The Midnight Rose

The Midnight Rose From internationally bestselling author Lucinda Riley an epic story of family secrets love and betrayal set in Imperial India a magnificent English country house in the s and that same hous

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  • Title: The Midnight Rose
  • Author: Lucinda Riley
  • ISBN: 9781447230984
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • From 1 internationally bestselling author Lucinda Riley, an epic story of family secrets, love, and betrayal set in Imperial India, a magnificent English country house in the 1920s, and that same house today

    One thought on “The Midnight Rose”

    1. 5 Words: Beautiful, breath-taking, haunting, magical, heart-breaking.This book.Just This book.It's been one hell of a ride reading this. The Midnight Rose is the type of book you read slowly and devote time to. It makes you think. The writing is so beautiful, the story so magnificently crafted, that it takes your breath away.I have to confess that I didn't like the beginning of this book. The first 100 pages or so are so, so different from the rest of the book. And I hated Ari. But by the end he [...]

    2. Dual review with Swedish first and then English!SWEDISH REVIEWJag älskar att läsa böcker med exotiska platser och Midnattsrosen verkade ha alla ingredienser som jag gillar i en bok med två tidslinjer: en sorglig historia, ett intressant mysterium och starka kvinnliga karaktärer. Och på ett sätt fick jag det, i alla fall delvis. Men för att en bok med två tidslinjer, en samtida och en i det förflutna, ska fungera är det nödvändigt att de är lika intressanta att läsa. Visst, det är [...]

    3. “The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.”----Henry GreenLucinda Riley, the New York Times bestselling author, has penned an enchanting tale of love, loss and royal family secrets, in her book, The Midnight Rose. This is the story of a girl named, Anahita, spanning across many generations, and with the help of another protagonist, Rebecca, the readers get to revisit the life of Anahita and her royalty and her family secrets.Synopsis: In the heyday of the British Raj, [...]

    4. On Anahita's 100th birthday, her family gather in the Indian mountains to celebrate. Taking her eldest great-grandson Ari to one side, she gives him a pile of papers. It's her life story, she says, written down in case her long-lost son can ever be found; Anahita (Anni) was told that little Moh died when he was two, but she's never accepted this and knows her now 80 year old son is out there somewhere. Reading her papers, Ari travels to Astbury Hall in England where Anni spent some time during t [...]

    5. Also die eine Sache habe ich ja so nicht kommen sehen 😱🙈 aber alles in allem ein sehr tolles Buch 😊

    6. Be prepared to pick up this book and be transported not just to another time and place but another continent as well.Lucinda Riley is a skilful writer when it comes to the dual narrative, she does it so well, that it seems that the two stories set some hundred years apart in this novel bear no relation to each other. But of course they do as they the story weaves from 1911 to the present, and evokes many emotions through the characters and shows class, tradition, love and war in many forms.In th [...]

    7. The Midnight Rose was completely absorbing. I love these gothic novels with rich atmosphere and dual timelines, although I sometimes have to take more tragedy and bleakness than I would like along with them. I've read one novel by Lucinda Riley before, and loved how her story included exotic locations as well as England. But it was so sad that I couldn't bring myself to read another of her books for several years. This time I was braced for tragedy at least in the earlier timeline, and ended up [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book and would have given it five stars if it hadn't been for a few bizarre events in the present day story. The present day story also dragged in parts. On the other hand, the story set in the past was well researched and held my attention. I love it when an author includes a bibliography. This book could have easily ended up on my favorites shelf. Five stars for the past, three for the present, equals four overall.

    9. Side note: One version of this book says 496 pages while my UK copy is 671 pages.“Physical comfort--materialism, if you like--is the enemy of any serious spirituality, I think. When we're warm and well fed, our souls can be empty and we still make it through the day. And as I've discovered recently, it is the greatest poverty of all.” “My father always said that to push a rock an inch in a lifetime was the same as throwing a hundred pebbles into the sea every day. Big change comes slowly, [...]

    10. If you want to read about India in the time of the Raj, England during World War I, prejudice, terrible mothers, and doomed love affairs with its echoes into the present, Lucinda Riley’s The Midnight Rose might be the book for you. It is an enjoyable read to be sure, but not what I expected. Two parallel stories are told simultaneously. In the past, we read the tale of young Indian Anahita Chevran, as she travels between her homeland and England, where she is trapped at the beginning of World [...]

    11. This could be my favorite Lucinda Riley bookI LOVED it! What a beautifully written story! I was drawn in right from the start and it just kept on going. It had everything that I look for in a good read: great characters, and a story that just wouldn't quit! It was told from various viewpoints, and it went back and forth in time and places around the world, until the whole story was told. I won't give a synopsis of the book, but can only say that I highly recommend this book! I was so sorry for i [...]

    12. Pravo uživanje i opuštanje. Sve knjige Lucinde Riley su pune iskrene ljubavi, iskrenih suza, radosti, praštanja i ko voli da iz surove realnosti pobegne u neke lepše i bajkovitije priče ovo je pravi izbor :)

    13. Εν αναμονή της κυκλοφορίας του τέταρτου βιβλίου της σειράς των "Επτά αδελφών" της Lucinda Riley, οι εκδόσεις Διόπτρα μάς έφεραν ένα νέο βιβλίο της αγαπημένης συγγραφέως, αρκετά διαφορετικό απ' ότι μας έχει συνηθίσει, με την ίδια, όμως, δυναμική κι ένταση συναισθημάτων. Ένα βιβλίο π [...]

    14. A 3.5 star read for me. Sometimes I need a good dollop of escapism in my reading material, especially during the dreary Winter months when sunshine is in short supply. Fortunately I had The Midnight Rose, Lucinda Riley’s latest novel, to keep me entertained when the Christmas festivities had fizzled out.This is the story of Anni (Anahita) Chavan, a tale which spans four generations and two continents. As Anni celebrates her 100th birthday in Darjeeling, India, surrounded by her extended family [...]

    15. Ich habe keine Ahnung, warum mich gerade dieses Buch angesprochen hat. Irgendwie war mir danach und obwohl ich zunächst skeptisch war, weil ich solche Bücher eigentlich nicht lese, war ich letztlich begeistert! Meisterhaft wurden hier verschiedene Zeiten miteinander verwoben. Sonst habe ich meist das Gefühl, dass ich immer wieder aus der Geschichte gerissen werde, wenn es Rückblenden gibt - Hier wurde jedoch die Geschichte trotzdem weiter erzählt. Die Charaktere sind mir so ans Herz gewachs [...]

    16. This book spans so far and wide that it felt almost epic to me. It starts out in India following the family of Anahita as she celebrates her 100th birthday. Anahita has always felt as though something was missing from her life: when she was young she had her first son, and was informed that he had died, but she never believed it, even when she was given his death certificate. She has written down her life story, and decides to pass it on to her great grandson, Ari, hoping that he can find out th [...]

    17. As Anahita’s century-old life draws to a close, she yearns for the son she had to give up when he was but a child of three. While everyone had told her that he died soon after she left, she knows from the depths of her soul that he was still alive. Ever the perceptive, she also knows that death will soon knock on her door. As she sets her affairs in order, she leaves her first grandchild a letter; one that she’s written to her missing son. In the letter is the story of her life and details o [...]

    18. This is a huge story, not just in length but in the quality of the writing, the detail and the meticulous research that has gone into its creation. A saga that spans the decades and spreads across continents, it is dramatic and compelling and swept me off to another era.The Midnight Rose is Anahita's story, and begins in India in 1911. Anahita (Anni) comes from a family whose wealth has been lost over the years, brought up by parents who allowed her to believe in herself and her skills, she beco [...]

    19. I’m a big fan of fiction written against a well-researched historical background and this 688 page novel delivers the tale of young Indian Anahita Chevran which weaves between her homeland and England where she is trapped at the beginning of World War I. During her time in England she spent time at Astbury Hall as the companion to Princess Indira. Lady Maud Astbury makes it quite clear that poor Anahita is an unwelcome addition to the household but with few options as an orphan, it is clear th [...]

    20. Set in 1920s India and modern-day England, The Midnight Rose reads like an epic story of how women lived and loved and how relationships can transcend boundaries and different eras.Anahita is now 100. She is looking back on her life. She is sure her son is still alive….Rebecca Bradley, an American Actress, is on location in Dartmoor,England at Astbury Hall –which is owned by Lord Anthony Astbury. He is stunned that she looks so much like his grandmother Violet. Whilst filming, Rebecca finds [...]

    21. My ThoughtsThis is the second book I have read by Lucinda Riley and I honestly love her stories. We get to know Anahita and Rebecca through alternating chapters until we finally find out how their lives connect. I thought Ms. Riley did an outstanding job of pulling all of this together. This was one of those books I could immerse myself in, and when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. I love when a story let’s me escape into a different world, and this one certainly did that. I am [...]

    22. The Midnight Rose features two intersecting story lines, one set in the present day, the other in the early decades of the twentieth century. In the present, American actress Rebecca is filming a movie set in the 1920s at Astbury Hall, a stately home in the British countryside. She is invited to stay on the premises and is happy to do so to escape both the pressures of fame and the proposal of her boyfriend. There she meets the reclusive Lord Anthony, current master of the estate, and Ari Malik, [...]

    23. ¿Saben qué me gusta más que una novela histórica o un thriller? Un thriller histórico."La rosa de medianoche" es una combinación atípica pero acertada: el exotismo de la India con las tradiciones inglesas, el imperio de los maharajás con el momento dorado de Hollywood, el pasado con el presente, los secretos con los hechos que han pasado a la historia. Todo entretejido con una pluma maravillosa, una que sabe cómo ir desvelando misterios, cómo mantener al lector enganchado a sus página [...]

    24. Sjajna knjiga, uzivala sam u njoj od prve do poslednje strane. Divna prica, sjajni likovi, lep stil i cestitke na vrlo lepom prevodu.

    25. This book review, as well as many more, can also be found on my blog, The Baking Bookworm (thebakingbookworm)Disclaimer: My sincere thanks to NetGalley and Atria Books for providing me with a complimentary e-book copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.My Review: This sweeping saga follows Anahita's life, from her days as a young girl in India in the early 1900's until present day. The reader is taken from the exotic maharajas of India to the aristocracy in England as it follows the t [...]

    26. The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley - for me its like Bollywood version of Notting Hill plus mysteries and love stories in past and in present.The story starts with an old lady - Anahita (Anni) giving to her grand-grand son (Ari) her manuscript about her life before her daughter was born. Her life story is unbelievably magical and also tragic. Ari forgets the manuscript for more than ten years and when he finally reads it, he goes to England to find out what happened with his long lost grand-uncl [...]

    27. Well. This is frustrating.I was prepared to give this book four stars. It had some serious flaws, mind you. Trite dialogue ("I just want to make love to my girl"), one-dimensional heroes and villains, the thing where the narrative totally skips over relationship building moments and tells you the characters are in love, etc etc. However I was curious enough about where the story might head, and was decently engaged. It did a pretty good job of balancing two different storylines as well. So the q [...]

    28. This novel is a departure from the norm for me. It's definitely in the chick lit camp, a genre I don't usually go for, but I needed something light and a change from crime and psychological fiction. I'm glad I chose it. It's a fat book, over six hundred pages long, weaving two stories, between Rebecca in the present day with the story of Anni, desperate to solve the mystery of her missing son. For me, the scenes with Anni, either in India or in England, were far richer and more evocative than th [...]

    29. I was searching for another author along the Kearsley or Raybourn lines. My first Lucinda Riley book proved a major disappointment. Dual stories/timelines are difficult to pull off and sadly this failed. Whilst the past tale was very good, the modern day tale was terrible. Thus a 2.5 rating for half the story that was interesting. For my full review please go to:greatreadsandtealeavesspo

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