A Lot of Pride and Some Prejudice

A Lot of Pride and Some Prejudice On the verge of losing her home and her position in society Miss Portia Thorpe is fighting all her battles with her very heart When Lord Salisbury is offering his friendship and support she develops

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  • Title: A Lot of Pride and Some Prejudice
  • Author: Petronela Ungureanu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On the verge of losing her home and her position in society, Miss Portia Thorpe is fighting all her battles with her very heart When Lord Salisbury is offering his friendship and support, she develops a most unsuitable inclination towards him Surrounded by uncertainty and some very strange events, Portia must face the future where her estate, Valhalla, lost at poker by hOn the verge of losing her home and her position in society, Miss Portia Thorpe is fighting all her battles with her very heart When Lord Salisbury is offering his friendship and support, she develops a most unsuitable inclination towards him Surrounded by uncertainty and some very strange events, Portia must face the future where her estate, Valhalla, lost at poker by her father, gets a new mysterious owner Will she manage to find her place in the new order of things Will she accept an unexpected marriage proposal, just to save her home With some pride, a little prejudice and all the courage in the world, she will eventually find a solution.

    One thought on “A Lot of Pride and Some Prejudice”

    1. This book is a quick and easy read at only 54 pages.Sometimes when you read short stories like this you feel like they are just rushing the story but it is not the case with A lot of pride and some prejudice. This book is very well done. I do not often read historical romance but I love this one. I will be looking for more of books by Petronela Ungureanu.I highly recommend this

    2. arc received in exchange for an honest review whilst this is not my usual type of book I must admit I really liked it at times it shocked me and I wanted to belt her father over the head with something, this book although short keeps you wanting more my only wish is that it was longer great book 4 well deserved stars lover of romance and historians this one is right up your street

    3. I enjoyed the story but there were problems. The language felt wrong to the period and in some parts it felt like scenes were missing. It's quite hard for me to explain. If it's due to translation or english language barrier it would make sense. Some parts felt rushed or/and incomplete. I would've liked a longer and better edited version.

    4. This story is going to be a familiar read to any Jane Austen fan. The characters are written a bit different but the idea is still delivered. I know my rating seems low but I was really let down by this book. I didn't pay for this book but I try to be honest in my reviews to give another an example of my experience. The author is brave with her book because it left me at a loss in fact this is my revised review as I thought there was a sequel. It left so many unanswered questions the main one be [...]

    5. Oy, where to start? Have you read or seen the book/movie(s) Pride & Prejudice? If you loved that one, you’ll definitely enjoy Petronela’s story. A lot of Pride and Prejudice is a story about Portia who is faced with the worse choice in her life. Her father has gambled everything away, and they’re about to lose the mansion Valhalla, their home. IF Portia wants to keep it, she has to marry a wealthy man, and her father has found just the perfect one…. Except… Portia really don’t wa [...]

    6. I received this book from Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock to give an honest review.I really love historical romances so this book was right up my alley. It had everything a historical romance should. I was really invested in Portia's character and the struggles that she faced living as a woman in this period of time. The writing was fabulous and the reading went quickly. The reason this book didn't get get 5 stars is simple. I hated how the book ended and I also hated how short it was. [...]

    7. With a feel of a mystery this is a clever twist on a regency romance. We have the usual rotter in the form of the heroine Portia’s father, who has ruined his family with his gambling. Portia is very likeable, and you want things to work out for her as she battles through the unpleasant things she has to contend with in that time period, not to mention the ‘bad luck’ that besets her. Phillip the hero is charming. The characters and story hooks you in. This is a love story, a story of unrequ [...]

    8. Reviewer: Liz - Magic Within The PagesRating: 5 StarsI wasn't sure what to expect when I first started this book but I was pleasantly surprised!I love the time period this book was set in, Petronela captured this era perfectly ! I enjoyed the mystery, I found myself guessing what might happen next. This book although it may be short it kept me going my only problem was it was too short I wanted so much more. I enjoy historical romances as I'm a sucker for all things historical and ancient. It su [...]

    9. What an absolutely fabulous and fun read this was. I enjoyed the mystery of the story with the amazing twists and turns that went along the way. I must also say that I am a sucker for this time period as well. I love how they dress and talk and it's just such a fascinating period that I wish I lived in. Though not in the predicament that Portia was in. This was a remarkable story with incredible characters that had me entertained from beginning to end. I really enjoyed this story a lot and I hig [...]

    10. I'm very particular of historical romances. I took a chance with this one. I haven't regretted it. Like the title, it certainly has that Jane Austen feel to it. It is beautifully and eloquently written which is quite pleasing.Portia, the female protagonist is a likable character in addition to her very handsome romantic interest, Phillip Salisbury. There are enough twists and turns to keep you captivated despite the short length. But don't be mistaken. It is an entire story. Highly recommended f [...]

    11. This charming novella reads like fan fiction for Jane Austen, but at the same time, it has Petronela's magical touch. There's always a little mystery and magic in the background, if not in the foreground, when the work of Petronela Ungureanu is involved. It certainly doesn't read like a novel written by a person who is not a native English speaker. I recommend it for fans of mystery, suspense and Regency romance. An exquisite piece of Regency fiction.

    12. A Lot of Pride and Some Prejudice by Petronela Ungureanu is short, but very well written love story. Unrequited love, but a love story nonetheless. The author remains in character and costume through the entire telling, never missing a beat. I have read many timely books that miss a reference or two, but this one catches them all. I would not mind reading more of this incredible story.

    13. What a great read, I really enjoyed the twists and turns. This book was a nice treat for me. The romance is bitter sweet. I fell in love with the main character, she is intelligent and talented. She was courageous when standing up to her father in this time period. I am hoping for a book number two I would love to see this story continue.

    14. This was more than a Regency romance, it was also a very clever mystery with a lot of turn of events. I cared for Portia and Lord Salisbury was a very intriguing character. I only wish the author had made it longer. More please.

    15. A lot of exposition and some plotI snagged this book to complete an author name challenge ("U"!), and if it wasn't for that challenge, I would have deleted it by page two. What little plot exists is not interesting in the least. It attempted to be a romance book, but wasn't, yet I don't know what else you could classify it as. Some pages are just a wall of text with zero paragraph breaks. The story begins with three pages worth of a single paragraph of exposition. The ending was baffling and not [...]

    16. Portia Thorpe grudgingly agrees to a marriage arranged by her father to Lord Salisbury. He is much older than her and she has no interest in him; she just decides to do it for her father’s sake. But Portia changes her mind when she meets Lord Salisbury’s brother, Phillip. She feels an instant attraction to him and decides to back out of the marriage. However, things don’t always go as planned as there is a sudden death in Portia’s family that turns all her plans around.I was not expectin [...]

    17. Petronela Ungureanu introduced me to her take on a world I had long fell in love with when I first read an Austen novel. She did not disappoint me. I found her voice refreshing, believable and compelling.Portia was a strong character, and while at times I didn't envy some of the situations she was in, I did however fall for her. She was a very beautiful character, and one whom I easily felt a sense of empathy for. I DESPISED her father and would have easily put him down if I'd been given the cha [...]

    18. DisappointingFrom first to last this was disappointing and desperately needed an editor. An abrupt ending was the final straw in this story that could have been charming, but the typos and sentences that made no sense plus shifts where one had to re-read to figure out who were the people in the scene. Just a mess and if you love romance for the required happy ending don't bother with this novella. That is it's only saving grace--it is short.

    19. This was more of a prelude to a story than a real story. No real plotAlso, at the end when they knew they must spend the night together - did anyone remember there was still a 12 year old girl in the house having tea? Just kind of odd.

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