Yotsuba&! 1

Yotsuba Die Familie Ayase lebt in einer kleinen und ruhigen Vorstadtgegend mit einem vielleicht etwas langweiligen weil vorhersehbaren Alltag Bis die kleine Yotsuba mit ihrem allein erziehenden Vater in die

  • Title: Yotsuba&! 1
  • Author: Kiyohiko Azuma
  • ISBN: 9783865806550
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Die Familie Ayase lebt in einer kleinen und ruhigen Vorstadtgegend mit einem vielleicht etwas langweiligen, weil vorhersehbaren Alltag Bis die kleine Yotsuba mit ihrem allein erziehenden Vater in die Nachbarschaft zieht Denn das kleine M dchen mit den gr nen Haaren bringt die Ayase Kinder mit seiner unschuldig chaotischen und neugierigen Art immer wieder in peinliche, koDie Familie Ayase lebt in einer kleinen und ruhigen Vorstadtgegend mit einem vielleicht etwas langweiligen, weil vorhersehbaren Alltag Bis die kleine Yotsuba mit ihrem allein erziehenden Vater in die Nachbarschaft zieht Denn das kleine M dchen mit den gr nen Haaren bringt die Ayase Kinder mit seiner unschuldig chaotischen und neugierigen Art immer wieder in peinliche, komische und verwirrende Situationen und tanzt ihrem Vater auf der Nase herum Und ist dabei so liebenswert, dass ihr keiner wirklich lange b se sein kann

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    1. [This is a review of the whole series.]We sometimes encounter things—moments, vistas, sounds, ideas—that wholly disarm us. Things that slide so neatly between our hope for the world and our experience of the world that our rational mind is sheared momentarily from the engine of our dreams, that part of us that fuels and crafts desires, longings, hopes, and wishes. We sometimes encounter things that divorce us from the corrupting coolness of reason and leave us in a state, however temporary, [...]

    2. Read for Book Riot's 2017 Read Harder challenge: #6 Read an all-ages comicThis was super cute, and it made me laugh pretty good a few times. I look forward to reading more of this series throughout the year!

    3. طنزی عالی و شخصیت‌پردازی منحصر به فرد.داستان دختر بچه‌ای که شیطنت‌های آدم رو از ته دل می‌خندونه.

    4. All of the Yotsuba mangas are absolutely darling. There's no real overall plot, just the goings on of a cute little girl and her adoptive father and their friends. She's both an amusement and an irritant to her neighbors who are three girls ranging in age from just a bit older than Yotsuba to college aged. Everything in the world is seen by Yotsuba as new and strange and that's what is so great about these books. The cuteness is not treacly nor saccharine, it just is something that makes me gigg [...]

    5. So this is one very joyful and adorable manga that will make you happy to be alive. This is my first encounter with this manga, and with this little green-haired girl with four pig-tails (Yotsuba means "four leaf clover") who doesn't seem to know how the world works, but is happy to explore it, in apparently randomly-occurring episodes about tv, shopping, cicadas, rain, manners, and global warming. There's an environmental theme, yes, running through it. It doesn't (at this point, anyway) appear [...]

    6. I just finished watching Azumanga Daioh anime, written by Kiyohiko Azuma, and I loved it to bits. Naturally, I wanted more of the same type of storytelling, so picking up Yotsuba & !, Azuma's celebrated manga, was a no-brainer for me. Unsurprisingly, I loved this book. It's a delightful collection of small slice of life stories set in modern Japan and centered around this peculiar small child, Yotsuba, and her family and neighbors. That's pretty much it, really — there's no huge overarchin [...]

    7. Yotsuba is a great manga to read in Japanese if you're a beginner-intermediate Japanese student. The dialogue is very simple (almost straight from Genki 1+2) and almost every kanji has hiragana next to it so you wont need a dictionary. Yotsuba speaks like a child, but that's what makes it so easy to understand. When Yotsuba doesnt understand something, the adults explain it to her in easy Japanese language. It's great! Also, if you get really stuck, having the pictures there is super helpful. Ev [...]

    8. As soon as I find the exact perfect image, I'm getting a tattoo of Yotsuba, a small one, over my heart. Ok, maybe not over my heart, but I'm going to ink her onto my skin to remind me to "enjoy everything", to keep that childlike wonder as close to me as I can at all times.Watching (literally; it's a graphic novel) Yotsuba (a pre-K kid from some other country - her name is synonymous with "four-leafed clover", thus her four-pigtailed, green hair) explore her world is a little like re-living my m [...]

    9. Yotsuba is probably the most endearing character I've ever read about. She has a seemingly unquenchable zeal for life; soaking everything up and constantly finding new ways to enjoy herself. Yotsuba's naivete leads to some laugh-out-loud situations. Her unfettered persona is very heartwarming from a reader's perspective. I'll definitely be borrowing more Yotsuba books from the library.

    10. From the creator of Azumanga Daoih comes Yotsuba&!, a laugh-out-loud manga series for all ages. Yotsuba&! centers on a bright-eyed five-year-old girl named Yotsuba who is inquisitive, cheerful, naïve, and bounding with energy. Yotsuba brings excitement (and the occasional embarrassment) to the lives of her single father, Koiwai; the neighboring Ayase family; her father’s best friend, Jumbo; and others. The humor – and appeal to all ages – in this 10-volume series stands comes from [...]

    11. How to begin describing this?Yotsuba is about a five year old girl with green hair and four pigtails, hence the name "Yotsuba" (meaning clover, I think.)This was one of those manga that I just could not get enough of. First off, it's HILARIOUS!Most probably the funniest thing I've ever read! It's also really sweet, and as the story goes on, you get more and more attached to Yotsuba and her friends.This manga has made me laugh more times than I can count, so loud that from my room my mom and aunt [...]

    12. It's absolutely adorable! Yotsuba&! brings the cuteness and innocence into Manga reading. I love the fact that she can find something good about every situation.It's the world through a child's eyes. You can get a sense of how you saw things when you were young too. It brings back memories for me; of when I thought the swimming pool had a neverending bottom. I went in six feet of water and thought there was no bottom of the pool. Yotsuba is a bit brighter than I was at age five or six, and I [...]

    13. "That kid always finds enjoyment in everything. Nothing can ever get Yotsuba down."Yotsuba&! is a slice of life manga following the adventures of an energetic, larger-than-life young girl named Yotsuba. Together with her father, she's just moved to a new house from her old house waaaaaay over there. Quickly capturing the hearts of their new neighbours, Yotsuba teaches them that life is one big adventure, and she's sure to show you too that the world is much more exciting than you could ever [...]

    14. This manga is absolutely hilarious and cute!I'll definitely continue with reading it, because it makes me laugh out loud and I need it right now (well, and always, actually). :DYotsuba is soooo funny! And I liked how this little girl confuses everyone around her. And their facial expressions Oh my Glob! Comic!:)As I've said, I'll definitely be reading next volume soon. Maybe even today. Or now.DFTBA!

    15. A bit hard to follow this one. I think the main character is actually an imagined person rather than an actual person and that her father has extreme problems relating to his neighbors.

    16. Rating : lots and lots and lots of stars#1 FAVORITE MANGA EVERVolumes read : 1 to 13Number of reads : 10+Genres : Comedy, slice of lifeThe only thing i can really say is that if you haven't read it yet, you should definitely pick it up because you're missing something. An adorable and hilarious something. This series is extremely funny and ultra refreshing. No drama, no angst, no villain, nothing even remotely bad, just pages of laughing out loud and crying from it.

    17. so cute! such a feel good manga :") and adorable drawing style!The Japanese version is easy to read. If you're looking for something fun to practice reading with, I highly recommend this manga!

    18. First off, the title of the manga comes from the chapter titles – each one is labeled differently; “Yotsuba and Moving.” “Yotsuba and Global Warming” (no, I’m not kidding).I picked up this manga because it’s by the same manga-ka as Azumanga Daioh, which just delighted me to read. Yotsuba is a young girl living with her father, Koiwai, and they have just moved to the neighborhood. Jumbo, a friend of Koiwai’s, helps Koiwai move things into the house but Yotsuba wanders off. Jumbo t [...]

    19. First, let me explain the title. Yotsuba is the name of the little girl who is the main character of this manga. The ampersand is meant to be just that so the title would literally read "Yotsuba and". Every chapter in the manga is titled "Yotsuba and (something)" like Yotsuba and Moving! or Yotsuba and Global Warming!So that is the title.The actual series (considered a comedy) is about a 5 year old girl named Yotsuba who basically is learning about the world and seeing everything through the eye [...]

    20. My impression of this manga, in two words: delightful surprise. Slice-of-life manga stories are so often a hit or miss proposition, but Yotsuba&! is simply wonderful. The title character, a little girl named Yotsuba, approaches the world and all it contains with a wide-eyed wonder that leads, naturally, to comedy more often than not, and she draws the older children and adults around her into that wonder. It's a gentle, funny, and sweet story that never falls into cloying saccharine sentimen [...]

    21. This series is one of my favorite manga (Japanese comic) series of all time. This manga is about a girl named Yotsuba, and her daily life adventures. Yotsuba is 5 years old, so she has a lot of free time for adventures. The main characters of this book are Yotsuba, Mr. Koiwai (her dad), and Yotsuba’s next-door neighbors, the Ayase family. This first book is about Yotsuba getting to know the neighborhood. I one of the chapters, Asagi Ayase’s friend Torah brings fireworks to set off. Yotsuba a [...]

    22. A charming slice of life story that takes place in a small cheerful Japanese neighbourhood, Yotsuba is a relaxing delight for any reader. That said, it reads like the newspaaper comic it is, and occasionally falls into the all fluff, no substance category. This is, of course, fine - but while I enjoyed it, I would not say I loved it.The story revolves around five or six year old Yotsuba, a sweet little girl living with her father. In this volume, Yotsuba and her Dad move in and meet the neighbou [...]

    23. Yotsuba is basically a tribute to kids being cute. It’s like the kid/manga equivalent of catlolz. There is no overarching plot, just a series of episodes from Yotsbuba’s life: going shopping with her dad, catching cicadas with her neighbor, learning to ride a bike. But it’s just so darn cute. Did I mention that yet? That is cute? I read all 9 volumes currently out in about 2 days because I just didn’t want to stop reading. I will admit that I am generally a big fan of comics that mimic r [...]

    24. I only read volume 1 of this series and I won't be continuing because I can't see a plot. Don't get me wrong; this manga is adorable, little Yotsuba is so happy-go-lucky and finds wonder in many things. The art is also charming and easy to enjoy. This is probably a great series for kids as there is no over arching plot. Just a series of snapshots of Yotsuba as she explores life in a new home with lots of new things and people all around her. For me, I enjoyed this but by the end of this volume, [...]

    25. Read for the all ages comic category for the Read Harder Challenge 2017*re-read March 2017. My son has been reading this again for the millionth time and I desperately needed something easy and fun. Still love it.This was my first ever manga! There was a learning curve for me and my 9 year old son was all "How do you not know how to do this Mom?" He was "reading" manga when he was 3This was a really cute and fun volume, really looking forward to finishing my backlog of comics so I can pick up th [...]

    26. Quick thoughts: Can't help but smile at Yotsuba's antics. Her bluntness and mischief should border on the annoying, but there's an innocence and wonder behind everything she does that makes it mostly endearing and amusing. Very light, slice-of-life stories, especially here at the beginning where all the characters are being introduced. Have read these early volumes several times and enjoy them just as much each pass through.

    27. I can't believe I actually read this in Japanese. Squee! (I'm self-learning Japanese) Although I didn't understand every word, I did get most of it and was able to follow along and enjoy the story. The 5 stars isn't just because I read it in Japanese though. It was genuinely funny and adorable. The way Yotsuba calls her dad tou-chan is the cutest thing ever.

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