The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge On the Manhattan bank of the Hudson River a small lighthouse made of steel and painted bright red proudly protects boats with his faithful beam One day a great expanse of gray steel which also shine

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  • Title: The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
  • Author: Hildegarde Hoyt Swift Lynd Ward
  • ISBN: 9780152045739
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the Manhattan bank of the Hudson River, a small lighthouse made of steel and painted bright red proudly protects boats with his faithful beam One day a great expanse of gray steel, which also shines a bright light into the fog and darkness, is built over it The little red lighthouse feels insignificant and useless in comparison but soon learns that small can bOn the Manhattan bank of the Hudson River, a small lighthouse made of steel and painted bright red proudly protects boats with his faithful beam One day a great expanse of gray steel, which also shines a bright light into the fog and darkness, is built over it The little red lighthouse feels insignificant and useless in comparison but soon learns that small can be mighty

    One thought on “The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge”

    1. One of many favorite books we discovered thanks to Reading Rainbow*. Straightening books in the back room and my eyes fell on this. A charming tale about realizing size has nothing to do with importance or usefulness. A fun book to read aloud due to repetitive words and sound effects. And best of all it is based on a real lighthouse and bridge in New York.*A brief check showed me RR has now become digital with a Skybrary.

    2. 'Once upon a time a little lighthouse was built on a sharp point of the shore by the Hudson River.It was round and fat and red.It was fat and red and jolly.And it was VERY, VERY PROUD.'This is the story of the last remaining lighthouse on Manhattan Island in New York City, a place once home to many such lighthouses. In the classic picture book tradition, this functional object is imbued with the friendly qualities equal to its usefulness. The reader cheers for the heroic lighthouse and fears for [...]

    3. Published in 1942, this tells, in a rather inventive way, the story of the little red lighthouse which still stands proud beneath the George Washington Bridge. Originally there, pre-bridge, as a guide for those sailing the Hudson River, the personified lighthouse feels obsolete with the dawn of the great Bridge but finds that it is far from redundant and still needed by the people of New York. Together, Bridge and Lighthouse are there as guides throughout the night to the boats of the water and [...]

    4. So OK. Here's another subject of books I love: things that are things but are like people in stories. Like Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, and this one. It's about a little red lighthouse (cause that's the NAME! HA!) and the lighthouse keeps everyone safe, but one day they build a big bridge over him and he gets sad because he can't help people anymore. But just when he thinks he's ruined, guess what? They come and put his light on so he WORKS again! And they all live happily ever after!This [...]

    5. This is an amazing book. I first heard it read on the "Captain Kangaroo" show in the mid 1960's - and loved it so much I asked my parents to buy it for me. They did, and now I have bought it for my daughter, my nephew and my niece. And the best part is that the Little Red Lighthouse is still there, on Manhattan under the "great gray bridge" - the George Washington Bridge. A wonderfully imaginative book that I would recommend to anyone who has children to read to.

    6. I didn't read this until my husband introduced me to it as an adult (it was one of his childhood favorites). Now I can't look at the GW without thinking about the little red lighthouse below.

    7. I totally did not tear up at the end of this book. >.>I envision a lot of little nieces and nephews getting copies of this for birthdays/Christmas.

    8. The George Washington Bridge connecting New York (via Manhatten) to New Jersey (Fort Lee) is built in this simple story, which is told from the perspective of a little red lighthouse who is overshadowed by it. I can see why the story would appeal to natives of NYC, for whom the author personifies these landmarks, but the story wasn't as powerful to us midwesterners. Also, the narration neither gives the name of structures nor seeks to connect with their actual history. In this way, it is more wh [...]

    9. We regularly drive over the George Washington Bridge, and my husband has told us the story and we've looked for the lighthouse, but I only sought out The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge: Restored Editionat the prompting of 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up. My kids are past the age where this would be a hit, but I wish I had taken the time to find it when they were aged 4-6 and obsessed with boats and transportation. If your child loves classics like Mike Mul [...]

    10. Reminiscent of the books by Virginia Lee Burton, such as Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and especially The Little House.I picked this book because I have become a recent fan of artist Lynd Ward. This is nice book, about a very real little lighthouse in Manhattan's Washington Park, under the grand George Washington bridge. Happily, the lighthouse avoided demolition and still stands erect today, although sadly it is no longer lit.My favorite picture is of"A thick fog crept over the river and t [...]

    11. I didn't know this little children's book gem existed until I read about it as the character Steve read it to his niece and nephew and another child in a women's fiction novel (Letting Go: The Maryland Shores). Apparently it has delighted readers since the 1940s and well, it's delighted me now. I purchased it because I like lighthouses and intend to give as a gift.The endearing message is that this little red lighthouse stands on the banks of the Hudson River in New York City beneath the George [...]

    12. (Review is for a different edition)This was one of my favorite books as a child. The message of the story is great, however the illustrations are what make this book stand out.You are important! No matter how small or insignificant events or people make you feel, your size doesn't matter, you can make a difference and you are needed in your world!This is a great book for kids of all ages, and I enjoy reading it to my children just as much as I once enjoyed having it read to me when I was their a [...]

    13. Any child who reads this will forever after (even when they are past 40!) be watching for the lighthouse as they drive near the George Washington Bridge in NYC. In addition to being a wonderful story every child should experience, this book shows the power a story can have. Because of this book, the Little Red Lighthouse (official named the Jeffrey's Hook lighthouse) was restored and can be visited by children and their families. Go to hudsonlights/littleredm for more information. And be sure an [...]

    14. A wonderful story about believing in yourself and the uniqueness that is every individual. This was a favorite of mine growing up. For years my dad would taunt me that The Little Red Lighthouse didn't really exist—that it was just a myth—but I believed and defended it's existence even though it was years before I would see it for myself. This book was also so beloved that when it became known the lighthouse was to be demolished, area children protested and saved the landmark. It still stands [...]

    15. I love picture books based around physical landmarks that kids can see and relate to. It gives the world around us a little more 'life'. The minimal colour illustrations are an indication of it's printing era (1942) and are warmly drawn. It does look and feel dated, but if read together I'm certain many children will still take to the story. In fact, I didn't find it a particularly 'girls' or 'boys' book, because although the setting of boats & bridges are more likely to appeal to boys, the [...]

    16. This book rates five out of five. I am a person who really enjoys lighthouses, for their beauty and their purpose. I also like the story Swift tells to children, that little people can do big things as she shows this little red lighthouse shining its big bright light protecting the ships that are near. Students can know that they are just as important as the big tall bridges that are near them, because each individual has a purpose and just because they are big they may not be able to do the sam [...]

    17. The artwork in The Little Red Lighthouse is very, very pretty. It's lush and somehow creamy. I just love it.I was afraid the story was one of those complex-giving ones -- all things are sentient and also old things are better for no reason other than they're old, so you should always feel guilty and sad about getting rid of things or finding superior technologies! But it's not -- it's about everybody having a purpose. Much better.

    18. This was recommended to me by Dick "Your Voice Sounds Like Angels" VK. He stared at the lighthouse and bridge in this story for quite some time while his daughter was in the hospital for an extended stay. I feel that this book was probably awesome when it first came out in 1942 and as it is a Reading Rainbow book, I'm sure it remained awesome for quite some time. I can also see how Dick likes it, since he has an emotional tie. Me? I was bored silly.

    19. This is an amazing read aloud for storytime. I found myself quite easily with the text to be animated. The watercolor illustrations are lovely and I understand why this is a vintage story brought back to life. Well worthy to be a classic with such beauty in color as we'll as in text. Also on top if that already merit it has a great meaning and moral message in the purpose of the new and old. Definitely a worthy purchase well made.

    20. One of my favorite children's books of all time from when I was a kid. And did you know you can actually go see the Little Red Lighthouse, its located at the base of the eastern pier of the George Washington Bridge in New York City.That and a Lighthouse with an inferiority complex, and a worrieryou can't go wrong with that!

    21. i have the 1973 printed edition.i was first given this book when i was a child. many, many, many years later i still have the book. i still read it every once in a while. i would like to go to new york someday to see if the little red lighthouse and the great gray bridge are still standing side by side on the hudson river who knows - one day i just might.

    22. Very interesting book which makes non-fiction fun to read by personifying the lighthouse, bridge, boats and fog. The illustrations are nice and warm and the story is easy to read, without being elementary. I loved that the story of the lighthouse's restoration was on the back cover. The moral that even small people/jobs can still be very important and needed is sure to appeal to children.

    23. I love the fact that this very old lighthouse still stands in the shadow of the great George Washington Bridge-a bridge whose lights I grew up seeing from my bedroom window without ever knowing the lighthouse hidden behind it. The pictures are well-done & it evokes a sense of somehow nostalgic pride in my "hometown" - New York City.

    24. The restored original watercolors printed on cream paper shine an even brighter light on this classic children's book. This is an example of the combination of imagination, craft, and care that fuel my passion for books. E-readers have a place, but this story would not look or feel quite as beautiful in an electronic form.

    25. This is a cute story first published in 1942 that brings lighthouse, boats and bridges to life as sentient beings. For children who already know and love Thomas the Tank Engine and/or Theodore Tugboat, this story will be a natural favorite for them. It's also a great story about being proud of what one does and doing it well.

    26. This was one of my favorite books as a child, and now it's been reissued in paperback!The great gray bridge is the George Washington Bridge in New York City. When the bridge id built over the lighthouse, the old fashioned lighthouse worries it will no longer be needed. But it soon learns that both are needed and need to work together,

    27. A gorgeous old picture book in the same vein as Little Toot, with its anthropomorphised boats and structures and sound moral message: 'Each to his own place, little brother'. The illustrations are top-notch and exquisitely detailed. Next time I'm in NY, I'll have to look out for the little lighthouse. :)

    28. I was skeptical about this book at first because I teach 4 and 5 year olds and just wasn't sure. It seemed long at first glance. I was wrong. They absolutely adored it. They were so interested in the bridge (The George Washington Bridge) and lighthouse I had to look up youtube videos for them.

    29. This is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. My dad got it for me when I was little and he used to read it to us all the time. Even if you think this book is for younger kids I still encourage you to read it.

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