The President's Killers

The President s Killers The President is gunned down before his eyes and the whole country believes he s the assassin Nobody knows he is an innocent new recruit with a secretive government intelligence agency The agency insi

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  • Title: The President's Killers
  • Author: Karl Jacobs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The President is gunned down before his eyes and the whole country believes he s the assassin Nobody knows he is an innocent new recruit with a secretive government intelligence agency The agency insists it has never heard of him All Denny Kinney knows is every law enforcement officer in the country wants to put a bullet in him If he wants to live, he must elude a massThe President is gunned down before his eyes and the whole country believes he s the assassin Nobody knows he is an innocent new recruit with a secretive government intelligence agency The agency insists it has never heard of him All Denny Kinney knows is every law enforcement officer in the country wants to put a bullet in him If he wants to live, he must elude a massive manhunt and he and girlfriend Meesh Walker must slip into Washington, D.C to try to discover who framed him and who is really responsible for the President s murder It is a novel that may leave you wondering all over again if we will ever know the whole truth about the assassinations of President John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King or any other historic event where there are are disturbing unanswered questions.

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    1. Denny Kinney lands what he thinks may be a great job, but he is told that he can't talk about it to anyone. He is to be a part-time employee of a top-secret government agency, much like the Secret Service and FBI. He is sent on various oddly fruitless missions until he finds himself embroiled in the assassination of the President. He has been set up, but the whole country believes he is the killer. He has to elude the authorities and try to find the men who set him up, enlisting the help of his [...]

    2. It was a slow start but once I got into the book I wanted to know what happened. It has a very surprise ending, which I am not going to reveal. I would read more books from Karl Jacobs.

    3. Good readOverall good story with a plausible plot, can't go wrong with this story. Take a chance on the author. You won't be disappointed

    4. Fast PacedSo, when will the movie come out? I truly could not put this book down. I really liked the main character, Kinney, because he is so innocent and seemingly in the dark about what's really going on. I found myself telling him to wise up. I favor survival stories of all kinds and was holding my breath while he was trying to escape from the authorities. Thank you, Mr. Jacobs, for an entertaining read. My only concern is you did not resolve the cat's situation. I doubt he was left to starve [...]

    5. Thought provokingthis is a new author for me and would recommend you give him a try. fast paced thriller that captures you immediately and brings you into the murky world of power in government that we know so little about. enjoyable read about conspiracies in the search for power will make you think about how little we truly know about the truth of some historical events. a page from the Warren commission to make you think. Will read this book again. saved in my favorites.

    6. Excellent read.I truly enjoyed this book. it seemed pretty realistic in the way the characters reacted to the changing situations presented. the main character was an average man who found himself caught up in a terrifying situation. governmental reaction was rendered as it typically is in fiction, as they concentrated all their focus on a single subject instead of keeping their options open. I recommend this book to those who enjoy political fiction.

    7. The Presidents Killers"The Presidents Killers" is a political intrigue thriller. It isn't as violent as the title might suggest. Violence is, of course, intrinsic to the story, but is not explicitly described in detail - not too gory. The story is an interesting turn of events which in light of the confusion surrounding the Kennedy killing seems quite plausible. Though it seemed a little light, I like political intrigue as a genre and enjoyed this book.

    8. Interesting plot twist regarding a topic many of us watched as we grew up.Character development was well done. My only criticism would be the main protagonists quick turn from clueless 'schoolboy' to a quick-thinking fighter. The plot reminded me of a move called "A Parallax View", but will a significant plot change. It will leave the reader thinking about what might really be going on behind the scenes.

    9. I was intrigued by the premise of this book. I have never believed the official government story of the JFK assassination nor the events of 9/11. Both the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission are frauds. Too many unanswered questions remain that defy common sense. So, I thought this book was very believable. It was a page-turner and definitely a good read.

    10. A few people in my office have read this book and could not stop talking about it. We all loved it. Karl Jacobs knows how to write a fast-paced mystery that will keep you reading late into the night.

    11. I liked the book very much.I thought for the most part it kept your interest, especially the way he kept one step ahead of every one looking for him. I had a hard time getting to know the characters in the beginning.

    12. Political intrigue rasing questions.I will read almost any book about White House stories. This brings together a new set of characters in a very well thought out series of events.

    13. Political suspense.At times it was really slow going, but last half kept me at the edge of my seat. Secret service agents with the insider help doing there job? Ending was good, but what happened to Doc?

    14. Good ideas, the execution needs some workThis book had some great conspiracy ideas, but they weren't fleshed out very well. The secret service agents backstory was thin and the characters weren't well developed. I liked the plot, but it seemed to stall early in the book.

    15. This is a great book for anyone one who enjoys fast-paced thrillers with engaging characters. Denny and his girlfriend face overwhelming odds, and their clever schemes kept me reading right through to the end! Well-written and very exciting - loved it!

    16. Loved this book! The characters and the plot were engaging, and the intrigue kept me reading right through the night. Jacobs' book is perfect for anyone who enjoys Patterson, Coben, Woods. So glad I found this book!

    17. I found this book a very enjoyable, light read. The plot is entertaining, if a bit incredulous at times and the writing flows nicely allowing the reader to relax and be swept up in the tale.

    18. Great bookI enjoyed this book very much. It was hard to lay this book down I hope you enjoy this book as I did

    19. Pretty good read Enjoyable read. Pretty standard story but kept me entertained for a couple of days. Would be interested in a sequel

    20. WOW!I read this book in one day. I just could not stop until I reached the end. The author handled the many characters beautifully. The book was never boring. Highly recommended.

    21. The President's Killers reviewThe President's Killers is a fast paced action book full of political intrigue and suspense written by author Karl Jacobs.

    22. Quick read.Exciting and engaging the whole time. I enjoyed the style of writing because it was like the main character was someone I could relate to.

    23. It's a good book. But the characters feel bland and have no char development. But I still enjoy it and the ending is quite good. Anyway, cannot wait to read Mr Jacobs next book

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