A Pitcher's Story: Innings with David Cone

A Pitcher s Story Innings with David Cone The author of Late Innings and The Summer Game offers a candid and thorough exploration into the inner craft of pitching from one of baseball s most revered pitchers David Cone

  • Title: A Pitcher's Story: Innings with David Cone
  • Author: Roger Angell
  • ISBN: 9780446527682
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The author of Late Innings and The Summer Game offers a candid and thorough exploration into the inner craft of pitching from one of baseball s most revered pitchers, David Cone.

    One thought on “A Pitcher's Story: Innings with David Cone”

    1. My May 2001 review in the San Francisco Chronicle:IF ANYONE endured as much as David Cone did last year, it was Roger Angell.Cone, one of the great pitchers of recent decades, found himself enduring unspeakable embarrassment on the mound during a season so over-the-top bad, it unfolded like a bad dream or bad movie. The Yankees' victory over the Mets in the World Series took away some of the sting, but still Cone was left with a 4- 14 record and 6.91 ERA.Angell, long a favorite of baseball fans [...]

    2. I read this book, I believe, towards the end of my baseball writing days. I LOVE David Cone and I loved this book. It's honest and it gives you a glimpse into the mind and inner-workings of baseball's most fragile players: Game-Starting pitchers.

    3. Roger Angell is probably the best baseball writer who ever lived and this book is more proof. Although I didn't like this book as much as Angell's other works such as Late Innings or Season Ticket to name a few, it was an interesting read. I've read so much about the Yankees in the late 90's, but not so much on the 2000 season, when they beat the Mets in the World Series. This book chronicles David Cone's 2000 season, which was not what Angell and Cone expected as the former Cy Young Award winne [...]

    4. Who's this book about again, David Cone? It felt like Angell got Cone's permission to travel with him just so he can gain access to an MLB clubhouse. Sometimes it felt like Cone was a sideshow in all that was going on. For sure, he was among the many characters in the book, and the one who was written most about.Before I read the book, I learned that Angell was touted as a great writer. May be so, but I get annoyed by all the detail, much of it only tangentially relevant to Cone. You don't get i [...]

    5. Roger Angell's books on baseball were introduced to me when I was a kid by my father, and they're a big reason baseball will always be my favorite sport. Here Angell spends the 2000 season with David Cone, who found himself facing unprecedented difficulties (4-14) in a season that would end with another Series win for the Bombers. Angell admits the book became more of a study in personality than a book about pitching due to Cone's frustration with his own performance, and the book loses focus fo [...]

    6. A good read about one of the better pitchers of the past few decades.Cone pitched for the Mets (one of the reasons I picked up the book), along with the Yankees, Royals, Blue Jays, and Red Sox. He had his problems and scandals revolving around sex and his bad behavior, but he was never tied up in the steroids acandals. He wound up with just short of 200 wins, including two, 20-win seasons. This book picks up in Cone's 2000 season, his last with the Yankees. It's part biography, part pitching pri [...]

    7. Like Michael Lewis's Moneyball and Buzz Bissinger's Three Nights in August, this book about David Cone's approach to his profession really gives you an insider's look into the daily grind that major leagues baseball players have to endure.

    8. A year in the life of a major-league pitcher near the end of the line, with a biography mixed in and written by a baseball-writing legend. Excellent book. Really interesting and the timing was fascinating considering where Cone was in his career at this time (2000). Great behind-the-scenes stuff.

    9. A slow and not very compelling read. I feel the author did a terrible job with jumping around in a non-linear way. I would not recommend this book. Jim

    10. Roger Angell is an excellent writer. It took me a few days to understand his style and keep track of the people he was talking about, but once I fell into his orbit, this was an easy read.

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