Death's Head:

Death s Head Few survive the cage Fewer still live to face the whipping post Of those who do few are in a state to know what is happening to them One of those who does is ex Legion Etrangere sergeant Sven Tveskoe

  • Title: Death's Head:
  • Author: David Gunn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Few survive the cage Fewer still live to face the whipping post Of those who do, few are in a state to know what is happening to them One of those who does is ex Legion Etrangere sergeant Sven Tveskoeg As this stubborn, insubordinate son of a bitch feels the first lash fall, he hears the desert tribes attack, and watches as they slaughter his comrades before they can eFew survive the cage Fewer still live to face the whipping post Of those who do, few are in a state to know what is happening to them One of those who does is ex Legion Etrangere sergeant Sven Tveskoeg As this stubborn, insubordinate son of a bitch feels the first lash fall, he hears the desert tribes attack, and watches as they slaughter his comrades before they can execute him.Rescued from certain death, Sven joins the tribes Until his ruthless skills come to the attention of the Death s Head, the infamous elite special ops force They want Sven to sort out a little local difficulty But it seems all is not as it should be Sven feels he s a pawn in a deadly game, and pawns have an unfortunate habit of being sacrificed But Death s Head Second Lieutenant Tveskoeg, Obsidian Cross 3rd Class, is nobody s sacrifice And even a pawn can checkmate a king

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    1. Well, I know I’m enjoying a book when everything else stops until I’ve completed it. This had its faults, but probably the same faults as mine in that the reader is too hooked into the action to take in all the detail. I was confused about the political set-up here until the end, and the snake heads were right out of Stargate Atlantis, but none of this was enough to distract me for long.David Gunn’s Death’s Head started off loaded with violent action and horror and continued in that vein [...]

    2. You know what really impressed me about this book? How STUPID the main character is. Sven, Space Barbarian, is a man who doesn't know much about technology. He's a practical man, for whom book-learnin' isn't on the agenda, and the kind of guy who doesn't deal much with explanations.This is a shame, since the book is from his perspective.I'm left looking at this interesting post-human universe through the goggles of a moron who doesn't understand the significance of an AI-powered gun, or the biol [...]

    3. 5 Stars for a throw-back, kick-ass military scifi extranvaganza of blood, gore, sex and cool tech. I loved it. Think of it as Sten meets Scalzi's Ghost Brigade SF with some Stargate, Farscape and Starship Trooper mixed in. Sven, the prime killer, is a Death's Head legion soldier with special capabilities and a SIG Diabolo gun equipped with AIe gun is as much a character as Sven. Brilliant. Emperor OctoV sends Sven on special missions, usually resulting in many people ceasing to exist. The makeup [...]

    4. If you ever want to get into Military SciFi DO NOT READ THIS BOOK FIRST. If you do you will be sad because every book you read after this will suck by comparison. This series of books is intense and action packed and a little naughty Even if you don't like this genre you will like this book. And if you don't, unfriend me now.

    5. This is definitely a guy's book. It hits the ground running and never looks back. Fast paced, no fat, and gets right to it. Total instant gratification.It's set in some unknown time in the future and told first person style from Sven. Sven is a soldier, a nobody really. For some reason, the universe has a special fate for Sven. And we go along for the ride while he plows through battles, bars, and brothels from planet to planet.We like Sven because he's unflinching, unforgiving, and always in co [...]

    6. This is probably one of my more biased reviews, seeing as how I read it after a string of unimpressive romance novels. I was ready for a military sf novel where the protagonist is very good at killing instead of fluttering eyelashes. Even if he's not the most intelligent guy, he gets things done (with a generous side helping of extraordinary abilities and, of course, a talking gun), to the point where he gets shuttled around from place to place on crazy missions. Each time he wins promotions des [...]

    7. Gritty, action-packed military sci-fi with a protagonist with a "don't fuck with me"-attitude and a talking gun. The talking gun might be my favourite character. It took me a while to get into the book, the first third felt too slow and dragged out despite quite a bit of action happening, but after that it sucked me in, and the ending left me looking forward to the next part.

    8. t might be much calling what follows a book, but Death's Head: Maximum Offense, by David Gunn (can you get a name better than that for military sci-fi?) is a quick and hugely entertaining read. The pace is break neck and it doesn't let up for a second. I found my self leaning forward in my chair, airline style, braced for impact. I finished this in one sitting, not because it was a must read but because its simple good honest fun.The main character of this military science fiction novel is a mus [...]

    9. (spoiler free)Hell yes. This book took was like a cold refreshing splash of water followed by a right hook to the face, I'm dazed but wonderfully alive. Gunn describes each scene's action in brutal detail to the great pleasure of the reader, followed up with gritty war settings and menacing factions all from the perspective of one Sven Tveskoeg, an anti-hero that could be described as someone more animal than man, accompanied by his sidekick talking gun. Did I forget to mention that? The moment [...]

    10. It’s been a while since I hit a sci-fi series I wasn’t already reading, and this one seems like the beginning of a pretty good military sci-fi series. The book focuses on the journey of the main character from a barely functioning legionary to one of the most the elite of the empires military. While it is straight up military fiction and adventure fodder, it is interesting to have a book which is almost a study in character progression. Very unusual for a military fiction book.When it comes [...]

    11. I thought the story, characters and world were all very well done and enjoyable. However, the author failed to explain many things and skipped over necessary descriptions. Because of this some of the time I found it difficult to figure out what was happening or what they were even talking about because there was so much technology and political aspects that were never explained and they simply talked about them like we should already be familiar with it. But all around a good book.

    12. While I consider myself a science fiction/fantasy fan, I must admit that, realistically, I’m more of a fan of fantasy. My taste in science fiction reading is fairly limited. I am not nearly as enamored of “hard” sci-fi: pages of realistic and scientifically feasible explanations of how the featured Mechawidget actually works. I’m really just into good futuristic yarns. This may be why I tend to watch more science fiction movies and TV than read science fiction books. That and it has been [...]

    13. Death's Head is pretty damn awesome. Think Riddick drafted into the Foreign Legion. Death's Head is pure unadulterated enjoyment of blood, guts. and guns, in military fashion -cause everyone knows, there's the right way and the military way. Sven is big, bad, and, from the words of White Zombie, "More Human than Human". He has major authority issues which, in this far future society, makes for some real problems. Well, maybe not for Sven so much, cause he has the ultimate resolution for any and [...]

    14. Wow, talk about gratuitous sex. It's as if Gunn realized he can write details of the process to be shocking but give it a facade of a soldier who just doesn't care. I had high hopes for the premise (an intelligent gun and symbiote), but it just devolved into an illogical world driven by machines (with elements of Warhammer 40k as a cheap knock off thrown in). The story of an invincible soldier who has sex with anyone he wants to and can get away with insubordination against the most elite army i [...]

    15. Having only read 3-4 military sci-fi novels, a friend of mine(sci-fi fan) said this was good. So, thought I'd give it a try. This was like reading a hard-boiled story, taking place in the future. Gunn's sparse writing style, an anti-hero who doesn't mind adding to the body count, but is as loyal they come. Then comes along the "intelligent" gun, a character in himself. Gun fights, sex, booze, more sex and more gun fightsd, you have an action packed tale.Glad I gave it a try.

    16. Love a book that suck you in within the first 20 pages and never let's you go. Love the characters and the world created in this one. This is highly recommended for anyone that likes high octane sci-fi/military books. Accessible by anyone as at the heart it's a great action adventure story. Looking forward to part 2!

    17. as this is a pre- novel ( has been around only since 2008) it has been missing from my reviews as I have read it on publication - anyway one of the best series debuts of the past 10 years and I still hope more of Sven's adventures will be forthcoming though I have no idea how likely it is; even so, all 3 series books available are still worth reading

    18. I didn't finish this book, so maybe it is better later on, as other reviews seem to indicate I picked it up because it sounded maybe interesting, and I wanted to find out what is so special and different about the main character, but I didn't find Sven convincing and the plot seemed sort of boring (sordid, yet slow) so I dropped it.

    19. Death's Head is brutal, in-your-face and bursting with creativity. The plot can be difficult to follow, but the roller coaster ride of action-adventure science fiction is extremely entertaining.

    20. The story had good potential and elements of the classic hero's journey; the protagonist was suitably badass with decent powers. But the novel felt disjointed and listless, at times, with forced melodrama, to boot. The action sequences were not up to the mark given the hero's powers. Not an impressive start to the series.

    21. I would have enjoyed this more if there was less rape, sex with underaged girls, and more sex bordering on rape, even though the protagonist insists the women were willing. I get the whole gritty view at war and world but why always with the rape, and always rape of women, if things were really that terrible I would expect at least a few men be put up against the wall.

    22. Dark, dirty, and violent. This is some abrupt and black-humored military science fiction. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly was my style of fiction.

    23. This is definitely a guy's book. It hits the ground running and never looks back. Fast paced, no fat, and gets right to it. Total instant gratification.

    24. I picked up this book on a whim and I'm mighty glad I did! David Gunn writes fast and furious military sci-fi. Death's Head is the first novel in a series of books featuring the anti-hero Sven Tveskoeg, an ex-sergeant of a sci-fi version of the Légion étrangère. The book is narrated in the first person by Sven, who upon examination is revealed to be 98.2% human and 1.8% "something else" and is able to tolerate, and quickly recovers from major physical stress and damage. Add the fact that he i [...]

    25. I was really looking to read some military sci-fi and this really fits the bill. It reads like a comic book which suits me fine but beware - if you are expecting anything deeper than that - maybe look elsewhere.The main character(Sven)is basically the hardest man in the universe an really gets thrown around the plot - often for no obviously discernable reason - being incredibly hard and violent. It's the motivation and direction of the plot and of him that jars a little bit. Sven is painted as a [...]

    26. Military S-F, like Marmite you'll either love it or loathe it!This book starts off brutal and carries on in that vein.There is a plot of sorts though it does seem badly linked, chapter wise, and there are a lot of them, thankfully they are pretty short ones.The main character is an ex Legionnaire loner, named Sven imagine a cross between Schwarzenegger & Dolph Lungdren, only less intelligent with a really bad attitude to the universe at large. He is captured by some creatures called Ferox [...]

    27. Cap de mort - in romaneste tradusa la editura Tritonic. Per asnamblu cartea e interesanta si nu cred ca e vreo pagina in care sa nu fie ceva actiune. E vorba in carte de un mercenar care se lupta si intra in tot felul de activitati rasboinice mai mult sau mai putin dorite, activitati in care sunt prezente si fiinte extraterestre. oricum ,razboi de la un capat la celalalt al cartii.Cartea nu abunda de cine stie ce descrieri sau de personaje puternice dar m-a mentinut in "priza" si mi-a luat mai p [...]

    28. I never picked up a book that falls in the action sci-fi genre before, and wasn't really sure what to expect. Would I be reading about never ending battles between mercenaries? How much of that can you read before it starts to get tiring?Well, if all books of similar genre are anything like this book, then it never gets tiring. But I doubt other books are anything like this author's style; told in the first person of a human killing machine who's inner thoughts, dry humor and brutal tactics are [...]

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