Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows -- Collector's Edition

Tower of the Hand A Flight of Sorrows Collector s Edition You asked for it and you got it One year ago we published Tower of the Hand A Flight of Sorrows as an ebook bringing together leading voices from ToweroftheHand A Podcast of Ice and Fire WinterIs

  • Title: Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows -- Collector's Edition
  • Author: Marc N. Kleinhenz John Jasmin Stefan Sasse Miles Schneiderman Amin Javadi Mimi Hoshut Douglas Cohen Alexander Smith
  • ISBN: 9780615890005
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • You asked for it, and you got it.One year ago, we published Tower of the Hand A Flight of Sorrows as an ebook, bringing together leading voices from ToweroftheHand, A Podcast of Ice and Fire, WinterIsComing, and InnattheCrossroads to blow open George R.R Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire Now we re adding special guests, essays, and even behind thYou asked for it, and you got it.One year ago, we published Tower of the Hand A Flight of Sorrows as an ebook, bringing together leading voices from ToweroftheHand, A Podcast of Ice and Fire, WinterIsComing, and InnattheCrossroads to blow open George R.R Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire Now we re adding special guests, essays, and even behind the scenes information on just how this massive joint venture got off the ground in the first place.Even better, we went through all the old material and spruced it up Think of this as the director s cut of the original book, polished and improved for your total reading pleasure.And what truly makes this a special collector s edition is the simple fact that it will only be available until November 1, 2013 After that day, THIS PRINT VERSION WILL NEVER BE OFFERED AGAIN not in any shape, not in any way, not in any form.Still want info on what s on tap Here s the original product listing for the original, ebook version of A Flight of Sorrows Please to enjoy For the past seven years, we at ToweroftheHand have prided ourselves on being a premiere source of A Song of Ice and Fire analysis, information, and speculation There has been nearly a metric ton of essays, forum posts, and encyclopedia entries logged at the site to date, all designed to give the hardest of the core fan the most rewarding experience possible while reading George R.R Martin s seminal novels.And now we re taking all those years of mastery and applying them to a book Tower of the Hand A Flight of Sorrows takes five of the site s most prolific authors including its two founders and draws out their best, most in depth work yet Unlike other Ice and Fire compendiums, the focus of these essays is on the narrative, character, and thematic elements of the story itself, as opposed to the literary aspects surrounding the books.Even better, the TOTH editors are joined by some of their good friends, who just so happen to be leading voices in the Game of Thrones community A Podcast of Ice and Fire co hosts Amin Javadi and Mimi Hoshut, WinterIsComing founder Phil Bicking, and A Feast of Ice and Fire co author Chelsea Monroe Cassel, along with noted fantasy editor and author Douglas Cohen.Altogether, the book s eight authors and two special guests cover a wide gamut of subjects and perspectives, from the most obvious to the most subtle, challenging readers to look at the novels they love so much in entirely new and enriching ways.

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    1. Read This Review & More Like It At Ageless Pages ReviewsA Flight of Sorrows collects eight essays based on George R.R. Martin's ASoIaF series, written by the superfans at Tower of the Hand. TotH is my favorite ASoIaF fanpage, and I've thoroughly exhausted their archives, so I was very excited to see new theories with information up through A Dance With Dragons. Unfortunately, while most of the actual essays were well thought out and introduced some new discussion topics, the overall book fel [...]

    2. Excellent stuff. If you think you are waiting too long for The Winds of Winter and the fourth Dunk and Egg novella and the World of Ice and Fire encyclopedia or if you feel like your life needs more Ice and Fire in order to fully function (I am guilty of both charges), then you have the utmost obligation to check this one out. A great testament by the (super)fans to the Ice and Fire saga. Theories, some of them are arguably crackpot, are explained with such, admittedly, vast research and thus hi [...]

    3. An interesting collection of essays based on one of my favourite book series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin.My favourite essays were Daggers in the Dark by Miles Schneiderman, The Telltale Knight by Mimi Hoshut, The Prince that Illyrio Promised by Alexander Smith and Under the Bleeding Star by Stefan Sasse.

    4. For reference, I'm a super fan. I've read every book and every novella (and most of GRRM's other published works). I've watched every episode of the show. I listen to the full series (via audiobook) at least once a year and have done so since around 2004. I've even played the horrible PC games that came out a few years back. I know my SoIaF lore.Pros: - There's some great information in here. I'd say the ideal target audience is someone who has read the books, read the Dunk and Egg novellas, wat [...]

    5. I was excited about this book and I am happy to say it did not disappoint. You really need to be a fan-no, not someone who likes the show- but a hardcore-read and re-read the books kind of fan in order to enjoy A Flight of Sorrows. You should also have read the Dunk and Egg tales (if you don't know who Dunk and Egg are shame on you!)I liked that the essays covered a variety of topics. While I liked all of them,I especially enjoyed "Under the Bleeding Star" and "The Telltale Knight" because the p [...]

    6. The Tower of the Hand, along with westeros, The Podcast of Ice and Fire, Not a Blog, and the Boiled Leather Audio Hour, is an amazing spot for ASOIAF fans. For years, the contributors have been writing family trees, chapter summaries, theories, and essays for us dedicated fans. Now, with the release of their first essay collection, "Tower of the Hand: A flight of Sorrows", they once again ignite the passion and imagination for the thousands of fans.The collection contains 8 essays from prolific [...]

    7. second book about the ASOIAF series I read after the professional Beyond the Wall and while it has entertaining value, the amateurishness here is quite painful on occasion. At best when it takes the series as given and discusses aspects of it (most notably prophecies and the Dunk and Egg essays) but descending into utter silliness in some essays (the one about crime detection for example where a pro with knowledge about medieval criminal law and application could have brought something to light, [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book. I read all of the Ice and Fire books just before the first season of Game of Thrones came out and have lurked on the Tower of the Hand website here and there. While I appreciated the depth of the books (though I was not a fan of books 4 and 5), I have analyzed them as thoroughly as the authors of the essays do here. Gave me some excellent insights into the series and an even greater appreciation for the power of the themes.

    9. If your a fan of George RR Martin's Ice and Fire series then I would recommend picking this up (or downloading it to your device). It is a great companion piece to the novels consisting of a series of essays by various authors covering several subjects such as infidelity in Westeros to the parallels of the Dunk and Egg tales to the current stories.

    10. Touch and go, I was in this period where I was so ASOIAF/Game of Thrones hungry that I would read pretty much anything. It's obviously a cut above most of this kind of work, so if you are looking for something in the realm of essays about the books/show, this is the place to go.

    11. Intersting collection of essays about GRRM A Song of Ice and Fire, I would have given it 5 stars but I wished it was longer.

    12. Was pretty good, actually would have liked it to be a bit longer and go more in depth into some of the theories, but overall I enjoyed it.

    13. Good stuff. Learned a lot, and even more importantly, got a good reference for the next books on the subject. Shorter than I thought it would be, but every essay was worthwhile and insightful.

    14. Mostly high-quality writing, although one essay was so bad I couldn't finish it. The good far outweighed the bad, though, so I'd recommend this to all ASOIAF fans.

    15. Some of the essays were stronger than others, but all were intriguing and a great read! Felt like a good conversation about the series - in-depth and silly and philosophical by turns.

    16. A Song of Ice and Fire nerd crack. If you do not analyze the series with this much precision and passion, you're probably not a true fan :D

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