That Autumn in Edinburgh

That Autumn in Edinburgh That Autumn in EdinburghDateline years later Can memories of a tragic eighteenth century love triangle be passed down through a descendant s DNA A compelling almost mystical attraction draws Ame

  • Title: That Autumn in Edinburgh
  • Author: Ciji Ware
  • ISBN: 9780988940826
  • Page: 350
  • Format: ebook
  • That Autumn in EdinburghDateline 250 years later Can memories of a tragic, eighteenth century love triangle be passed down through a descendant s DNA A compelling, almost mystical attraction draws American designer Fiona Fraser into the force field of visiting Scotsman, Alexander Maxwell, through an eerie happenstance one steamy summer s day in New York City.When Fiona sThat Autumn in EdinburghDateline 250 years later Can memories of a tragic, eighteenth century love triangle be passed down through a descendant s DNA A compelling, almost mystical attraction draws American designer Fiona Fraser into the force field of visiting Scotsman, Alexander Maxwell, through an eerie happenstance one steamy summer s day in New York City.When Fiona s mercurial boss dispatches her to Edinburgh to create a Scottish Home Furnishings Collection, the chemistry deepens as she and Alex discover their ancestral bonds to the star crossed lovers Thomas Fraser the Lost Lieutenant and Jane Maxwell, the flamboyant 4th Duchess of Gordon who died in 1812.From the cobbled streets of Edinburgh s Royal Mile to the tartan and cashmere mills of the Scottish border country, the modern lovers grapple with the imminent threat of financial ruin to their respective firms, along with ancient wounds echoing down through time and a heartbreaking mystery, hidden for than two centuries, that will dictate their own destinies

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    1. I should first say that I was looking forward to this 'standalone sequel' more than any of the others in the Four Seasons Quartet. After finishing 'Island of the Swans', I immediately contacted the author via and sent her a big WHAT HAPPENS??. Well, That Autumn in Edinburgh is the answer and the answer does not disappoint.With a great present day story that I found just as interesting as the past the characters were trying to dig up, That 'Autumn in Edinburgh' weaves a tale that is not for some [...]

    2. Having just returned from a vacation in Scotland, this book held a lot of interest for me. I could identify where the scenes took place and picture them in my mind. Loved that. However, I found the storyline to be rather formulaic in it's approach, which I don't like at all. I don't want to feel as if I know exactly what will happen next. Beautiful, unhappy young career woman meets handsome unhappily married Scotsman while shopping in NYC, then meets up with him years later in Scotland, and the [...]

    3. I loved this book! It was all I was waiting for. Please be sure to read Island of the Swans first or you won't get it. I love the fact that Mrs. Ware has introduced me to women in history that I had no idea even existed and builds remarkable fact filled fictional story lines that bring the characters to life for me. I like that her extensive research for each book brings her writing skills to full circle. She is extremely talanted and I am so glad I discovered such a jewel of an author.

    4. Star crossed lovers who may have met several centuries ago meet again in Edinburgh with this strange feeling of knowing each other. There is also the matter of their Scottish last names and the legends surrounding Janet Maxwell and her lover. The two set out to prove if the legend is true and if these people actually existed.Beautiful writing.

    5. Hated this book, poorly written, author uses many cliches and story lines from other books, names from other books. Had to stop reading, which I almost never do.

    6. The main characters in this book are Fiona Fraser and Alexander Maxwell. After an impromptu "meet cute" in New York City in 2009 and fall instantly in love. Too bad that Alexander is already married. Alexander goes back to Scotland and dreams of Fiona. And Fiona stays in New York and dreams of Alexander.Fast forward five years later when Fiona contacts Alexander again in order for her to create a Scottish home furnishings collection (yeah I forgot to mention Fiona is a designer and Alexander is [...]

    7. I didn't think this was as good as the others by the same author. The story was superficial and somewhat predictable.

    8. This book was so frustrating! I'm a pushover for stories set in Scotland, and I wanted to like this one. Unfortunately, it was terribly superficial and the writing was flawed.Protagonists: Fiona and Alex are likable enough. She's worked hard to get where she is in her career and is good at what she does because she's sharp and creative. Her backstory, though, is too melodramatic, with a painfully stereotypical Southern family. Alex is a good, hard-working man. His backstory is more believable. B [...]

    9. I've read two books by this author. My motivation and interest in reading both extended beyond entertainment to assistance in researching a story I plan to write. "A Race to Splendor" dropped me in the middle of earthquake-ravaged San Francisco circa 1906 into the fictional life of Amelia Hunter Bradshaw, an architect and woman patterned after the real-life struggles and triumphs of Julia Morgan, the first licensed woman architect in California. Over 100 years later, designer Fiona Fraser of Hig [...]

    10. Sequel to Island of the Swans which I adored. Here we have Alex and Fiona, both descendents of Thomas Fraser and Jane Maxwell, Duchess of Gordon, the star crossed lovers from IOTS. Fiona and Alex meet for a day in 2008 in NYC and never forgot one another. A few years later they meet again while she is on a design research trip to Edinburgh for her boss, a Ralph Lauren-esque type designer for her idea of a new Scottish line for furnishings. She and Alex renew their friendship and soon - love, whi [...]

    11. I believe this is my first review. I have read most of Ciji Ware's books and picked this one up because I really enjoyed both Island of the Swans and a Cottage by the Sea which this book seems to be trying to be mixture of. As a scientist who loves fantasy I am fine with metaphysical pseudoscience being thrown into the story line as long as it follows some logical steps. In this book the author revisits her theory of genetic memory, which may hold a tiny bit of water in the case of direct descen [...]

    12. Mostly entertaining and a really nice trip to Scotland all for the price of an on-sale Kindle book. A couple of annoyances: there were far too many punctuation errors (yes, where the comma goes in a sentence is important). And the sex scenes kind of cracked me up (what is it about sex scenes in books that somehow precludes the use of the word "penis"? Why do the authors always use the word "arousal" or something else?). And though the main character was in home design, I honestly did not care wh [...]

    13. Wish I could give 3.5 stars but felt I should bump it up rather than down. I love historical fiction and the research behind this story seems to have been amazing. I enjoyed it immensely but felt sometimes it dragged on a bit and sometimes there was a bit more detail than necessary. All in all it was a beautiful love story with a theme of genetic memory being passed down for hundreds of years through the generations. Most of all, I love books set in Scotland and Ireland and this one didn't disap [...]

    14. An OK read. 2 1/2-3 *s The story was well enough written and interesting enough to keep me going right to the end. I'm not sure whether or not I'll look for the other 3 in this series though, what with all the other choices available.

    15. This book was extremely interesting and held my interest throughout until the last page. I wanted it to continue. I have read Island of the Swans which introduced the original characters often mentioned in this current book. However, it isn't a prerequisite to this story. The characters are believable and it is historically accurate. Wonderful story and a look at the pressure of family businesses to survive in a world where quality isn't as important as the cost of furnishings and other products [...]

    16. It's a delightful read, especially for Scotland aficionados. I'm a big fan of this author wherever she places her characters, and I enjoyed the references back to Ware's book Island of the Swans. But they became a bit tedious after a while, maybe forced a bit too much. I didn't feel the two contemporary protagonists needed genealogical research in quite this level of detail to justify their romantic and spiritual connection. Their story stood on its own. For me, a lighter sprinkling of historica [...]

    17. My first time to read CiJi Ware where I found myself turning pages frantically at times, then rolling my eyes over the slow progression of things the next. Nonetheless, I thought the plot was convincing & interesting enough that it kept me going till the end. The characters, with the contrasts and similarities in their family settings, in my honest opinion, gave the book its much needed depth, what with the realities of family frictions portrayed heartrendingly (if such a word exists) real.

    18. Love all things scottish. So, got that book. And, despite the fact that it seems a bit messy, I dond't know how to review it. I don't know if I like it. The story takes place in Edinburgh, which is fascinating. The struggle both characters are to save their business is a fresh point of view. Sowhat is wrong with the book? I don't know seriously. I think that I would like more action, more twists. It seems so linear and previsible.

    19. Alex and Fiona met in present-day New York, but their souls seemed to say they had met in a star-crossed love affair centuries before. The plot takes twists and turns as the two fall in love. They seek each other and their roots from Edinburgh to North Carolina. Ciji Ware writes a romping love story through the Scottish countryside.

    20. An excellent story, fascinating look into tartan weaving in Scotland. Ms. Ware has done exceptional research, tying together the past and present. Read ISLAND OF THE SWANS, the historical novel, then follow with the contemporary story of with That Autumn in Edinburgh. You'll want to buy your ticket and hop on board the next plane to Scotland! I guarantee you'll love the story of Fiona and Alex.

    21. We have all heard that time and history repeats itself. This romance was a great read about Alex and Fiona who have a very strong attraction when they meet. Only later do they realize that they are decendents of star crossed lovers - Jane and Thomas. Jane and Thomas were unable to overcome time, circumstances and distance to be together, but Alex and Fiona feel their connection across the ages.

    22. I loved this story which details the history of Fiona and Alex's ancestors in Scotland and early America while telling the story of the modern history of their meeting and coming together as a couple. I found the character fascinating and rich in detail along with the story line.

    23. If you love Scottish history, antique furniture, and cashmere twin sets, you will love this book. It was a quick read, but the characters could have been better developed.

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