Die Nornenkönigin

Die Nornenk nigin First came Tad Williams bestseller The Dragonbone Chair and then the chart busting Stone of Farewell Now comes the spellbinding conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy The page saga

  • Title: Die Nornenkönigin
  • Author: Tad Williams Verena C. Harksen
  • ISBN: 9783596130757
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • First came Tad Williams bestseller The Dragonbone Chair and then the chart busting Stone of Farewell Now comes the spellbinding conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy The 1,104 page saga finale is being published in two 816 page special paperbacks, the first released in April and the second in July.

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    1. This is the first half of book 3 in the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series by Tad Williams, and I definitely felt like this one started off stronger than the previous ones becuase it quickly (I say quickly in terms of Classic fantasy - which is often quite slow, so really not that quickly but quicker) gets into the action and focuses on quite a few different elements and exciting moments.This story follows a fair few people who live in a world which is currently dominated by Winter and storms. Ther [...]

    2. Just wrote a really long review that didn't save and I'm not in the mood to rewrite it so I'll put the abbreviated form belowIt's a re-read for me (first read it when it came out 25 years ago)Part 1 of the 3rd book in the seriesLove itGreat charactersWell moving plot - but slow enough to let it buildWorld building is incredibleIn my opinion the best epic fantasy ever written - Lord of the Rings is the only thing in it's league and I think this is better than LOTR (although I do admit that witho [...]

    3. What a fantastic first half of what was originally published as one full book.I love this series. I always have and now after re-reading it again, I am confident in saying this is one of my all time favorite fantasy stories. Not just this book - but the entire trilogy (or Tetralogy now, I guess, since they have split the 3rd book into two parts).The world building, the characters and their development, and Tad's wizard like storytelling powers pull me into the pages for hours at a time and when [...]

    4. The spellbinding epic unfolds.I can’t help but to continue to compare Tad Williams’ excellent trilogy to George R.R. Martin’s epic (and still in progress) Song of Ice and Fire (dramatized as Game of Thrones), of which I have read all published portions; and to be honest, Martin does not fare well in the comparison.Both epic tales are long, huge canvasses with multiple threads and fates that move at varying pace across the page and in such a broad telling one can easily find oneself a littl [...]

    5. I know To Green Angel Tower is technically one book, but since 1) our hardcover edition has by now become too rare and valuable to use as a mere reading copy, and 2) I first read it split in two, as I'm doing now, I will treat it as two separate volumes - of which I will always consider Part 1 as The One Where Everything Starts To Come Back Together. In fact, for being set smack in the middle of a world-wrenching conflict, this one has always struck me as a particularly uplifting book. Not becau [...]

    6. 8/10(Review for both parts)In the last book of the trilogy Tad William gets us closer to the conclusion of the war, with the story becoming more epic and with the protagonists getting into even greater adventures than before.Even though this book might be a little too big (a total of 1600 pages in the UK edition), I felt that the story flowed really well, and though it could definitely have been a little bit smaller it really isn't something that bother me in the end as Williams has made a very [...]

    7. I will reserve judgment til the end of part 2, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book! there were countless wonderful little details and moments, characterizations and revelations and life lessons (sounds cliché but beautifully handled by Williams). There were a few spots I thought he took some unfortunate shortcuts in narration when he is otherwise a very patient and careful storyteller, both with modernisms as well as the diction choices themselves.

    8. have to start part two of TGAT immediately tomorrow to know what happens since they decided to split the book at a mean point!

    9. The story shifts into a new gear with To Green Angel Tower: Seige the third of four books in the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series. The heroes of the tale begin to do better than just flounder in response to the evil of the Storm King that upsets the balance of nature so greatly winter has come to all the land - Game of Thrones style "Winter is coming" (remember this series inspired George RR Martin to write his series).Reading the book cover text, you would be forgiven for thinking this is the cl [...]

    10. A Quick Review of To Green Angel Tower Part 1 by Tad WilliamsRating: Five Stars Genre: FantasyDate Published: 1993Series: Memory, Sorrow, Thorn #3General: To Green Angel Tower Part 1 is the first part of the last book of the Memory, Sorrow, Thorn trilogy. Originally, it was split into two books for printing reasons, but I have seen books where you can get both parts in one book. (Tad Williams has a hard time writing trilogies without making them four books long.)Plot: The story line, which was k [...]

    11. A very strong novel and a fantastic fantasy book. Highly recommended. you won't regret this one. You will be gladly amazed with the writer's quality of prose and storytelling. Absolutely captivating stuff.

    12. Great Fantasy storytelling with wonderful charactersI loved this series over 30 years ago. Revisiting this wonderful universe did not disappoint all. Not just terrific male characters, but great female characters and unexpected twists work with this classic well written hero's journey.

    13. Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Series Book 3: Part 1This one starts out very slow, but once it gets going it holds my interest better then the first two books. If you are someone who has made it this far into reading this epic fantasy, there is something you like about it. The world is grand, the characters all have their own personalities and flaws. i rally like the world, characters and meat of the story. At this point I feel there is a lot that could've been edited down in the series. There is jus [...]

    14. Consider this a partial grading, because this is after all only half a book; while this installment of Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn was easily up to par and worth five stars, it's only the first act of a greater work. Aside from a satisfying battle a little ways in, this part of To Green Angel Tower was mostly threading the story lines back together for what will undoubtedly be a gloriously epic finale. But while it doesn't earn five stars by itself, this part of TGAT was, as usual, beautifully wri [...]

    15. The realm of Osten Ard is falling under the dark magic of the undead Sithi Storm King. As the darkness spreads, King Elias is succumbing to the evil sorceries that is luring him into an unholy alliance. Prince Josua is struggling to rally the tattered forces of the hopeful in a effort to make a stand against the Storm King. The League of the Scroll’s only hope is to unravel the mysteries of long forgotten magic. Tad Williams continues to captivate readers with this epic tale that rival Tolkien [...]

    16. The story is getting really interesting now, as everything starts to come together and more of the past is revealed. This is probably my favorite book of the "trilogy" so far.

    17. Just FINISH it already, Tad, seriously, you're killing me here. Its not bad/boring enough for me to give up on it & is only *just* interesting enough to keep me reading.

    18. I can't believe I missed this series in the late 80s - it was fantastic! One of my favorites ever. Some of it was ultimately a little predictable, but it was written in such a compelling and beautiful way that I did not care. It's much better and satisfying to get a resolution like this than to get what you got in Wheel of Time or Song of Fire and Ice where you have a series trying so hard to keep the reader in the dark that the authors lose the string of their story. Anyway, highly recommend th [...]

    19. These books just seem to get better and better. I'm so glad I stuck with the first book in this series, the Dragonbone Chair, despite the relatively slow start. Tad Williams is a great writer (which is what kept me going with the first book, much to my gratitude) , the characters seem to come alive, and the story is wonderfully complex. So glad I was able to get back to this book after a few years of being distracted by other books (one of the perils of having a library within walking distance). [...]

    20. What can I say that I haven't already said about this series? Superb world building and engaging characters. This is the first part of the third and final volume, and Tad Williams is starting to pull all the threads together to a definite end; the pace starts picking up and is engrossing throughout.

    21. Vale pues otras 800 páginas. Solo quedan 800. Un poco más animado que los anteriores, por fin nuestros héroes desperdigados terminan por reunirse en la Roca del Adios y la oposición a Elías empieza a recuperar la iniciativa. Pistas sobre el trasfondo se van acumulando-despacito eso sí.Ya sigo por cabezonería.

    22. What a delightful read, lots of good action and some interesting revelations that help move the story along. One area that is kind of weak is what the King and the people of the Hayholt are up to in this volume - I'm sure it's foreshadowing something, but it really does slow down the pacing to have the break of what Rachel is up to in the Hayholt.

    23. Great fantasy, not amazing. Picked up a bit of pace compared to the 2nd volume in the series, and quite a lot happens around the world and things come together a bit more, towards the ending in the final book in the series.

    24. Simply epic. The first half of the final book - this is an 800 page volume that absolutely flies by. Williams manages to divide the original book in a way that creates an incredible cliffhanger. Simply brilliant storytelling.

    25. Great end to the tale of Seoman SnowlockThis book was great it did a good job bringing the swords back into play and tying everything together. I was totally entertained by this book. Great hero's and fantastic ending.

    26. And the adventure continues! Simon continues to be somewhat of a "mooncalf" but matures as the story goes on. The various storylines continue to unwind and intertwine. And most of the characters are a delight to get to know and follow on their paths.

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