Bucket Nut

Bucket Nut Eva Wylie may not be beautiful but she s big and smart and tough Working as a wrestler called the London Lassassin all she wants is wrestling superstardom and to find her long lost sister She does a

  • Title: Bucket Nut
  • Author: Liza Cody
  • ISBN: 9780446404594
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eva Wylie may not be beautiful, but she s big and smart and tough Working as a wrestler called the London Lassassin, all she wants is wrestling superstardom and to find her long lost sister She does a little investigating on her own, and ends up in the middle of a vicious London gang war fighting for her life.

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    1. I'd never heard of Liza Cody until I read Maureen Corrigan's book, Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading: Finding and Losing Myself in Books. On her recommendation, I ordered a copy of this rather old novel, the first in a series featuring an unlikely heroine. Eva Wiley is a young, aspiring professional wrestler who wants to become a star baddie like Klondyke Kate, who was something of a sensation in the 1980s in England. Eva is homely, big, very strong, and more than a little damaged. Besides making the [...]

    2. Part comedy, part tragedy, this book follows one Eva Wylie, a big ugly brute of a woman trying to make a name for herself as a baddie in professional wresting. She wrestles under the name of the London Lassassin, but her (anti-)fans call her Bucket Nut. She lives for their boos and their insults, but she's living a marginal life. After a childhood spent in foster homes and years living homeless, she's only now beginning to put her life together, with a job watching over a junkyard, petty theft, [...]

    3. I enjoyed the Anna Lee series, but wasn't at all sure what to expect with this unusual new heroine Eva Wylie. She is a big and brutish, low end wrestler who lives in a "static holiday van" (what they call a mobile home in the UK) in the middle of a salvage wrecking yard. She is one tough cookie who knows how to take care of herself, both inside and outside of the wrestling ring.

    4. I quite enjoyed this book. Eva is wrestler, getting her living from day to day with a variety of jobs that eventually ends her up in the middle of a underworld gang fight. She's a lonely character, not that she'd ever admit it, but she keeps everyone at arm's length; it's sad and compelling. I wouldn't really call this a mystery or a crime novel as I thought going into it, but the character and her struggles will keep me coming back for the rest of the series.

    5. Read this a long time ago. I was startled and put-off at first by the character, the world she lives in, her semi-articulateness, just about everything. By the end I liked as much or more than any suspense/crime novel I've ever read. I always meant to read more by this author but haven't yet. High recommendation for this one.

    6. I got really cross reading this book.Really cross.With myself.It was first published in 1992 and I've only just got round to reading it - what a waste of a lot of years.Worse still, the review I saw of it at the Drowning Machine was posted about a year ago - no excuses then (but thanks, Naomi, for the tip).The tale is of a lady wrestler, Eva Wylie. She's had a tough life and she's a tough lady.We meet her as she deals with her wimp of an opponent, once again playing out the villain in the pantom [...]

    7. Heel goed geschreven, dat is zeldzaam voor een thriller._____________My review for the R.I.P. Challenge #5:In 1996 I borrowed Knollekop (Bucket Nut) by Liza Cody from the library, and loved it so much that when I came across it at the annual Centraal Boekhuis book fair the next year, I picked up a copy.This was unusual, because I tend to regard thrillers and mysteries as junk food: tasting good (hopefully) while it lasts, but containing nothing but empty calories and therefore leaving you ultima [...]

    8. I picked this one up on the recommendation from my friend Louise. I was kind of expecting something wonky, along the lines of Janet Evanovich or some-such. Boy, was I wrong! This was actually a rather gritty book. And I'm not sure why it is classified as a mystery. There was no real whodunnit going on, and what I would consider the main question in the book was in no way resolved by the end. Indeed, the main conflict of the book never felt resolved to my satisfaction either. At the same time, th [...]

    9. I laughed from start to finish. Wonderfully realized character. More rude English words than I know. Makes me wish my daughter were still married to her English husband, so I could ask him what they meant. He would know.A female wrestler, serious about being the best wrestler/performer she can be, goes from one crisis to another, thanks to a blend of craftiness and simplicity, cynicism and soft-heartedness. The juxtapositions ring true, and make Eva funny but not comical. I never felt I was laug [...]

    10. To say I really liked it might be overstating the case. My heart bled for this woman. Part of me wanted to be her and the other part wanted to rescue her, although I knew she would hate for it. The mere fact that I have a visceral reaction to this book every time I see the cover would case me to rate it a 4.

    11. Read it in one sitting, very engaging. Sort of a tragi-comedy wrapped in a mystery novel. The mystery though, isn't finding out who "did it," it's wondering what the Bucket Nut will do next. Well done.

    12. A fun, light read although it took me a little while to get the hang of the London slang. Now I will have to look around for another by this author, which I hope I can find since the books were written in the 1990s her works may no longer be in print.

    13. This book wasn't what I expected. In fact, this book is what Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling wished it was. I loved this book!! Only the 90s can create such an amazing thing.

    14. British woman wrestler from wrong side of the tracksfunny, unusual main character, and well written. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

    15. I may have read this before, but it was fun. Bit difficult if you're not familiar with London slang, but I do like Cody.

    16. (Holiday reading so my comments are a bit minimal) Eva Wylie's is one of the star characters of crime fiction. A real original creation and an excellent book.

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