Subject 19

Subject Joel is young and lonely and a little oversexed When a thief leaves him naked at the beach he turns to Sean a striking dark haired stranger for help Sean offers Joel a towel and once they get talk

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  • Title: Subject 19
  • Author: Todd Young
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Joel is young and lonely and a little oversexed When a thief leaves him naked at the beach, he turns to Sean, a striking, dark haired stranger for help.Sean offers Joel a towel, and once they get talking, he tells him all about the Umberto Institute, a medical facility where they re testing a new aphrodisiac Sean is signed up for a three week, live in trial A new aphrodJoel is young and lonely and a little oversexed When a thief leaves him naked at the beach, he turns to Sean, a striking, dark haired stranger for help.Sean offers Joel a towel, and once they get talking, he tells him all about the Umberto Institute, a medical facility where they re testing a new aphrodisiac Sean is signed up for a three week, live in trial A new aphrodisiac It s not something Joel really needs But when Sean tells him they re paying 4,500, he starts to think 4,500 and three weeks with Sean That s not an offer he can refuse But once Joel is in the institute, will he ever get out

    One thought on “Subject 19”

    1. WHAT A CRAZY RIDE! There are only two ways to deal with this book: DNF it or skip the most of the story, say WTF at the end and forget about.Being sucked into the story, swallowed by the creepy imagine world created by Todd Young, having no idea what happens on the next page, saying more than 100 times WTF during reading and WOW at the end. If you didn't get it - I am from the second group. And now it's officially: I am a big fan of Todd Young .I don't know another author who can write this kind [...]

    2. been bored for two daysd then annoyed:There was no sense in being dirty; that wasn’t the point. The point was that sex wasn’t dirty in and of itself. It was something he should be exploring. Where would he end up if he kept jacking off and keeping his distance from everyone? Surely that was what he was doing wrong.Hell, Joel should have let Brody fuck him. At least that would have been something. What was he waiting for? Love?He closed his eyes and stumbled. Oh, Sean, he felt like saying, ca [...]

    3. Gah! Sucha vividly-deceptive erotic imagination this mofo has. Layers upon layers of multi-character depictions to drag your ass through some intriguing mind-soup-shit. Such a writerI find quite fascinating to eclectic art or something Not all neurons will fire/respond to the darker undertones and murky mind-muk this story possibly cultivates. It will depend largely on what drives you as a reader. If erotic psych-intrigue stimulates you.en you should find something in this to appre [...]

    4. I'm continually perplexed by Todd Young's ability to suck me into what should be a completely unbelievable circumstance and keep me on the edge of my seat, peeking around my fingers, scared to read what's next but in no way able to NOT continue. Scared not because it's literally scary, but because whatever' coming, it is absolutely guaranteed to make me feel something. Usually something not entirely comfortable, actually. Therein lies the beauty, I would say. There's a deceptive simplicity to hi [...]

    5. It's deceptively simple. But it's not. Man. Talk about clusterfuck.This one really is quite a big mindfuck. I mean, the only thing I got out of it was "don't ever, ever sign up for one of these clinical study things. Don't."There's still a lot unresolved that kind of annoys me.The Note on the Text was no help. There's definitely a lot to speculate on.I really have no idea if I liked it or not. It's well-written and well-crafted. It kind of sucks you in, fucks around inside your head, and then su [...]

    6. Yep. Psychedelic mystery:horror porn And more.Stream of consciousness review here but my brain is fried.You're kept guessing throughout. Seriously flawed, but lovable characters, oversexed group of hotties, mad scientist (kind of), and clinical trials. HEA (kind of) and strong writing. Reads a bit like a penthouse story. I loved the boys. But I feel like I just came off an acid trip. Not quite sure what to think here.or is obviously talented- fully immerses you:takes you along for the ride, but [...]

    7. Review posted at The Armchair Reader.I have read one book by this author before, Corrupted, and to be honest it wasn't my favorite. It's erotica, as is this, but it was pretty messed up. I mean, I like to read some messed up, but that one I just couldn't get into. I didn't even realize it was the same author until after I bought this, but the intriguing blurb and reviews that I read on made this seem like a book that just could not be described or categorized. Well, I'm going to try. It was… [...]

    8. This is a difficult book to rate…Since I really like the writing style of this author, and since I found the characters well drawn and interesting, I’ll go ahead and give it 3 stars. As for the story, heh, well, now there I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe I better hand over the microphone to the author:”I’m reading a book. It’s got boys fucking each other in it”.‘Is it any good?’‘Not really. Well – you wouldn’t like it. It doesn’t have any plot.’‘No plot?’ [...]

    9. Lately I seem to be reading books that are hard to star - or maybe I'm just getting wishy washy. Wishy-washier.This book would have gotten 4 stars for the quality of the narrative voice, as the writing was good and all the characters were amazingly consistent and quite complex throughout. However, I'd also give this 0 stars for the sheer idiocy of the plot, which made absolutely no sense to me. (view spoiler)[As we open, Joel is an oversexed college kid who comes from a restrictive, gay-hostile [...]

    10. At the beginning I thought it would be about porn industry, and with some disappointment, thought - here we go AGAIN. But I should have given more credit to this author. His books might have a huge dose of creepiness in them, but they are different, unique in a way. And I praise his imagination and courage to write about risky subjects.I can see how it can work for some and appall the others, but luckily, I'm in the former category of people. Seeming to have established a connection with Todd's [...]

    11. That was so fucking intense I feel drained. My god what a horrific clusterfuck of a novel. I really enjoyed it but this is not a nice book at all. The reviews are very mixed, people will immediately love it or hate it, I don't see much room for grey. I've thought about this and changed my review a bit but not the rating. I'm probably full of shit but I had a thought a few hours later as I can't stop thinking about this, maybe it's just my mind putting it into a place where I can digest it better [...]

    12. Hmm. It's difficult to review this book because I feel like I was given a specific impression of the type of story this would be, and got exactly what I expected for a couple of chapters, and then all of a sudden "Subject 19" takes a sharp turn for the bizarre and gives me something completely unexpected, and not really in a good way.From my reading experience, I divide this book into two parts: the first part of the book features our protagonist, Joel, stumbling into a series of sexy misadventu [...]

    13. Wow, that was amazing and I was so in the mood for something like that. The scope was truly impressive and it was really put together well. Todd Young always does a beautiful job - his stories just flow so nicely and are so much fun to read.

    14. My Review:review contains mild spoilers1.5 I’m-so-pumped-out starsI’m in a prison. I’m locked in a wilderness. I’ll never see the avenue of limes. I’m about to lose my cock and balls. I have no brother to marry. Hell, what am I supposed to do?This makes somewhat more sense if you read Subject 19, but, in general, this book is crazy. Could be good crazy, though… But wasn’t.While I’ve enjoyed other books by Todd Young, and really loved Naked, he failed me with Subject 19.20 young m [...]

    15. Well that was a mind-melting read. The whole time I was reading it, I was reminded of a Darren Aronofsky movie, like The Fountain or Pi or Black Swan. Like the whole book had this vaguely not real, dreamy quality to it. That's not to say it wasn't good, it was. And there were some laugh out loud spots in the book too. It was just mind-bending.And the cover model on this book fits the character completely in my opinion.I've read an awful lot of good books this week. That doesn't bode well for the [...]

    16. I don't remember the last time a book has stunned me into silence. I want to write a review of this book but I literally cannot explain what I just read. Yes, I loved this book.

    17. OMG! I loved this! Todd totally sucked me in (well not literally of course) and the characters where so well developed I felt they were friends. Now I'm totally spooked cause I want to sign up

    18. One could be forgiven for thinking nineteen year old Joel naive and needy, but he does know that he is gay even if he is completely inexperienced. That is about to change - he plucks up the courage to go swimming in skimpy white shorts although he is rather shocked to find as he comes out of the water to discover that his shorts are now transparent, worse still someone has stolen all his belongings while e was in the water. With everything on show he seeks the help of a slightly old man, Sean, h [...]

    19. I received this book through LibraryThing Member Giveaways.Joel is a young college student, who is also gay and sexually inexperienced. He likes to engage in sexual behavior at risky times and places when horny. One of those times he ended up at the beach full of people with only his see through shorts, lets just say naked. He than meets Sean, who gives him towel and a ride. Sean tells him about clinical trial at the Umberto Institute, where they pay you a lot of money for participation. Joel wa [...]

    20. Subject 19 by Todd Young This was a very strange book, but compelling in its way.  It is more horror (specifically body horror) than romance, but there were romantic elements too.  The premise was never satisfactorily explained and the ending didn't entirely make sense. But the writer is talented at creating an atmosphere of helplessness and fear interspersed with moments of bravery and affection.  Some found it to be quite erotic as well (I was way more "idk" than "yum" about the sex mysel [...]

    21. I'm not sure if I liked it or not. Definitely erotica but light on the romance. Interesting premise but the story lacked on the emotional side. I didn't feel for any of the characters at all though I hoped for a good resolution. I kept reading just to find out what was going on but even that wasn't entirely explained or resolved. Belief must be suspended in this book.

    22. Twisty turvyI gave this a try after reading some mixed reviews I am glad I did. It was interesting, never knew what was coming. I did greatly enjoy reading it. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    23. I always feel bad when I have to give a bad review of a book. However, this book was just awful. Not only was the story ridiculous, but the main character was unlikeable. This is my second book by Todd Young but it will probably be my last.

    24. Sweet story, the starting relationship between Joel and Sean. On the whole, however, the book was too long and there was too much of the same for me. The beginning was alright but I started to skim through the pages at a certain point. One of the good things though is that the book is well-written, which has a certain promise as far as the author is concerned.

    25. Gah, this is a one star rating because one star means "I did not like it" and I didn't. That is no reflection on the writing because that is actually quite decent but personally I don't appreciate getting mind-f***ed like this. I'm in serious need of some brainbleach. I soldiered on because I wanted to find out what the point of the whole thing was but if there is a point, I don't get it. Always read the fine print in a contract? Getting mistreated and experimented on for weeks will show you who [...]

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