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  1. OH MY GOD IT'S SO BADSpare yourselves; do not buy this book. It was almost physically painful to finish. If this is the yardstick by which we measure books these days, I'll just lock myself into past centuries and NEVER COME OUT. What on earth caused this book to receive such acclaim???So, just to get it out of the way, the construction kind of stands, although I'd have to think about even that. It's a little grotesquely baroque, with everyone seemingly having had a hand in the murder that 'fate [...]

  2. You know that thing when you get your hands on the latest 600 page literary blockbuster, full of excitement and anticipation? So you are reading greedily and it’s okay, but not completely engaging. However, in the back of your brain you are very aware of the many international literary awards this book has clocked up, the fact that it has been translated into 32 different languages and been reviewed gushingly over and over again - so you just know that any minute now you will be gobsmacked by [...]

  3. La Vérité sur la verité sur l'affaire Harry Quebert"Reading bestsellers is like boxing, Marcus. They can both cause brain damage."*********************************"But wait," said Gahalowood. "I still don't understand. Why is the book so badly written? Why is the writing so atrocious that every other sentence causes the reader physical pain, why is the dialogue so flat, and why are none of the characters even remotely credible?"I sighed. "You see," I said, "that's exactly the point. The book [...]

  4. 'How do you know when a book is finished?''Books are like life Marcus. They never really end'I just loved this book. Grand story and writing, unique in many ways, a calm but formidable buildup of the story which makes you want to keep going steady but with a building tension thinking all the time 'what's going on here', great whodunit with unbelievable twists and turns til the last pages, remarkable set of characters, great setting I just really enjoyed it from start to end. And it's not only a [...]

  5. Par où commencer? D'abord les points + : Lecture facile, histoire pas mal ficelée les - : Cet ouvrage, qui a tout de même reçu le prix du roman de l'académie française et goncourt des lycéens, n'a AUCUN style littéraire, je sais pas à quoi je m'attendais mais j'avoue être très déçue Je suis un peu comme Galahwood au début du roman: j'aimerais me faire rembourser Les caractères des personnages sont peu décrits et peu travaillés. Les descriptions sont risibles, la scène de rencon [...]

  6. Yeah, I have no idea why this is supposed to be so amazing. The plot itself is kind of uninspiring and reminds me of so many "dark secrets in a small town" stories that Stig Larssen popularized. And really, it's trying to be The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (just minus the secret Nazis) so badly it's kind of laughable.The characters were universally unlikable - and honestly the jet-set life of the best-selling author kind of made me laugh my ass off. Maybe I missed when Jonathan Franzen was being [...]

  7. This book is, without a doubt, the worst thing I've read in many years. The fact that it was published at all boggles the mind. HonestlyI want my money back. Christ but it's terrible. Joel Dicker should never publish another novel again. Or write anything. Even a grocery list. Or speak. He should go live in a monastery in the woods and never bother anyone again. Dear lord. Make it stop.

  8. J'ai été incroyablement déçue par ce livre. Je ne comprends pas comment ce roman a pu être récompensé du prix de l'Académie française ou être sélectionné pour le Goncourt. Le style est tout simplement médiocre. Les personnage sont creux, stéréotypés, et ne s'exprime ni ne réagissent de façon réaliste. L'histoire d'amour autour de laquelle tourne tout le roman n'est absolument pas décrite en dehors de nombreux dialogues mièvres si bien qu'il est impossible d'être touché par [...]

  9. I have mixed feelings about this book. The fact that it won the "Prix de l'Académie Francaise" 2012 tips the scales towards disappointment. Then again if I was not intrigued by a crime book that won the said prize, I probably wouldn't have even picked it up.It is a 660+ pages crime book; that made me quite hesitant to consider it, I just assume there would be unnecessary details and characters and boring repetitiveness. I was wrong about the first two.The book's back cover states that it is a " [...]

  10. There’s essentially three stories here: - Two men’s individual struggle to write a book- An older man’s love for a 15 year old girl- The mystery surrounding the murder of the 15 year old girlYes, they’re all linked – but it sometimes feels like a hodgepodge of styles: maybe Jonathan Franzen meets Mills and Boon, meets Agatha Christie?It’s long: over 600 pages in print and in excess of 20 hours of audio. I went the latter route, and was rewarded by a competent reading by Robert Slade. [...]

  11. I've always had a weakness for mystery books. In this story every character matters, every subplot is related, and Joel Dicker creates one of the best modern dark novels. It is more than just a Who killed Nola Kellergan? and yet, that is the question that will travel with you through all the pages. A novel that will swallow you completely. A story about sickness, love, sadness, books and hidden pasts. A victory for any writer. Well done Dicker.«Todo el mundo sabe escribir, pero no todo el mundo [...]

  12. La decepción del mes. Empieza muy bien. Y ahora llegan los peros: Repetitivo hasta la nausea, tramposo, nos cuenta la misma trama que no avanza durante 700 páginas escritas con simpleza. "Oh, Nola, te quiero, te quiero qué guapa eres, Nola. Yo le quiero a usted, oh oh, ámeme muchito trocito de miel" y lindezas cursis insoportables. Muchos sospechosos pero tras leer lo mismo una y otra veza quién le importa quién mato a la dichosa Nola? Yo misma la hubiese ahogado en el mar con sus malditas [...]

  13. Spectacularly terrible! It's absolutely mind boggling to me that this was a runaway success and prize winner in France. From the very first pages you can tell that the dialogue is atrocious and the story cliched almost to the point of offensiveness, and it certainly doesn't get any better as the book unfolds. What on earth do people see in this book? It's not possible that it is *that* much better in the original French, right?

  14. ¿Que los críticos apuntan a Nabokov, Philip Roth o Stieg Larsson (o algún otro autor de novela negra nórdica)? Admito el último porque no tengo elementos para negarlo (ni la comparación me parece un pase al Olimpo de los escritores), admito el primero por coincidencia temática con 'Lolita', admito el segundo porque sí puede haber ecos de 'Pastoral Americana'. Pero no, esto no es una Obra Maestra. Ni de lejos. Tampoco digo que sea un mal libro, pero para jugar en la 'liga de los clásicos [...]

  15. Onvan : The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair - Nevisande : JoĚÇl Dicker - ISBN : 143126687 - ISBN13 : 9780143126683 - Dar 643 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2011

  16. Joel Dicker is a 27-year-old Swiss writer whose "La Vérité sur L'Affaire Harry Quebert" has recently won two prestigious literary prizes and become a bestseller here in France. Its success, I think, results from being a complex and engrossing piece of detective fiction, involving novelists no less, and being set in America, where, according to the book jacket, Dicker has traveled extensively. The story concerns the discovery of the body of a fifteen-year old girl who disappeared thirty years e [...]

  17. I feel like I have been on a long journey, and this book was a journey, through red herrings, changing accounts from many different people, through a poignant friendship and an illicit love. It was a puzzle, or a labyrinth or a maze, trying to find just the right clue that would unravel everything that had come before.A book that is a book, about a murder, a young girl that seems to be all purity and light and a famous writer. Writer's and writers block, the 31 things one needs to know to write [...]

  18. I believe this is the worst book I've ever read; granted, I don't read a lot of bad books. If a book is terrible or if I'm just not enjoying it, I don't finish it - life is too short. So, why did I stick with it for nearly 600 pages? It's a mystery! Mysteries that are more mysterious than the "mystery" at the heart of this book:Is this a terrible novel or just a terrible English translation?How did this become an international bestseller? No, really. Europe alone produces tons of excellent crime [...]

  19. Estou muito preocupadaUm livro premiado pela Academia Francesa e pela Revista Lire; que recebe o prémio Goncourt; que é número um de vendas em França.E eu não percebo porquê.1) Género literário - Policial ou romance cor de rosa? Nola tem quinze anos e apaixona-se por um homem de trinta. Talvez seja possívelÉ assassinada logo no início ( e ainda bem porque, assim, não tive de a aturar muito). Harry tem trinta anos e apaixona-se por uma miúda de quinze. Talvez seja possível O que me [...]

  20. Este libro es de lo mejorcito que he leído en toda mi vida. Aún sigo tratando de asimilar todo lo que ha pasado en esta novela.Lo primero que quiero mencionar es la manera que tiene de atrapar al lector. ¡He leído 300 páginas en dos días! Es totalmente maravilloso. Por otro lado, los giros que da la trama son espectaculares. Intenta convencer al lector de alguna cosa y luego te da la vuelta a toda la historia. Yo he juzgado mal a algunos personajes de la historia y aún sigo en shock por l [...]

  21. ¿Quien mató a Nola Kellergan ó quien se &/%$ a Nola Kellergan?Partimos de la premisa clásica de no saber quien rayos mató a determinado personaje, por momento pensamos que esto será el tema principal del libro pero de momentos esta idea se debate por quien se acostó con Nola o quien abusó de ella, lo que te deja bastante confundido la verdad.El personaje de Nola está completamente sexualizado. Siendo menor de edad el autor se mete en aguas pantanosas en este aspecto y creo que no su [...]

  22. MANNY: Hello and welcome back to our continuing coverage of Let's Trash Joël Dicker Week. With me in the studio, I have three experts who are going to offer us their diverse viewpoints on Dicker's controversial bestseller La Verité sur l'affaire Harry Quebert. I'm happy to introduce Manny and Manny--MANNY: Good afternoonNNY: Delighted to be hereNNY: --and, last but not least, Manny's girlfriend, who is going to try to introduce a note of sanity to the proceedingsNNY: I'm sorry, Not couldn't ma [...]

  23. La recensione è presente anche sul blog: thebooksblendertervistaPrima di scrivere questa recensione, ho dovuto un po' meditarci sopra. Quindi, abbi pazienza e spero di non annoiarti mentre ti riassumo il processo che mi ha condotto poi a questa valutazione finale.Primo punto: l'ho finito in meno di un giorno. È vero: finire in breve tempo un libro non è indice che si sta leggendo un capolavoro. E, infatti, "Il caso di Harry Quebert" NON è un capolavoro, ma un libro d'intrattenimento (come, d [...]

  24. Toda una joya de novela negra/policial/thriller, desde el primer capítulo te atrapa en una historia llena de giros argumentales, pasión y engaños.Debo decir que nunca me había pasado que un libro me sorprendiera tanto con un final, en el que realmente no me imaginaba quien era el asesino. Este libro se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos este año, pero sí tuve un problema grande con el y fueron sus personajes femeninos que realmente me resultaron insulsos y cansinos, toda su vida giraba [...]

  25. Me gustó muchísimo este libro. Lo recomiendo absolutamente. Jamás me encontré con una historia con tantos giros y un caso que parece simple al principio pero que a medida que las páginas pasan se torna más y más complejo, hasta llegar a un final que me dejó boquiabierto.

  26. I said it before and I'll say it again, or write it again, whatever, but this book is about 150 to 200 pages too long. It's too long, but my biggest issue with it isn't the ridiculously unnecessary length, it's the way the story is contrived and the characters interact that bugged me the most.Is Dicker trying to write a modern version of Lolita? Is he going for a new spin on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Is he trying to write a sprawling murder mystery or is he trying to write a new literary [...]

  27. A ver, ¿por dónde empiezo?Ya he comentado alguna vez en el canal lo mucho que me gusta dedicarle a cada libro el tiempo que el mismo me pide; este es un señor libro que me da las gracias por haberle dedicado todo un mes de mi vida. Sin lugar a dudas, no me hubiese gustado haber volado entre sus páginas en una sola semana. He disfrutado todo un mes de sus personajes (sus TAN bien construidos personajes), sus líneas y sus giros argumentales (no puedes dar nada por sentado leyendo el seguimien [...]

  28. In spite of all the prizes it won, and its ambition to be something more, this book is just a simple mystery novel with only a single good plot twist and a teen-ish and retorical writing.The story of the young writer investigating the murder of young Nola and her ties to "America's greatest writer" Harry Quebert is more a parade of cliched uninteresting characters - none excluded - and banal phrases than a look into America's society, and it becomes involuntarily ridiculous when we reach excerpt [...]

  29. La mia videorecensione: youtu/3PT2iiH76BYLibro divorato in una settimana, nonostante la mole imponente! Letto perché scelto e votato per l'Ottavo Gdl Frahorus (di seguito metto il link per chi volesse leggere anche le recensioni degli appartenenti al gruppo: /topic/show/1 ).Solitamente non sono un lettore di gialli, ne avrò letti circa una ventina, ma devo dire che questa storia si è rivelata accattivante fin dalle prime pagine e mi ha tenuto incollato per una settimana che è volata e dove i [...]

  30. Ελάχιστη σημασία έχει αν κερδίζεις ή χάνεις Μάρκους. Αυτό που έχει σημασία είναι ο δρόμος που κάνεις ανάμεσα στο γκονγκ του πρώτου γύρου και το γκονγκ του τελευταίου.Το αποτέλεσμα του αγώνα είναι απλά μια πληροφορία για το κοινό. Ποιος έχει το δικαίωμα να σου σου πει πως έχα [...]

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