PRIMAL Fury Beautiful young women are being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery by a ruthless crime syndicate that the law can t or won t touch But after years of terror and abuse one victim manages to strike

  • Title: PRIMAL Fury
  • Author: Jack Silkstone
  • ISBN: 9781477818176
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beautiful young women are being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery by a ruthless crime syndicate that the law can t or won t touch But after years of terror and abuse, one victim manages to strike back with the help of PRIMAL Now, the covert vigilante team lays siege to a medieval era castle where the barbarism of bygone ages is alive and well Once PRIMAL s deadly oBeautiful young women are being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery by a ruthless crime syndicate that the law can t or won t touch But after years of terror and abuse, one victim manages to strike back with the help of PRIMAL Now, the covert vigilante team lays siege to a medieval era castle where the barbarism of bygone ages is alive and well Once PRIMAL s deadly operatives bring high tech weapons and razor sharp combat drills into play, they teach the flesh trade slavers a lesson in preserving human rights and punishing inhuman wrongs But when one of the team trades valor for vengeance, it could jeopardize every member on the mission leaving them, and the prisoners they re fighting for, at the mercy of the criminal world s most ruthless the Yakuza.

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    1. I do not doubt all the 5 and 4 star reviews for this book (on ). If you like the Strikeback series on Cinemax, or the Mission Impossible movies, you will like the PRIMAL series of books. I would have also included the CHESS team books, like Pulse by Jeremy Robinson, but the PRIMAL stories are not so far over the top (not to knock the Chess team series, I love those books as well). The PRIMAL characters are real, they get hurt, and sometimes they die (no A-Team action here). This one packed a ver [...]

    2. I won this book in a first reads giveaway. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the writing and the level of detail presented throughout the story.The story focuses on PRIMAL, a small, international force that wages covert ops style warfare on criminal organizations around the world. In Primal Fury the enemy is a worldwide gang of human traffickers that kidnaps teenage girls and sells them into sexual slavery.The non-stop action is a bit over the top, but that's probably deserved given t [...]

    3. Stunningly well written with a excellent action and plot. The expansion of the Primal Team is very nice.Great theme and well researched.Look forward for the next books.

    4. A REAL A - TEAM. "They burned us again, Hannibal. We trusted the system, and it turned on us". - Murdoch. " I would never tell him this, but they are the best clandestine unit in the four branches, and they specialize in the ridiculous." - Sosa. Life is not fair. One of the great appeals of fiction, and make believe is the escapist factor. Evil runs free when good departs. And in this day and age, there are so many enablers of evil in the world that there are times where one wonders whether it†[...]

    5. Beautiful young women, believing that they are going to modeling opportunities are kidnapped and sold into slaveryIMAL is an organization that his "hell-bent on bringing justice to those who have evaded it." They are funded by a benefactor who is the CEO of a billion dollar logistics empireIMAL has a small group of operatives and uses the latest in technology and weaponry to bring down their opponents. Think of a team with four James Bond's.The edge of seat action in "PRIMAL Fury" is thrilling a [...]

    6. What happened to me as I was nearing the end of this book at bedtime substantiates the intense suspense level of the content. With about 40 pages left to read, the power in the neighborhood went out & stayed out. I simply grabbed my bedside handheld fluorescent lighting device & held it next to the book as I turned the pages. When the batteries in that began to fade, I switched to a regular flashlight.Although the book is about sexual slavery, it keys in on the violence related to same b [...]

    7. This was another great action packed episode in the Primal series.What I love about this series other than the great action through out and the tech thrown in is that there is generally very little filler in the stories. It is all about the current mission and the means to end it. I don't really feel the need to give a lot of hoopla to get you to buy it. If you are a fan of action books then buy it. It is a guaranteed enjoyable experience.What I did not love about this story and why it gets four [...]

    8. I haven’t dedicated myself to reading an all-out tech thriller for some time and decided to check out Jack Silkstone’s “Primal Fury” to see if all the bugs have been worked out. I’m happy to report that this book has vivid action, the technology is credible, the plot is non-stop, and the story has some human interest to it. There is great improvement over earlier works in this genreIMAL, a covert vigilante enterprise that outfits its agents with top of the line weapons and high-tech eq [...]

    9. The naked 18 year-old had a belt looped around her neck and was being viciously raped while hidden cameras were sending the digital feed to racks of hard drives.It isn’t often that a victim of crime can strike back - but Karla gets a chance.It is sad to say there are subhuman beings that kidnap teenage girls to sell them into sexual slavery. I don’t know this from personal experience (Thank God), but I have acquaintances that still have missing daughters and have no idea what has happened to [...]

    10. Given all the glowing reviews this book has received, I expected to love it. I didn't. In fact, I'm struggling to find some positive points to talk about. First, there is absolutely no character development. None. After nearly 500 pages, I don't know the characters any better than I did on page one. We have a whole lot of Primal operatives, each one a carbon copy of the others. Okay, yes, there are slight differences. One is Russian, another is English. They have different color hair. That's abo [...]

    11. I won this book in a giveaway, in exchange for a fair and honest review. Let me begin by stating I was quite impressed with the overall quality of the writing, the depth of the research, and the level of detail presented throughout the story. This is a well-written, enjoyable action thriller. Primal follows a highly-trained, globe-trotting group of vigilantes, derived from various elite military units and special forces units, laden with the latest weapons and technology, who take on the bad gu [...]

    12. Primal is a group of highly trained vigilantes (the cream of special forces and elite military units from around the world) who make it their business to take on the bad guys that legitimate government agencies can’t or won’t. They have all of the latest weapons and technology and know how to use them. Primal’s target in this book is a group that kidnaps young women from Eastern Europe and forces them into sexual slavery. As the agents follow leads up the criminal chain of command, they fi [...]

    13. Loved it!I have been following this series from the beginning and have been a huge fan. This newest installment did not disappoint. the book reads like the new Captain America movie, explosive big screen action with the newest gadgets and a bit over the top. A very easy read a solid 4.5 stars.take it for what it is and enjoy the guilty pleasure of this Marvel type action adventure. This series has some great characters and many side plots to explore, I do believe this series will having stating [...]

    14. A Good ReadThe best of the series so far . . . PRIMAL Fury is well worth reading if you're a fan of the late Vince Flynn or the Clive Cussler Oregon Series. Lots of action with a few good guys with the latest high tech toys fighting greedy bad guys with an army of ruthless killers. It'll be interesting to see how the series builds and how Silkstone develops as a potential best selling author.

    15. The book overall was good. The story was involving, but for me it has one small issue. The chapters are extremely short and switch every few pages. The bad people are truly bad and the good people are truly good. It has the makings of a series of books introducing various characters rather well thought out.The first few pages are a little rough to read (little violent) but past that is just fine.Give it a shot, you'll like it.

    16. Twists and TurnsJust when I think the Primal action is at a peak, Jack ramps it up again. This is the best of the Primal series and was hard to put down. I read it in two sittings, so what's next Jack?

    17. Another great fast-paced thriller in the series.I have to admit that this series has me hooked! Great concept for a plot line. Found a few typos in the Kindle version, but nothing that took away from the story.

    18. Excellent book by SilkstoneLoaded with action, I did not want to stop reading this book. Excellent detail and plots that will keep you waiting to know more.

    19. I can definitely say that jack has improved since the first book. This story was easy to follow. I only took as long as I did with this one because I was stalling for the end.

    20. Great action-adventure storyIf you like action adventure stories, the PRIMAL series is just for you. Be sure to read them in order if possible. Silkstone for president!!

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