The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher Perfect for fans of The Penderwicks and James Patterson s Middle School series this seriously funny anything but typical modern family adventure features two dads four adopted boys and a variety o

  • Title: The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher
  • Author: Dana Alison Levy
  • ISBN: 9780804168663
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Perfect for fans of The Penderwicks and James Patterson s Middle School series, this seriously funny, anything but typical modern family adventure features two dads, four adopted boys, and a variety of pets.Meet the Fletchers Their year will be filled with new schools, old friends, a grouchy neighbor, hungry skunks, leaking ice rinks, school plays, wet cats, and scary talPerfect for fans of The Penderwicks and James Patterson s Middle School series, this seriously funny, anything but typical modern family adventure features two dads, four adopted boys, and a variety of pets.Meet the Fletchers Their year will be filled with new schools, old friends, a grouchy neighbor, hungry skunks, leaking ice rinks, school plays, wet cats, and scary tales told in the dark There s Sam, age twelve, who s mostly interested in soccer, food, and his phone Jax, age ten, who s psyched for fourth grade and thinks the new neighbor stinks, and not just because of the skunk Eli, age ten but younger than Jax , who s thrilled to be starting this year at the Pinnacle School, where everyone s the smart kid and Frog not his real name , age six, who wants everyone in kindergarten to save a seat for his invisible cheetah Also Dad and Papa The Family Fletcher is fun to know.

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    1. Well, I wrote this book. So you know, I'm pretty fond of it. Why do I think it's so great? HmmmI'll be honest, I am a sucker for "comfort food" books - you know, books you can curl up with and feel like the world is an okay place for a little while. Some of my favorite books growing up were Elizabeth Enright's MELENDY QUARTET (including THE SATURDAYS and THE FOUR-STORY MISTAKE), Edward Eager's HALF MAGIC, Sydney Taylor's ALL OF A KIND FAMILY series. When I started writing about the Fletchers I w [...]

    2. We hit the jackpot for audiobooks on our recent vacation. We listened to this one on our way home, the second audio in a row containing a curmudgeonly old man and the second excellent middle grade story. In this one, we follow the Fletcher family through an entire school year. This non-traditional family has two fathers, but the focus was really on the children, each of whom had his own issues to overcome. I liked that this highlighted different strengths and personality traits in each child, th [...]

    3. I think my new litmus test for whether someone is a decent soul will be to make him read this book and then ask, "Is that not the most delightfully funny, sweet, heart-warming story you've ever read in your life? WELL? ISN'T IT?" And if they say no, OK then *ahem* nice knowing you, buddy. This book has no agenda other than to present a beautifully rendered portrait of family life. The Fletcher bond is an especially tough cement mixed from love, kindness, patience, chaos, and stinky sneaker fun [...]

    4. Pretty much damn near the perfect middle-grade. Follow the lives of the four Fletcher boys, Sam, Jax, Eli, and Frog and their two Dads (the kids are all adopted) over the course of a school year. Each boy struggles with his own hurdles, from finding new interests, to difficulty with friends, to trying out a new school, but it all blends together perfectly in a show of everyday family life. Each chapter opens with a note, e-mail, or text from one character to another (or from one of the fathers t [...]

    5. Back in 2005, Jeanne Birdsall did such a good job of updating the traditional "family novel" that her effort, The Penderwicks, won the National Book Award for Young People. I am, *ahem*, kind of a Penderwicks fan, but I have to give some credence to one of the most common critiques of the series: that in attempting to establish a "timeless" tone, Birdsall actually fails to create an accurate portrait of the modern world. There are cell phones and computers in Penderwickia, but they are rarely us [...]

    6. I absolutely adored this book, to the point where, when I came to the end, I refused to read the acknowledgments - I couldn't stand the reminder that these characters were only fictional creations! I really WANTED them to be real, because I loved them all so much, every single member of this wonderful, wacky family. (Maybe especially Frog, the six-year-old, but only because he reminded me *so much* of another kid the same age whom I know and love in real life…)I can't count how many times I la [...]

    7. My family and I adored this book, and it was with great sighing sadness that we turned the last page, and ended our visit with the loveable Fletchers. In fact, along with their Dads, I got a little choked up at the parting. Four boys. Four distinct but entwined adventures in pet acquisition, neighbor diplomacy, friendship navigation, begging for experiences that don't deliver all that was dreamed, new talent discovery, and valiant attempts at family cooking, just to name a few! The book abounds [...]

    8. In the tradition of Jeanne Birdsall or Hilary McKay, Dana Alison Levy draws a loving portrait of a boisterous family. Two dads, four adopted boys, a grumpy neighbor, and an awesome cupcake baking aunt that lives in NYC (along with various pets) fill the pages of this school year long adventure. I cheered for each boy's individual arc as they started new schools, tried out new activities, made real friends, and always circled back to the foundation of the home their dads built for them.A wonderfu [...]

    9. Oh so lovely. More books like this, please. Books where "non-traditional" families are presented in super straightforward, low key ways. Where the book isn't about "OMG LOOK AT THIS NON-TRADITIONAL FAMILY WITH LGBTQ PEOPLE IN IT!" Instead, it's all like, "Hey, look at these interesting characters with quirky personalities doing funny things and sad things and living their lives!" Every character in the Family Fletcher is memorable. I loved coasting along with them for a year, learning about thei [...]

    10. Beautiful, endearing novel about family. So very, very well done! I loved every member of this wonderful family. I rooted for each of them, celebrated them, smiled so big it hurt my cheeks. This is what family is. Loved the noisy, messy mumble jumble of every day love and family connection explored in this book. A happy, hilarious MG read.

    11. More books about non-traumatic domestic infant-or-very-young adopted children, please! I love focused on adoption stories, but I'd ALSO love some more where it's just part of who they are, and not the main focus of their story!Thanks for the rec, Jasmine!

    12. I loved this book! What a wonderful portrayal of a diverse family that focuses more on their adventures than on their diverse makeup. There need to be more books like this, featuring a blended family that happens to be made up of gay parents, four adopted sons (one Indian, one African American, one jock who happens to love musicals and one gifted student grappling with what that means) plus a cat and a dog and a cranky next door neighbor. What a valuable understanding for young readers, that a f [...]

    13. Right now, I am rather annoyed at this book for the way the character Eli was handled. I doubt if there could be many more smart kid stereotypes used for him. I am also very annoyed at the way the school for gifted kids was described - no playground, no recess, bathroom breaks that were timed, on and on - anything that could make the school sound like a prison, in direct contrast to the wonderful public school. I wonder if the author has actually ever visited a school for gifted kids or has inte [...]

    14. Really fantastic middle grade book about a family's year that feels both classic and modern. It reminded me of books like Elizabeth Enright's "The Saturdays" or Eleanor Estes' Moffats books, in that it's an ensemble cast -- all the children are important and have plots-- and incredibly cozy. But it also feels like it was written in the last decade, which is surprisingly difficult to find with middle grade books about a family. (I'm looking at you, Penderwicks.) The obvious thing is that the kids [...]

    15. Summary: The Fletcher family is just like any other family. Two parents, four kids, and several pets all running around living their day-to-day lives. Sam Fletcher is the oldest son and is excited for sixth grade and relishing in his popularity. Jax, fourth-grader, is having trouble with a challenging school assignment and his cantankerous elderly neighbor. Eli, also fourth-grader, is excited to start at his new school for intelligently gifted kids. And Frog, a kindergartner who has trouble diff [...]

    16. Meet the Fletchers. First there’s Sam – he’s 12 and likes soccer, food, and his phone. Then there’s Jax. He’s 10, and isn’t super excited about the new neighbor OR about the fact that Eli (also 10) will be going to a different school this year. Eli is going to the Pinnacle School this year – he’s excited because everyone there will be as smart as him. Youngest, Frog (no, not his real name) is ready for Kindergarten but is worried there won’t be a seat next to him for Flare, his [...]

    17. Cute realistic fiction for grades 3 to 6. I'm not the right audience, so it was just.te and squeaky clean, and it gave me a few chuckles. I can tell that this is just "misadventure" numero uno in what will be a series of books about this lovable family, but I won't be reading any more of them. I am THRILLED that it is an elementary book in which there are gay parents adopting children and that's not what the book is ABOUT at alljust considered normal. It's about time. :)

    18. The Fletchers are in the epicenter of the culture wars: a multi-faith family with two dads, three different ethnicities, and four adopted kids. And there are moments—when the whole family attends back-to-school night at Eli’s new school, for example—when that reality threatens to erupt into the novel. But it doesn’t.And that’s what makes Levy’s middle-grade debut so stunning. The family navigates Sam’s muddy leaps from soccer practice to musical rehearsals, Jax’s veterans project [...]

    19. I'm pleased to realize that this book is the start of a planned series about a family that lives in New England. Not surprisingly, with four adopted boys ranging in age from six to twelve, two pets, and two fathers, one a teacher and one who works from home, there are all sorts of occasions for joy and anxiety. After all, that's what happens in most families, right? It's the little moments that matter--one-on- one time with a parent, creating family traditions or cooking a special holiday dinner [...]

    20. I reviewed this for Horn Book concluding:Focusing each chapter on one boy while still keeping the whole family in the picture, Levy provides a compelling, compassionate, and frequently hilarious look at their daily concerns. Family rituals such as each boy getting the meal of his choice on the first day of school are presented with warmth and humor. By book’s end readers will want to be part of (or at least friends with) this delightful family. Also wrote on my HuffPo blog (huffingtonpost/moni [...]

    21. Eli is thrilled to start his new school for genius kids, but he's nervous about starting forth grade without his brother Jax. Jax is nervous about moving up to Upper El without Eli, so hopes that he can ride his older (cooler, soccer-star) brother's coattails to social prominence. That older brother lives and breathes soccer, but sixth grade may hold some new interests. And Frog starts kindergarten, where he makes a new friend who may or may not be imaginary. Meanwhile, Dad and Papa just want to [...]

    22. This book is what every activist has been arguing. LGBT families are just like any other family. They fight, they have their problems, and each person changes. But together they are a family. This book has been a pleasure to read!

    23. This is super cute, funny, diverse, and handles the emotional development of the boys in a wonderful way. Definitely love this one!

    24. Heute möchte ich euch ein besonders tolles Kinderbuch vorstellen, von dem ich richtig überzeugt wurde und denke, dass es Kindern, sowie Erwachsenen gefallen könnte. Der Titel ist hier Programm: es geht um die Familie Fletcher. Diese bietet die etwas andere Familien Konstellation, denn die vier Jungs haben zwei Väter und daher gibt es hier nicht das "übliche" Bild einer klassischen Familie. Das Buch ist abwechselnd in Kapiteln erzählt, die sich mit verschiedenen Dingen und Problemen der vie [...]

    25. Gentle, Funny, Realistic Tales of Family Loyalty and SupportThis is an episodic collection of domestic comedy vignettes that mostly feature the four sons in the family. We basically follow a year in the life of the Family Fletcher.Much can be made, I imagine, from the fact that this is a "modern" non-traditional family, which just means that the family unit is headed by a gay couple and includes four adopted sons. You have your standard issue traditional family comedies, (say, Birdsall's Penderw [...]

    26. The new school year is starting, and the Fletcher boys are getting ready. Frog is in kindergarten, Jax is in 4th grade, and Sam is in 6th grade. Eli is the same age as Jax but not at Grove School with the rest of them—he has chosed to go to the Pinnacle school for gifted students. He isn’t settling into the new school all that well, and starts to regret his choice, especially when his family storm the school (a chapter title!) and he has to explain not only that Frog is from India, all the b [...]

    27. 10 things I loved about THE MISADVENTURES OF THE FAMILY FLETCHER:1. I'm big on pranks and capers and hijinks. I love books that make me laugh until I cry over ridiculous situations or throw a hand over my mouth in glee as I watch an adventure unfold. This book - it had ALL THE SHENANIGANS. All of them. Read it. You'll see.2. Mr. Nelson, the grumpy old next door neighbor. I just love the grumpy old man character, and the scenes surrounding this guy, both silly and serious, were so well done. This [...]

    28. The Fletcher family is made up of four adopted children, Sam, age 12, Jax, age 10, Eli, also age 10, and Frog, age 6, and their two dads. In many ways this is a story about a family dealing with the hectic and crazy schedules brought on by four kids in school, and dealing with a rather cantankerous new neighbor who doesn't like noise or any disruption to his peace and quiet. That's not going so well, though, and already he's called the cops on them, certain they are trying to torment him.As the [...]

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