JFK: The Smoking Gun

JFK The Smoking Gun It s the gunshot that echoed around the world but who pulled the trigger McLaren unravels the cold case of the th century Andrew Rule bestselling author of UnderbellyAssassination Conspiracy Eviden

  • Title: JFK: The Smoking Gun
  • Author: Colin McLaren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the gunshot that echoed around the world but who pulled the trigger McLaren unravels the cold case of the 20th century Andrew Rule, bestselling author of UnderbellyAssassination Conspiracy Evidence of the shocking truth is finally revealed.On 22nd November 1963, the 35th president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and his wife Jackie were taking It s the gunshot that echoed around the world but who pulled the trigger McLaren unravels the cold case of the 20th century Andrew Rule, bestselling author of UnderbellyAssassination Conspiracy Evidence of the shocking truth is finally revealed.On 22nd November 1963, the 35th president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and his wife Jackie were taking part in a presidential motorcade through Dallas Thousands lined the streets cheering others hung out of windows to catch a glimpse of the much loved First Lady and President Suddenly, the unthinkable three shots bang bang, bang rang out In front of the world, John F Kennedy was fatally wounded.Lee Harvey Oswald was caught.But did he fire the fatal bullet Who REALLY killed JFK Fifty years after the tragic events in Dallas, JFK The Smoking Gun solves the ultimate cold case With the forensic eye of a highly regarded ex cop, Colin McLaren gathered the evidence, studied 10,000 pages of transcripts, discovered the witnesses the Warren Commission failed to call, and uncovered the exhibits and testimonies that were hidden until now What he found is far outrageous than any fanciful conspiracy theory could ever be.JFK The Smoking Gun proves, once and for all, who did kill the President.

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    1. I never believed the Warren Commission was anything but a sham and I have read so many conspiracy theories over the years and I now truly believe that Colin McLaren has uncovered the devastating truth. I won't say anymore for fear of spoiling the book for other readers, except to say, this is the only book you ever need to read about the assassination of JFK.

    2. I thought this was a brilliant read and in my opinion what Colin McLaren is alleging is quite plausible and makes a lot of sense. Fifty years after the assassination of JFK there still seems to be a huge interest and many,many more conspiracy theories but I believe this book dispels many of these. I was shocked and saddened by some of the revelations in this book but unlike many other books on this subject it actually left me satisfied that this matter has finally been put to rest. I know that m [...]

    3. Retired and highly decorated Australian homicide detective Colin McLaren brings his years of investigative experience to bear on the case that has fascinated generations and spawned any number of elaborate conspiracy theories: the "assassination" of US President John F Kennedy. Four years of exhaustive research applying a thorough tooth comb to all 27 volumes of the Warren Commission Report, the transcripts of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and the records of the Assassination Rec [...]

    4. WOW always been fascinated with everything to do with JFK and particularly his assassination. And always wondered there were so many inconsistencies with the investigations and the eye witness reports and total cock-ups by the different authorities and the Warren Commission (the author of this book describes it as the Commission of Omissions).The books starts off with a deep background check of Less Harvey Oswald, his wife Marina and Jack Ruby. So I am thinking, right he is going for the lone gu [...]

    5. Initially I was reluctant to read another book about JFK. It's not that I'm not interested in the topic, just that there have been so many conspiracy theories, explanations etc and I thought this was just another one. However the fact that it was written by an Australian detective piqued my interest and then after watching the documentary of the same name, I was very keen to read the book.Colin McLaren is a retired detective who has worked on some of the most gruesome crime scenes in Australia. [...]

    6. Yeaaaaah, NO.This story that the author claimed would make a great Hollywood movie but not the ASSASSINATION of John F. Kennedy. Mr. McLaren presented a lot of great points and evident that are certainly convincing to people who don't know more details and don't know how to analyze nor dig deep into real dirt because absolutely what Mr. McLaren said is NOT what actually happened that day.No way in hell that a secret service agent would shoot a fatal shot -directly and ACCIDENTALLY- to the head o [...]

    7. A very detailed and convincing account of the killing of JFK. In my opinion answers pretty conclusively two of the key questions surrounding the assassination:1) The magic bullet issue2) The exploding bullet, the final shot to hit, and ultimately kill President Kennedy.If you are interested in history.I strongly suggest reading this book.

    8. This is the first theory I have ever seen regarding the assassination of JFK that has made sense. As far as I'm concerned, the verdict is in, and the killer was.well, you'll have to read the book. Meticulously researching over a number of years, the author has discovered the truth that the Warren Commission buried in thousands of pages. An excellent read. Highly recommended.

    9. What a fascinating book! Like anyone else, I had always heard much about JFK and what happened on that fateful date in November of 1963, but I had never really thought much about what might have actually took place. There are many conspiracy theories out there but this book does a marvellous job in looking purely at the evidence and many witness statements to come up with an answer - the result, I found, was astounding! Something I had actually never really heard of or considered before. The boo [...]

    10. This is an excellent book but it is clearly written by a detective. He gets a bit repetitive and way too carried away with detail. I was satisfied when he said, in connection with the three shots, that forty people described the last two as being close together. I did not need a list of all forty variations in description. He does this sort of thing regularly and it distracts from his narrative. In the same way he describes the Warren Commission report as being awash with detail which obscures t [...]

    11. What an amazing read. Anyone who is interested in the assassination of JFK needs to read this book. It finally reveals the ineptitude and cover up of this investigation and what really happened. There is no conspiracy. Extraordinarily well researched and written - although a little repetitive at times. Highly recommended.

    12. Presents an interesting argument, but there are no references so it's hard to know how credible this book is

    13. There’s a story attached to my reading this book. I recently watched Oliver Stone’s JFK – twice, in fact – and was instantly convinced that there must have been something fishy in the 35th president’s death. And so, I sought out The Smoking Gun in order to gain an alternate perspective. Jim Garrison, the focus of Stone’s monumental film, was evidently certain that Cuba, Communism, conspiracy and the Vietnam War were behind Kennedy’s death. McLaren offers a different story – one t [...]

    14. I watched a documentary of this book last year, with the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Colin McLaren’s theory of who shot JFK is startling, but actually does make sense. Throughout the book, he does rather belabour some of his points, making for repetitive reading. In my opinion, a better editor would have made greater use of his or her red pen, making for tighter writing that would have been an easier read.At the time of watching the documentary, I wondered whether the book we [...]

    15. The research undertaken by ex-detective Colin McLaren is admirable. If only someone as astute as he were allowed to secure the crime scene and body of President Kennedy, then fifty years of speculation and conspiracy theory may have been avoided. Although I am not convinced by his explosive revelation of who exactly fired the deadly 'head shot', I was convinced that Oswald did not! The book is easy to read and becomes a page turner in parts. I got a tad tired of the exclamation marks though. Wha [...]

    16. This book is really convincing. McLaren details so much evidence of secret service incompetence that it all seems to fit so neatly. The first half if the book is great, outlining the stories of various individuals involved. But by the second half he has basically made his point but he keeps on going for another hundred pages. It just feels disorganised and it ends up finishing with a whimper.

    17. I am completely convinced this is the story of what actually happened that day in Dallas. It explains why the entire story was shrouded in mystery all those years, and further, why most people believe a conspiracy was behind it. After reading it, and comprehending the ballistics portions of the analysis, you will know in your heart this is what happened.

    18. loved it. one of those books you can't put down -and as McLaren noted in the book, even the best script writers could not have done such a masterful job. and this one was directed by no-one. the best "who done it" you could ask for. and it's tied to one of the most notable events in recent history. read it!

    19. I took my time reading this book mainly because I saw the TV program that was made about the book so nothing was new. The detail Mclaren goes into in this book, his years of research and his reasoning all lead me to believe his conclusion is correct. Read the book and reach your own conclusion - I'm sold!

    20. -SPOILIERS ALERT-Well, I'm convinced anyway. The author puts forward a highly likely scenario where the final and fatal headshot sustained by Kennedy was as a result of the tragic accident of an inexperienced Secret Service agent.

    21. Not my thing really. But gave it a go as a book swap with a friend. The answers were clear half way through the book and I felt the repeating of the same facts boring and long winded. ( I accept some repeating is necessary in this genre but if felt like overkill.)

    22. Not the craziest theory I've heard by a long shot. The prose is as purple as mething very purple, so that gets tiresome, but not bad if you're into this kind of thing.

    23. fantastic book. I do believe the author has solved the mystery and here in this book is the truth of the murder of JFK

    24. An excellent book that debunks almost every known theory on the assassination of JFK. Makes you question what really happened and why so much was covered up in the following months.

    25. this book clearly points the true reason of the death of JFK 51 years ago. may this book correct history, that Lee Harvey Oswald is the lone suspect.

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