Lulu and the Witch Baby

Lulu and the Witch Baby Lulu Witch begins to change her mind about her pesky baby sister when she thinks that one of her magic spells has made the baby disappear

  • Title: Lulu and the Witch Baby
  • Author: Jane O'Connor Bella Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9780062305176
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lulu Witch begins to change her mind about her pesky baby sister when she thinks that one of her magic spells has made the baby disappear.

    One thought on “Lulu and the Witch Baby”

    1. This book provides an enjoyable read for children while teaching them an important lesson. This book is about a little witch in her family that is dealing with her baby sibling called "Witch Baby." Throughout the book she deals with all the attention being focused on her sibling and With Baby destroying most of her creations. The little witch wants the Witch Baby gone so bad that she takes it upon herself to try and create a spell to get rid of her sibling! In the end she thinks her spell works, [...]

    2. My copy had updated illustrations. The story was a typical older sibling doesn’t like the attention the baby of the family gets. She also doesn’t like that baby’s can seemingly get away with breaking rules without consequences. So one day when Lulu is left alone to babysit her baby sister, she tries a witch’s spell which is against the rules. It doesn’t work. When Mama asks her what she did, she doesn’t tell the truth. Her mother doesn’t find out. Lulu feels badly for how she tried [...]

    3. This is a cute “I Can Read” book by Jane O’Connor, who is the author of the Fancy Nancy books. Lulu Witch has a new baby sister, Witch Baby. Witch Baby is getting all kinds of presents from her family: a bat rattle, a witch doll and a Dracula-in-the-box. No one really has time for Lulu Witch anymore because they are busy with the baby. Witch Baby always makes a mess, but she never gets in trouble for it. One day Mama Witch needed to go to the store and Lulu Witch needed to babysit her litt [...]

    4. Lulu doesn't like Witch Baby. She makes messes and ruins things. One day when Mama leaves Lulu in charge, she decides to make a spell to make Witch Baby disappear. Lulu experiences what is a common reaction to having a new baby in the family, jealousy. Since some of her ingredients for her spell are missing, it doesn’t work. She eventually is glad to have Witch Baby for a sister, which is a pleasing ending to a fun story. This is a new edition of this classic story. It also has new illustratio [...]

    5. Lulu's little sister, Witch Baby, gets all of the attention and never gets in trouble. Lulu uses a magic spell to make Witch Baby disappear when Mama Witch goes shopping. Lulu immediately regrets her decision and tries to find a way to make Witch Baby come back. Lulu runs upstairs to find that Mama Witch was in the bathroom washing Witch Baby. This book would be appropriate for readers that are beginning to read independently between the ages of four and six. Young readers may need help with som [...]

    6. I think this is an enjoyable, solid easy reader with a witch theme. My second-grade daughter read it to me and we enjoyed the story together. Lulu Witch is very believable and acts the way most children would when a younger sibling destroys their stuff. She gets mad and says that she hates Witch Baby and then sneaks into the forbidden magic room to try to find a spell to make Witch Baby disappear. She later regrets this after her anger has cooled. I think most kids could relate to Lulu and her a [...]

    7. Little witch Lulu isn't too fond of her new baby sister and schemes to find a way to make her disappear. When she's left home to babysit her sister, she tries her hand at magic, but finds herself second-guessing her actions.Solid easy reader title that's full of fun witchy details alongside realistic and relatable emotions regarding a new sibling. Recommended for grades 1-3.

    8. A great beginner reader book with a Halloween theme. The vocabulary is rather simple, but introduces some holiday specific terminology that kids hear around this time. The pictures are engaging and help kids to follow along the text. A good message about being the older sibling and learning to love the new baby in the house.

    9. Lulu the Witch is the first book I remember loving - I dressed up as her for Halloween when I was little oncefun to revisit.

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