The Girl who Sang with Whales

The Girl who Sang with Whales Imagine an island world where the seas seethe with dangerous creatures where those rare men and women called Bard Navigators have learned to sing Whales to protect their ships Only on the wings of Ba

  • Title: The Girl who Sang with Whales
  • Author: Marc Secchia
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Imagine an island world where the seas seethe with dangerous creatures, where those rare men and women called Bard Navigators have learned to sing Whales to protect their ships Only on the wings of Bardsong can ships avoid the Sea Dragons and travel the great gulf between the Atolls scattered across the World Sea.I sang to the Sea She sang back to me,Tales and travails wImagine an island world where the seas seethe with dangerous creatures, where those rare men and women called Bard Navigators have learned to sing Whales to protect their ships Only on the wings of Bardsong can ships avoid the Sea Dragons and travel the great gulf between the Atolls scattered across the World Sea.I sang to the Sea She sang back to me,Tales and travails wreathed in mystery.Zhialeiana has an astonishing gift of song She can sing the unique songs of the mighty and magical creatures of the World Sea She can touch their souls When her gift is discovered at her mother s funeral, the current of her life begins to sweep her to a future that she could never have imagined She must navigate both opportunity and danger, and lay her life on the line for the Whales she loves But Zhialeiana also has a toxic secret a secret that will force her to undertake a journey beyond faith, beyond all hope, and beyond the World Sea.Richly imagined and evocative, the first volume in the IsleSong series The Girl who Sang with Whales, will transport you to an unspoiled island world where danger can, and does, lurk beneath every wave.

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    1. The Girl Who Sang with Whales, IsleSong Book 1 by Marc Secchia, is an epic YA fantasy about a young woman named Zhisu and her coming of age story in a sea-faring world.Zhisu lives with her mother on the outermost tiny island of their atoll group. On the far side of their spit of sand is The Deep, a stretch of sea that no one from her archipelago ever crosses. During an encounter with a huge whale during a routine fishing trip, Zhisu uses her marvelous singing voice to coax the whale into saving [...]

    2. I was provided a copy of this book for my honest, nonreciprocal review. I rate it as five stars. The Girl Who Sang With Whales targets teen and preteen female readers. It is rich with descriptive detail, emotions and thoughts of the main character, and it transports the reader to an alien world, though not completely unlike ours. It would not be considered an American YA novel, since it doesn’t deal with a lot of the romance that typically follow in those stories. I would describe it more as d [...]

    3. I have to say I love the ocean and everything about it. This tale takes place in an island nation so I automatically took a liking to it. There is sadness at the beginning when Zhialeiana’s mother passes away, leaving the young lady to look after herself. Having no remaining family to care for her, she heads for a new island to find work.Zhialeiana is a very special girl and a loveable character. She has a special look about her, and she also has an amazing ability to communicate with sea life [...]

    4. A weakness that is common to many fantasy stories is that much time is spent on the fantastical elements, while most of the characters are either two-dimensional or come across as mere caricatures. This is far from the case with The Girl Who Sang with Whales. Marc Secchia’s excellent novel combines a richly-detailed alternate world, with a slew of well-drawn and well-thought out characters. The story takes place in a world dominated by the ocean. The people live on islands of varying sizes tha [...]

    5. This review was given in exchange for a free copy of the book. The girl who Sang with Whales began with some of the most beautiful ocean scenes I've ever read and a world that seemed utterly alien though there were hints it might be a little more familiar than it first appeared. Even though there is a lot of unfamiliar terminology that, with another writer's prose, would make the world sound contrived, the unfamiliar words only enhance enjoyment and make your immersion into the world smoother fo [...]

    6. Here's the essence of my review: This book is just plain excellent.Writing Style:The author's style of writing in this book is perfect for fantasy. I'd describe it as flowing, rich, and full. The whole time you're reading, you get a constant flow of the main character's inner dialog. It really gives you a sense of knowing the character personally. In addition, the author does a great job of integrating descriptions of every aspect of the world he's creating into the flow of the narrative. You ca [...]

    7. Ocean-eyes Enchants!The lyrical first volume in the new and quite original Islesong fantasy series, The Girl who Sang with Whales is beautifully written and follows the life-current of a young girl with a unique gift. 'Zhisu' for short, Zhialeiana-Susurrus lives alone with her mother on the last tiny island of the last small atoll, on the edge of the great Deep of the World Ocean. Dangers abound, and Zhisu is challenged by them to dive deep for the last of her courage. Sea-dragons are the very l [...]

    8. Oh Crabshells! What a great book! The Girl Who Sang With Whales is set in a world of water where all know human civilization lives on small islands and their entire world view incorporates the sea. Fishing and inter-island trading are two very important activities and one of the most important persons in this world is the bard-navigator who can sing to whales. In this world this is mainly a man’s job and generally a man who comes from the city so it is quite remarkable when a small girl from a [...]

    9. Loved itWish the sequel was out. Great story filled with amazing twists you don't expect. Can't wait to continue the journey

    10. The Girl Who Sang With Whales was very well-written, but it was hard for me to get through.Pros: -The world-building was amazing and incredibly thorough. The series takes place on and around several islands. The characters' worlds are completely tied to the sea, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The writing completely immerses you in the island way of life and the connection to the sea. There are nautical-themed phrases that parallel phrases that are used in our everyday lives. For examp [...]

    11. I'll confess that I had bought Marc's books for my eldest daughter originally, since it was made clear to me that his works targeted her age and gender. Yet, I found myself reading his books with a happy smile on my face and I couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with me as a grown man! I have been enjoying his Shioni of Sheba series, partly due to the unique Ethiopian context and its unique blend of legend, history and culture, which not only makes for a different and refreshing read, it is [...]

    12. A beautifully unique adventure for young adult readersThe Girl Who Sang With Whales is a story like no other. It follows the adventure of a girl born into an island culture with strong ties to nature, particularly the ocean. The main character of the story, Zhialeiana, has a bond even stronger to the sea. She bears remarkable qualities of aquatic life, such as one webbed foot and unusual eyes and most notably she can sing in a way that speaks to the animals of the ocean. At her mother's funeral [...]

    13. A beautiful tale with an atmosphere that catches you from the very first page. Marc Secchia truly creates another world - I would highly recommend this book and am interested to see what the rest of the series will bring.

    14. Full Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review (also because I squeeed on Twitter about how good it looked, but I don't have a Kindle).Overall: This book is beautifully written, but it felt a bit like a Prologue to the real story, which begins in the last couple chapters and ends with a cliffhanger (I hate cliffhangers in the first book). Will I read the next one? HECK YES. Hopefully it'll come out on Nook, because like I said: No Kindle.The reason for three stars [...]

    15. I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved this story right up to the non-ending. It was beautiful and the world was just fantastic. Wow, does this author ever have an imagination! I loved that it was fantasy with out being high fantasy. The book doesn't have too many characters with too many names to remember. Instead it has a beautiful, foreign setting that really feels real with well-developed, lovable characters and an exciting adventure that will appeal to anyone who likes to dream about 'what if? [...]

    16. A story for anyone who loves the ocean and its whales, salt water in their hair, and the gentle rasp of beach sand between their bare toes. This story will transport you to a beautiful, unspoiled ocean world where people have to rely on Whales to travel between the islands. A world where danger can, and does, lurk beneath any wave.[Update: Dec 2013] Now available in print and Kindle. Join Zhialeiana in the first volume of IsleSong: The Girl who Sang with Whales!

    17. 3.5 stars really. I found myself skipping parts to return to the main part of the story. There is a lot of rambling thoughts, that in my opinion, are unnecessary and detract from the story. On the whole, I have read everything this author writes. I look forward to the sequel of this story, because it ends with a cliff hanger, reader beware!

    18. So stunningly beautiful, I have no words to describe my delight in reading The Girl who Sang with Whales. My only hope is that time goes by fast, until the next book appears before my eyes. March Secchia, I thank you. This is truly a book full of magic, wonder, delight, sorrow, despair, anger, laughter, music, hardships, friendships, family and love.

    19. EnjoyableThis was a free kindle book and in this case I certainly got more than what I paid for. A good story, likable characters and beautiful surroundings all contribute to an enjoyable beginning for Secchia's Islesong series. I am looking forward to the next installment.

    20. No disappointment here.Just as good and enveloping as Aranya. Can't wait for the second (but would be thrilled, ecstatic, over-the-moon fangirling if Aranya's and Zhialeianna's worlds collided!)

    21. I only read about 25% of this book but didn't quite care for it. I usually will read at LEAST 40% before deciding to kill it, but I have TOO much other books to read!

    22. ReviewI really like this author. I have enjoyed his series about the Dragons . I would recommend him to anyone for a good read.

    23. Unique Nautical FantasyI feel like this book is very unique. There is not another fantasy book like it that I have come across. I can't wait for the next book in this series.

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