Emptiness Dancing

Emptiness Dancing There is something about you brighter than the sun and mysterious than the night sky Who are you when you are not thinking yourself into existence What is ultimately behind the set of eyes reading the

  • Title: Emptiness Dancing
  • Author: Adyashanti
  • ISBN: 9781591794592
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is something about you brighter than the sun and mysterious than the night sky Who are you when you are not thinking yourself into existence What is ultimately behind the set of eyes reading these words In Emptiness Dancing, Adyashanti invites you to wake up to the essence of what you are, through the natural and spontaneous opening of the mind, heart, and boThere is something about you brighter than the sun and mysterious than the night sky Who are you when you are not thinking yourself into existence What is ultimately behind the set of eyes reading these words In Emptiness Dancing, Adyashanti invites you to wake up to the essence of what you are, through the natural and spontaneous opening of the mind, heart, and body that holds the secret to happiness and liberation From the first stages of realization to its evolutionary implications, Adyashanti shares a treasure trove of insights into the challenges of the inner life, offering lucid, down to earth advice on topics ranging from the ego, illusion, and spiritual addiction to compassion, letting go, the eternal now, and Whether you read each chapter in succession or begin on any page you feel inspired to turn to, you will find in Adyashanti s wisdom an understanding and ever ready guide to the full wonder of your infinite self nature.ContentsAwakeningSatsangOpennessInnocenceHarmonizationFreedomThe Radiant CoreSilenceConciousnessDepthEgoLoveSpiritual AddictionIllusionControlLetting GoCompassionFire of TruthEnlightenmentImplicationsDharmic RelationshipFidelityAn Interview with AdyashantiExcerpt The aim of my teaching is enlightenment awakening from the dream state of separateness to the reality of the One In short, my teaching is focused on realizing what you are You may find other elements in my teaching that simply arise as a response to people s particular needs of the moment, but fundamentally I m only interested in you waking up Enlightenment means waking up to what you truly are and then being that Realize and be, realize and be Realization alone is not enough The completion of Self realization is to be, act, do, and express what you realize This is a very deep matter, a whole new way of life living in and as reality instead of living out the programmed ideas, beliefs, and impulses of your dreaming mind The trust is that you already are what you are seeking You are looking for God with his eyes This truth is so simple and shocking, so radical and taboo that it is easy to miss among your flurry of seeking You may have heard what I am saying in the past and you may even believe it, but my question is, have you realized it with your whole being Are you living it My speaking is meant to shake you awake, not to tell you how to dream better You know how to dream better Depending on what you mental and emotional state at the time is, I may be very gentle and soft with you, or not so gentle and soft You may feel better after talking with me, but that is incidental to awakening Wake up You are all living Buddhas You are the divine emptiness, the infinite nothing This I know because I am what you are, and you are what I am Let go of all ideas and images in your mind, they come and go and aren t even generated by you So why pay so much attention to your imagination when reality is for the realizing right now

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    1. I really, really enjoyed this book, and very often go back to it.On a practical side, it's organised into different, stand alone chapters, that address topics such as Fear, Love, Dharmic Relationship, and Enlightenment. You can read it from the beginning to the end, or dip in and out depending on which chapters catch your eye.I found the book to be really well written, and discuss each topic with great depth and clarity, and to be accessible to people at all stages of their spiritual evolution. [...]

    2. The unfathomable world of zen broken down by a realized master. Adayshanti was born and raised in the SF Bay Area in California, which for me made his style more accessible than many teachers from the East. The book is free of Zen jargon and traditional Zen koans, however it is not lacking in ability to disarm the mind from concepts. Adyashanti describes his awakening and what it means to live an awakened life. What it is to find that deep peace and radiance. This is the essential non-dual guide [...]

    3. Awesome. I've read this book at least 4 times. Very easy and clear to understand. Doesn't have a lot of difficult terminology or lingo that some spirituality books use. I've given this book about 10 times as a gift because I think it's that important.

    4. A student recommended this book to me before Spring Break, and I really enjoyed reading it very slowly. I don't know much about the author--if he really practices what he preaches--but I definitely thought there was wisdom to be obtained from his writing and his outlook on life, which are very positive.

    5. "Go to the unknown, experience the unknown, be the unknown.""None of your identities exist until you think them into existence."This book has many great things to tell, but also I believe Adyashanti seems too nice sometimes, as there were passages that I disagree with. But overall I enjoyed it. I've tried reading everyday 2 chapters and sometimes random one's as he suggested in the preface.This is definitely for people who are truth-seekers and want to be inspired."When you really love, you know [...]

    6. This is a marvelous book by author who has lived through the very thing is trying to help others lived through. The writing style is easily readable and devilishly complex at the same time. I found myself rereading sections and discovering things that I had missed during prior readings. I also found myself realizing what the author was trying to say only after I had finished the book and started through it again. This is a book where indigestion is insufficient. Digestion is the key and it takes [...]

    7. A book I'll continue to read over and over to remind me of how from less comes peace and love.Adyashanti writes simply of our need to empty ourselves of all we believe we are, using the teachings of Buddha. His conversations with students are helpful in answering the readers questions along the path to acknowledged englightment.

    8. Adya is so clear, precise and present. Even more so in person. If I could spend more time at his retreats, I would be a different person. Nonetheless, he is one of the most inspirational people I have encountered and feel lucky to have him lecture in the Bay.

    9. This was a real lesson in mastering my ego.I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with the concept.

    10. Deep insights of Adyashanti put into clear, concise, and compact writings that unfold into infinite wisdom when they touch you.

    11. This really makes you questions everything which is the whole point of the book. An amazing read, beautiful to consider and contemplate. Nothing is as it seems and that’s the beauty of it.

    12. Adyashanti's words and writing style really resonate with me so I've been trying to read every book that he has published. If there can truly be a map for the type of journey I'm on, spiritually speaking, his books would be that. The awkward, 'teenage' phase of awakening is how he cheerily put it, and that's exactly what it feels like. I don't feel enlightened by his message. I learn a better way to articulate myself within this experience and I learn an awful lot about his own spiritual journey [...]

    13. A lot of Buddhist texts can be kind of hard going for me. Not this one. I roared through it, thought about it throughout my day, and was thrilled to get home to read it some more. The basic premise of the entire text is: just be. That's it. So simple - and yet so complex. I learned a lot from this book, and I expect I'll return to it again in the future, and will learn new and different things. I loved the interview with Adyashanti at the end, and thinking about how he entered into spirituality [...]

    14. It's always nice when I read an author that I agree with. Adyashanti's spiritual teachings are profound and clear: Realize and be. At first glance, his message seems simple, however, not every seeker can live up to the conditions he set forth for attaining wisdom and enlightenment. But it's always worth trying. The only thing that prevented this from being a 5-star book was the dialog, I didn't find it very useful. "There is no way that you couldn't just love this world to death, even though you [...]

    15. Veel helderder dan dit boek krijg je non-dualiteit en zelfrealisatie in al zijn facetten niet omschreven.

    16. Foi o primeiro livro que li do autor e guru americano e a resenha representa bem o conteúdo.O livro é uma reunião de palestras gravadas e Adyashanti tem uma forma simples e fácil de se comunicar com as pessoas. Alguns capítulos, até incluem perguntas e respostas a alunos.Os capítulos Openness e Eternal Now são especialmente interessantes e valem a pena. Os demais as vezes se repetem e acabam sendo muito longos sem necessidade.Para quem tem interesse em conhecer os temas tratados de manei [...]

    17. Adyashanti's perspective on the True Self (no-self) and the interconnectedness of Reality is amazingly deep and lucid. Cutting away theory, he expounds on truths that can be verified by anyoneyone willing to deconstruct thier personal identity, that is. I very much recommend this book to any sincere seeker of Truth.

    18. This was a difficult book for me to read. I just could not get into this book. I would read a few pages then fall asleep. Try to read a few more pages the following day then start to nod off. I've read numerous books on awakening and unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this book at all. Maybe I was just not ready for this book Its a shame as a few of my friends highly recommend this book.

    19. Good pointers and some very good insights into questions people like me have. In combination with some other reads this provides some tools to let go of the old concepts and encourages not replacing them with new ones.

    20. Incredible book! The way he simply translates complicated ideas is beautiful. If you are a student of ACIM this links it all up from another perspective. Well worth reading and one of my favourite books for this year, if not ever.

    21. This was a remarkable book, I loved the evidence of scholarship, combined with the down-to-earth very real-life observations. This is not theory this is joyful perception of how it is. The truth simply resonates. I want to read more of Adyashanti's writing.

    22. Years ago, just dipping my toes into these teachings, I stumbled across this book. I was skeptical until, while reading one passage, my heart started pounding. I didn't know what the hell was happening but decided I better start paying attention. This is the real thing.

    23. Inspired me to listen to more of Adyashati's talks, which I download from the internet. I find him to be a great teacher. He makes spiritual issues a reality instead of something you feel you can't approach.

    24. I've already read and rated this one, but am reading again to see whether there are new insights to experience given my other reading. 2/27/2011 As I suspected, I got something completely different from the second reading. Good stuff.

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