Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean

Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean A year old girl who wants her first kiss than anything gets diagnosed with Celiac disease prompting important considerations about her body and her Catholic faith Themes include faith choices an

  • Title: Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean
  • Author: Britt Leigh
  • ISBN: 9780819874917
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • A 14 year old girl who wants her first kiss than anything gets diagnosed with Celiac disease, prompting important considerations about her body and her Catholic faith Themes include faith, choices, and sex relationships.

    One thought on “Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean”

    1. The narrative in this novel deftly placed me inside the head of a 14-year-old Catholic girl wishing for her first kiss. Her illness complicates matters for her, but like the rest of us, something almost always does. My county library system had a copy of this book, which was a nice surprise.

    2. I'm not a teen, so I'm not the target audience. From an adult point of view the boy choices seemed simple. The bad boy, the lukewarm church boy and faithful church boy. There is a finding yourself in God theme, so the book is not about just choosing the right boy. I agree with context. I did, though, have to stop bringing up adult questions in my head and expecting a discussion. Such as, even faithful church people aren't as compatible for each other as they are on paper. Also, while the finding [...]

    3. Originally posted on my blogI read The Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean over the summer and didn’t like it. Like, at all. A couple days ago, I decided to reread it, and it was definitely better this time. Not perfect, but not totally hideous either.This is not a very long book. It took me maybe an hour and a half to read, two hours max, and while not very gripping, was reasonably fast-paced. That’s a good description of this book: not excellent, but not awful either. Somewhere plop i [...]

    4. On the one hand, this is a unique book in the YA fiction I've read to date. It's distinctly Catholic (without being too overbearing) and it has a voice that is all its own. In fact, I was a bit put off by that voice. I'm definitely not the target reading audience here, so I forgive the book its voice. Though none of the teens I work with have a voice like this, I don't see them in their native habitat. I see them in Confirmation classes, at family gatherings, outside of school. So let's say I li [...]

    5. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this book. It deals a lot with celiac disease & kissing/boys/dating in Junior high. Some people didn't like the tone or voice of the book, but I would have loved a book like this in junior high. I was reading books way over my understanding & age and NOTHING Catholic. I remember feeling exactly like the main character was without the good Catholic influence. I would probably consider it appropriate for grades 6-8 depending on where your daughter is as far [...]

    6. This is a great book for anyone to read. The storyline keeps you intent on finding out what happens next and is full of surprises and good humor. The narration from a young teenager's perspective is very realistic because it touches on many common facets of teenage life, such as relationships, school, and parental upbringing, and the struggles and joys of each. It also connects the dots between faith and life in general and shows how important it is to get to know people beyond the surface. Defi [...]

    7. This was a sweet book about a young Catholic teen encountering typical middle school experiences as well as finding out she has celiac disease and incorporating that into her identity and faith. The author dos a good job of writing her thoughts and experiences consistent with a middle schooler. The end was a little too neat but overall it was very sweet and well written.

    8. I liked the character and the voice in this book, but I felt that both the Theology of the Body and the celiac-disease issue were kind of overdone. It felt like the reader was being lectured sometimes. Also, there seemed to be a bit of snark on the author's part toward more-contemporary liturgy and liturgical music.

    9. I received this book for free from Giveaways. This was a very enjoyable book about a young Catholic girl who is struggling with her desire to be kissed and her desire to be a good girl.

    10. It is a Catholic YA novel aimed at the middle school crowd. I have mixed feelings about it.Full review at rannthisthat/2014

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