and never lay eyes on each other again." I haven't read amarried for conveniencelove story for a while, and I must admit the first 33% of this book was so good that it left me wondering why I hadn't come across similar titles more often. Catherine Bybee brilliantly set up the story. Everything you [...]

    13. gamzeninkitapdunyasi.Novella yayınlarından çıkan Çarşambaya Kadar Eşim Ol yazarın ülkemizde çıkan ilk kitabı. Kitapyurdunda dolanırken yayınlanacak kitaplarda rastladığım zaman konusu keyifli gelmişti, bende önce favorilerime ardından da sepetime atmıştım.Ama sonradan okurken anladım ki Acele etmesem de olurmuş hani almak için :DKonusu malumunuz klasik. Kitabı almadan önce itiraf etmeliyim ki e bakmadım. Yorumlara dikkat etmedim hiç. Şimdi baktığımdaysa neredeys [...]

    14. I'm something of a fan of the marriage of convenience turning into love so I took a chance on this inexpensive story. I don't exactly regret doing so, but the last quarter or so was painful enough to drop this a whole star rating.Blake and Samantha are charming. Fun, even. I liked them as characters, even though the entire setup was laughable. You expect to buy the premise in a story like this one, however contrived, because how else do you get a marriage of convenience in a modern setting? So I [...]

    15. I absolutely adored this authors other series (Not Quite) so when kindle unlimited suggest I look at this series I downloaded it straight away. I did enjoy this book, I didn't love it like I had with the books in the other series but that might be because this book was more relaxed. It's rare for me to read a romance with little to no drama but I enjoyed it regardless. I have downloaded the next book in the series and when I'm looking for a chilled out read I will read it.

    16. Adoro i romance leggeri che narrano la storia di matrimoni di convenienza che sfociano in legami unici!Questo libro ha una trama prevedibile ma è riuscito a farmi staccare la spina completamente e a rilassarmi. Lo stile dell’autrice è semplice ma mai forzato e molto romantico.I protagonisti non hanno un grande background ma sono adattissimi per una storia del genere. Questo libro è quel tipo di romance che ti fa venire voglia di andare a caccia di un principe!Carino!

    17. Der Stimme von Uschi Hugo war es sehr angenehm zuzuhören. Besonders morgens oder abends im Zug gab es mir eine schöne Auszeit vom Alltag. Es war eine leichte, locker-flockig, romatische Geschichte. Eine Stelle war mir dann doch etwas zu kitschig und wenn ich es selbst gelesen hätte, hätte ich bestimmte Details augenrollend zur Kenntnis genommen, wohingegen ich beim Hörbuch einfach drüber "hinweghören" konnte. Doch insgesamt war nett, mal was anderes und es genau das, wonach mir gerade der [...]

    18. 4.5★s - If this just had a little more length I would for sure give it 5★'s, 4.5 is pretty damn close though. I think this book did everything right for the pretend marriage story line. Everything right. If you like this type of story, this one was done perfectly. From the initial meeting, to the proposition, to the marriage and on, this book did it just right. There was no frustrating inner dialogue, no running or any of the other nonsense that sometimes happens in “pretend” books. They [...]

    19. A little diversion part of a stand alone series of novels. Taking from Historical Romance, the Character who must marry or lose the family estate, etc. Finds h who has financial stress of her own and story takes off. Brought to todays' news cycle and had an under current of the real issues people experience everyday; who do you trust? Are you will to reveal how you really feel for another person? can you just be real? Wasn't a waste of my time and cleared my head space happily. If i am in the mo [...]

    20. I just hate giving books less than 3 stars.Ok. This is the typical millionare looks for wife with no atachments for a year to get money. But this time the guy wants the suplier of wives. Redhead and sexy (including voice) who wouldn't want her? Any DUKE can get what he wants. So yadha yadha yadha. Paparazzi and so on. Kisses and sex. Crazy lover/stalker/bitch(view spoiler)[ puts holes in condoms. Married cuple & fetus. She is pregnant! No wonder!! Holes in condoms, gosh. Girl cries, tries to [...]

    21. Uma excelente leitura sem grandes pretensões mas que acaba por ser bastante gira!Gostei do Blake e da Samantha e da forma meio estranha como eles entram no casamento de conveniência que se torna bastante real passado algum tempo apesar da previsibilidade da historia em si mesma, acaba por ser um amor fofo e com um desenlace perfeito, uma óptima leitura de férias e que lê num instante!

    22. Blake Harrison is nearing his mid-thirties. He is handsome, successful and a Duke. He is presently bedding down with two women. Blake has a problem though, one he can't charm and connive his way through, his father's will. If he isn't married by the age of 35, which is rapidly approaching, he will lose a sizable inheritance. (Some spoilers if you continue reading)Blake seeks the aid of a man, Sam Elliot, who owns a matchmaking service. Except Sam is actually Samantha, a striking red head with em [...]

    23. After reading Single by Saturday and thoroughly enjoying it and then seeing this was available on kindle Unlimited I jumped right on it and read it in less than a day. It was a nice romance to escape into on a rainy day.With so many other reviews posted I have no desire to go into details. But I was happy to be looking backwards in this series to learn just what the "Duke and Duchess" references were from that first book I read. Complications from both fathers make for a couple who are both leer [...]

    24. What a fairy tale! I mean, isn't this every girl's REAL dream? To tame the man who claims to be untameable? Isn't that the ultimate catch? While that's just about the exact opposite of what Sam Elliot was trying to do, it's still what she did.Blake Harrison is a handsome bachelor who could have any girl he wants. But he doesn't really want any girl. He's yet to meet a woman that makes him want to settle down. Until he meets Sam Elliot. And she has that effect on him without even trying.Sam got d [...]

    25. I don't usually read short stories, but lately I have discovered that with a great writer even a short story can be good. I was in the middle of a series and I knew I couldn't get wrapped up in another long book so I decided to give this one a try.It was an interesting concept and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Catherine is a great author and there were several laugh out loud moments! Blake was a self made millionaire that needed a wife by Wednesday in order to meet the clause in his father's w [...]

    26. Reading HP's , I was expecting all the possible bad outcomes out of every situation . Like Demons from the past , connecting link btw both their bitter pasts , something of that sort . It took me by surprise that nothing of that sort hpnd though yes there is this evil Viper OW . A feel good read with different characters , I loved Mr.Sweet H for a change ( Rude Ruthless MCP's do get boring after some point of time , change in flavor is essential ) and a strong h who is not dependent on H , who c [...]

    27. This series follows friends and family that meet through a company that arranges marriages for monetary and security purpose, it starts with Blake and Sam, in series one, Carter and Eliza in series two and Neil and Gwen in series three, they have a great storyline, with romance, love and intrigue with rather tame sex scenes and some nice little plot twists that all link together, narrated by Tanya Eby who does wonderful work with both male and female characters this is a must listen to audiobook [...]

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