Oliver and his Egg

Oliver and his Egg In this follow up to Oliver and his Alligator Oliver spots a rock on the playground But it s not just any rock he s sure it s a dinosaur egg And once it hatches he has the best new friend he could a

  • Title: Oliver and his Egg
  • Author: Paul Schmid
  • ISBN: 9781423175735
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this follow up to Oliver and his Alligator, Oliver spots a rock on the playground But it s not just any rock he s sure it s a dinosaur egg And once it hatches, he has the best new friend he could ask for They sail to a deserted island and even launch into outer space But as great as it is to travel with his dinosaur alone, Oliver realizes that it is even fun whIn this follow up to Oliver and his Alligator, Oliver spots a rock on the playground But it s not just any rock he s sure it s a dinosaur egg And once it hatches, he has the best new friend he could ask for They sail to a deserted island and even launch into outer space But as great as it is to travel with his dinosaur alone, Oliver realizes that it is even fun when all of his friends bring their imaginations along for the ride

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    1. I host a rock painting activity every summer for children ages 2-5, 6-8, and 9-11. It is so nice to have a new story to share with the 2-5's. This one tickles the imagination and celebrates friendship. Oh, Oliver's egg is actually a ROCK!

    2. Oliver from Oliver and His Alligator returns in a second book. While on the playground, Oliver finds an egg, really a large smooth rock, that he imagines will hatch into a big orange-polka-dotted dinosaur. He would have a new friend and they would go on adventures together. As Oliver dreams of their adventures, the other children find that he is sitting on the “egg” waiting for it to hatch. So he tells them of his enormous dinosaur-sized dream and they all have to find eggs of their own.Schm [...]

    3. “Oliver and His Egg” shares the relationship between a young boy and his imaginary friend. Lost in his thoughts, Oliver is interrupted by a friend, who changes his perspective about what he is playing with. When he realizes this, Oliver opens up and is surrounded by his friends. This book can help teach students about how to be inclusive and also about using imagination.Activity:After reading the story, discuss with students how Oliver was playing alone, then with friends. Ask them what thin [...]

    4. Oliver and his Egg, by Paul Schmid, is a lovable tale about a young boy and his imagination. Upon finding a rock on the playground, young Oliver realizes that it is much more than a rock. Oliver and his new friend have some fantastical adventures together until suddenly the other children on the playground take notice. Now he must make a choice. This early reader tells the story through large double page pictures which are not elaborate pieces of art, but the use of white space helps to focus th [...]

    5. “Oliver and His Egg” is a story about a little boy named Oliver and his rock which he imagines is and egg that hatches into a friend. Throughout the story the reader sees all of Oliver’s adventures with his new friend. “Oliver and his Egg” is very simply written and illustrated with few words on each page and a lot of white space surrounding the pictures. In today’s world of television and video-games it is refreshing to read a book which encourages children to use their imagination. [...]

    6. When Oliver finds an egg he imagines all sorts of adventures with it. Unfortunately, it was adventures by himself with his imaginary animal. When his friends point out that his egg is just a rock, he discovers that he can have adventures not only with his imaginary animal but with all his friends and their rocks.What a gentle book about sharing one's self with one's friends. The pictures are so beautiful. There is a sparseness to Paul Schmid's drawings that lend just the right feel of a little b [...]

    7. A sweet, charming story._Oliver_ touches upon loneliness without beating the reader over the head with it. There's a moral here, to be sure: make friends, it's better not to be alone. But there's also the sweetness of imaginary play.My one critique of the art is use of thought bubbles. They're vague, not really bubble-like at all, and it can be difficult for a young reader to separate real from imagined on the early spreads. I loved the real rock photograph set against the soft chalk sketches an [...]

    8. This pastel-rich picturebook follows Oliver as he imagines a rock to be an egg with a pet dinosaur.The simple text to tell a more complex story is excellently executed with the illustrations expanding on the narrative. The green to indicate imagination contrasts greatly with the ample use of white space.With such effect techniques, I expected the picturebook to have more of a lasting impression, but the story just falls flat instead of really pushing the imagination.

    9. Oliver found an egg! His imagination takes off with a new friend that is inside his egg. A playground friend asks why Oliver has a rock and everyone enjoys a new adventure.Soft and sweet illustrations tell the fanciful tale of a rock. Oliver has a great imagination and it's a fun story to share. Definitely could be used as a springboard for an art project or creative writing lesson. 2015 Theme: SweatersReviewed from a library copy.

    10. I simply can't look at the cover of Oliver and His Egg written and illustrated by Paul Schmid without smiling. Oliver, his dinosaur and his other playmates are adorable with a capital A. Schmid's mastery of words opening the narrative door for a higher illustrative impact strikes a chord in his readers' collective hearts. Huge hugs to Oliver in his latest title. My full review: bit/1mOQzfF

    11. Happy to see that Oliver is coming right along with his childhood socialization, and that his imagination is still vivid and sweet. Also, keep ahold of that hairy sweater, kid - it's a classic.Paul Schmid's minimalist, toothy pastel pencil line, his fat shapes and caressable curves, his soothing but not icky pastel colors - all do my heart good.

    12. Oliver finds a rock and imagines it's an egg that hatches a dinosaur-like best friend with which he will have many adventures. I like the simple concept, the interaction with nature, and the nearly wordless imaginary fun that Oliver and his soon-to-be friend engage in. Pastel pencil artwork and digital color combine to create a beautiful book for PreK-2.

    13. I liked this one more than Oliver and His Alligator…I love the imagination-filled dreams Oliver has with his special eggs and I especially like that he is brave enough to share those ideas with his friends.

    14. Really sweet book about imagination. I didn't know it was a rock not egg until it was pointed out. Fun to read for storytime though the older kids (ages 3 to 5) got more out of it then the toddlers. Used for egg storytime, also good for imagination, friends, play.

    15. Oliver finds a rock that wasn't any rock was his egg. Oliver imagined that he would have a new friend to go adventures with and explore the world. What happens with Oliver's human friends find him with his rock????

    16. I like it, I don't love it. I would pick it for a one-on-one read in a heartbeat, but I don't see it working for storytime; however, the concept is so bang-on age appropriate and the illustrations so charming that I would try it anyway if it fit the theme of the day.

    17. A sweet little story of how Oliver finds a rock shaped like an egg and imagines what will hatch and what he and his new buddy will do together.

    18. There's nothing particularly special about this book but it's a cute fast read. The art style is simplistic but very cute. Would recommend.

    19. Love the children who are Oliver's friends. Ethnically diverse and so sweet! Oliver is a dreamy boy and this books shows kids that that's okay!

    20. Ehhhht a fan of this one. It's great to see Oliver's imagination at work, but I think I like my stories with just a few more words.

    21. When I pick up a Paul Schmid book I know I will be quietly charmed -- this book definitely followed suit.

    22. ometimes the perfect book is the one that fuels your imagination. Oliver is back and he's found a rock - or is it an egg? You decide!

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