Far from the Storm

Far from the Storm Book in The Young Underground for year olds World War II is over but the adventures continue as Peter and Elise search for an arsonist who is out to destroy their uncle

  • Title: Far from the Storm
  • Author: Robert Elmer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 4 in The Young Underground for 8 12 year olds World War II is over, but the adventures continue as Peter and Elise search for an arsonist who is out to destroy their uncle.

    One thought on “Far from the Storm”

    1. Felt like I had to push myself through this one :P I think younger readers would enjoy it moreI just found it plain boring. And it was kind of dumb that the kids were presented as so much smarter than the adults!!Anyway, the setting is interesting and there are good truths in this book. Just didn't hold my interest.

    2. This is #4 in this series and the story continues. With Elise and Peter solving a mystery, the reader's interest is kept throughout the book. I recommend it to everyone ages 11+.

    3. When the Germans leave Denmark at the end of the Second World War, Peter harbors considerable ill will towards them. It doesn’t help matters that, on the very eve of their departure, a German truck hits his cat. The next morning, the Danish soldiers return en mass along with his beloved Uncle Morten. But the joy of his uncle’s return is marred by a message delivered the night before: “When Morton returns, he burns”. Peter’s unease, shared by his sister, proves warranted when someone se [...]

    4. World War II is finally over. There is peace again and life can resume at a more normal pace. Or at least that is what everyone would want, but there are still spies lurking everywhere and the members of the young underground will have to be careful who they trust.This is the fourth book in the "Young Underground series". I thought that the way Robert Elmer wrote this series is very different. Because now the war is over, but the series is only half over. This gives readers a chance to see how l [...]

    5. Far from the Storm is the 4th book in the Young Underground series. In this book the war has finally ended. The Germens are being pushed out of the country and people are coming out of hiding, being released from jail. When the twins go down to the dock to welcome back the soldiers there is a surprise. Their Uncle Morten is finally back, and he brought his girlfriend Lisabeth with him. But then there is a fire and the boat is almost completely destroyed. Then there are hostile notes directed tow [...]

    6. World War II has finally ended. Celebrations for this victory are everywhere. The Danish soldiers are coming home and the German soldiers are leaving the country. Peter's family and friends seem to be forgiving the Germans already, but Peter (just a twelve-year-old boy) can't find it in his heart to do that yet. Obviously someone else hasn't forgiven the war's effects, because that person is after Uncle Morten. Dangerous threats and a big fire have to take place before Peter, his sister Elise, a [...]

    7. WWII is officially over for the Danish people. That didn't mean that there were not pockets of resistance wanting to get revenge, pull off mischievous deeds, and those on the German side trying to avoid capture.This book is much about forgiving and letting go of the anger the children, especially Peter, who were angry for many things. However, the anger is only hurting the one who holds it.I definitely recommend this read. My daughter has loved all the Robert Elmer books that she has read.

    8. Peter and Elise are still finding trouble even after the war is officially over. Some of the villagers are holding a grudge against the twins uncle who is to be married. Can the twins and their best friend Hendrich help save the wedding and rescue the uncles fishing boat on time? Further adventurers take place in this extraordinary series.

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