Project Maigo

Project Maigo BOSTON IS IN RUINSJon Hudson head of the Department of Homeland Security s Fusion Center Paranormal division is haunted by Boston s destruction at the hands of Nemesis a three hundred foot tall mon

  • Title: Project Maigo
  • Author: Jeremy Robinson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • BOSTON IS IN RUINSJon Hudson, head of the Department of Homeland Security s Fusion Center Paranormal division, is haunted by Boston s destruction at the hands of Nemesis, a three hundred foot tall monster with the heart of a murdered little girl, Maigo In the time since Boston fell and Nemesis retreated to the ocean s depths, Hudson has helped prepare the United StatesBOSTON IS IN RUINSJon Hudson, head of the Department of Homeland Security s Fusion Center Paranormal division, is haunted by Boston s destruction at the hands of Nemesis, a three hundred foot tall monster with the heart of a murdered little girl, Maigo In the time since Boston fell and Nemesis retreated to the ocean s depths, Hudson has helped prepare the United States against future attacks But no one is prepared for what rises from the depthsE WORLD BURNSFive Kaiju attack cities and consume the world s citizens in an unstoppable rampage around the globe But it soon becomes apparent that these attacks aren t all random events Hudson is targeted, putting the FC P headquarters, known as the Crow s Nest, and his team, in the very large crosshairs General Lance Gordon, a man who carries Nemesis s vengeful heart in his chest, directs the Kaiju, and when Hudson finds protection from an unlikely source, the General turns his attention to his next targetE NATION S CAPITOL IS NEXTWhile Gordon and his Kaiju storm toward Washington D.C Hudson, along with his team and some new and unusual allies, race to stand in their path, hoping to spare the nation and the world from destruction But salvation at the end of all things will come only through the gravest of sacrifices With Project Nemesis, Jeremy Robinson introduced the world of popular fiction to Kaiju, a word that has become popularized by the movie Pacific Rim, and is associated with classic movie monsters such as Godzilla and Gamera In the year since the release of Project Nemesis, the book has become the bestselling original Kaiju novel of all time, and it is being featured in the video game Colossal Kaiju Combat Fall of Nemesis In Project Maigo, Robinson amps up the scale, the characters and the city stomping action, treating readers to a truly monstrous experience typically reserved for the big screen.

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    1. If Project Nemesis is Jeremy Robinson’s Godzilla, then Project Maigo is his Destroy All Monsters. True monster movie fans will also recognize aspects of the original proposed story for GMK: Giant Monster All Out Attack here. It was considerably different than what was eventually filmed (in of itself an awesome monster movie) focusing on the drama of a monster with a human heart. In true sequel fashion, we’ve gotten all the intros out of the way and jump right into the action - barely ever pa [...]

    2. My favourite Onion article is “**** Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades”. It’s also a fair approximation of the approach adopted by Jeremy Robinson in writing this book. With Project Maigo, Robinson co-opts the well-worn monster movie tradition of setting up rival monsters in the sequel. Here though he opts to knee subtlety in the groin even harder than last time by introducing five rival kaiju.That’s not spoiling anything which isn’t emblazoned on the book’s summary, incidentally. [...]

    3. Come on Hollywood! Here is the American Kaiju we have been waiting for. Pure escapism and I love it. The only reason I am holding back a star is due to the constant beatings taken by the human characters' bodies. Yes, I know what genre I am reading, but if you wish me to suspend belief and go along with giant human-kaiju hybrids, and I will happily, then, when a character is hurt as badly as these characters have been, they need to be down for the count. With obvious exceptions, no one is a supe [...]

    4. This completes this pair of books. I enjoyed both and they are an enjoyable monster-eats-american-cities set of stories.

    5. This was a really fun, action-packed story. At times the story has you laughing, crying and cheering. I hope we get more in this series.

    6. This was a good book. It picked up right where Project Nemesis left off. We find Hudson having to fend off 5 baby Kaiju. Can he save the US in time? I really enjoyed the book and the developing relationships between the characters. This one was a wild ride from the first page to the last! I highly recommend this book!

    7. Once again Robinson's mix of scifi, horror and thriller pays off with a great book 2 in the series! The new kaiju (of course there's new ones!) are great and though this book is predictable at times it still throws some great unexpected twists in at others! I'm reading book 3 already as I type this

    8. Mind-controlling tech - CheckMassive Kaiju battling it out in Washington DC - CheckA great sequel to Project Nemesis, Project Maigo hits all the right spots. A thriller from the start to end, Jeremy Robinson tells another great story of the Kaiju

    9. 1.5 stars. Would’ve been higher if the book had been edited better. Example: in chapter 22 Hudson says his father died 5 years prior but in chapter 27 says he doesn’t know if his father is alive or dead. Just sloppy.

    10. Great ReadIf you liked the original Japanese thrillers Godzilla and Mothra, you just may love these books. Watched those movies as a kid and really enjoyed being reminded of them in these updated, well-written novels.

    11. Read this review (and others) at: literatureislife/2015/11/Jeremy Robinson is definitely following the pattern set by the old school giant monster films of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. A lot of the original kaiju films (Godzilla, Gorgo, The Giant Claw) featured a giant monster showing up and mankind battling against it, which is very much what happened in Project Nemesis. Project Maigo is just as akin to later films, particularly Destroy All Monsters, which feature the rule of “the only th [...]

    12. The direct sequel to Project Nemesis. In This we see where things are for Jon Hudson and his small team ar Fusion Center-Paranormal in the aftermath of Nemesis introduction and rampage in the first book. In the previous installment Fusion center-P is pretty much the joke of the Department of Home security, naturally this image changes dramatically after Nemesis.If you read the previous book, and spoilers right here if you haven't, at the End General Gordon is still alive and took on a more monst [...]

    13. The 2nd in this story line, the first being Project Nemesis. Our favorite Department of Homeland Security division, Fusion Center - Paranormal returns with Jon Hudson, our hero and his small fighting force. There are more kaiju in this story and they are destroying cities all over the globe. Nemesis makes several appearances in this novel and performs heroically to save Jon, while being attacked by kaiju and the military. Jon is battling an evil Colonel. The final battle takes place in Washingto [...]

    14. My full Project Maigo: A Kaiju Thriller audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.I had high hopes for this book, enjoying the first as much as I did. I didn’t really see how it could be equalled but I feel it was surpassed. Jeremy Robinson is an entertaining author that always seems to bring the fun, excitement and destruction, along with a dose of realism, I know kaiju and realism probably don’t go together but that is the beauty of this book, you get the monsters destroying ever [...]

    15. The eBook was offered as a free book of the day and looked interesting enough to d/l, so I did. I was amused by the simplistic, "nothing can hurt monster, end of story coming so it's time for earlier weapons to work" storyline. I just can't accept the premise that rockets, high speed Gatling guns firing depleted Uranium or explosive bullets, and super bombs can not destroy living flesh. It was also amazing how a monster could walk, under water, from continent to continent, arrive dead-on at a ci [...]

    16. I was highly impressed with the first book in Robinson's kaiju series, but the second really blew my mind. Again the main human characters were amusing side dishes but the main course was a monsterfest unlike anything that has been done before. Robinson upped the ante, but having not one but six gargantuan beasts stomping over, crushing and blowing up countries all over the world. Seriously, I was just amazed by the collosal devastation. Everything wicked that you got to witness in the first boo [...]

    17. I am a fan of Jeremy Robinson's books and this one does not disappoint. this is a 3rd book in the Kaiju thriller series. I hope he writes a lot more.Our hero is just an ordinary guy with a job nobody really appreciates until the action starts; even then he is still under appreciated.I just watched the movie Godzilla a few days ago and this book has Godzilla beat hands down. Lots of action with the monsters as the main characters. Like Godzilla= it rampages thru big cities. The story is well writ [...]

    18. Again, not bad. I am not as much a fan of this genre, so I couldn't quite enjoy it as much as I would have likedThe best part of this book (for me) was humor. I loved it. The snarky remarks, constant cynicism, sarcasmwonderful stuff, and I often laughed out loud. I found some aspects a bit lacking in detail andwell seemed a bit problematic in some aspects. The weapons used against the monsterswhat actually can hurt them, and what can't? Because in the book, it was very confusingwhen you hit some [...]

    19. NEMESIS, QUEEN OF THE MONSTERS!Project Maigo continues what Project Nemesis started. Our heroes run into some old friends, from Jeremy Robinson's island sci-fi thriller Island 731-a strongly recommended creme filling to the kaiju Oreo that is Projects Nemesis and Maigo. Reunited they regroup as a monster free for all begins and doesn't stop until the end of this wonderful monster melee. If you like giant monsters stomping and battling all over the city-this is it! The action on the human scale i [...]

    20. Just as well as Project Nemesis, this is an extremely well made book and pictures for how a presently dated book would react to an event like this. The leaves off where the general soon starts going through transformations as well as Nemesis had and manages to find five eggs. Our characters are now working for an organization that is out searching for Nemesis, not trying to kill the beast but to try and keep it away from the human population. Later on, monsters belonging to the general start run [...]

    21. Kaiju (怪獣 kaijū?) is a Japanese word that literally translates to "strange creature." The word has been translated and defined in English as "monster" To me Kaiju means a whole load of destructive, edge of your seat fun, Especially if it's a Jeremy Robinson book! Project Maigo picks up a few years in the future from Project Nemesis with lots of monstery goodness. We're also treated to the reappearance of some of our favorite characters from Island 731. A fast paced fun read. I couldn't put [...]

    22. What is it about Jeremy Robinson? I always seem to forget what a cool, entertaining writer he is! Yeah I liked Project Nemesis but about 10 pages into this new book, it dawned on me that I REALLY liked Project Nemesis! And Project Maigo was just as good, maybe even better! Robinson has a way of blending the everyday, the familiar, with fantastic ideas that really makes his stories sing. And who doesn't want to see 300 foot tall monsters going to war with each other in the middle of Washington D. [...]

    23. Jon Hudson and his team are back, picking up the pieces after Nemesis destroyed Boston. This time he has five Kaiju to contend with, as well as General Lance Gordon. The team is joined by Endo, from Project Nemesis, Mark Hawkins and Lilly, from Island 731 and Maigo/Nemesis. This book takes Project Nemesis to the next level, as the Kaiju fight it out in the ultimate battle in Washington. I'm not overly a Kaiju fan, but I do enjoy Jeremy Robinson's books and this one was no exception. It was good [...]

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