Ambassador The President was alive I was alive No idea what the hell had just happened other than that I was simply alive and glad of it Nations of Earth Ambassador Cory Wilson had thought the hardest part of

  • Title: Ambassador
  • Author: Patty Jansen
  • ISBN: 9781921857539
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • The President was alive I was alive No idea what the hell had just happened, other than that I was simply alive, and glad of it Nations of Earth Ambassador Cory Wilson had thought the hardest part of his role would be mastering the many intricacies of gamra pronouns Then the President is shot in front of him, and all clues point to extraterrestrial agencies Only the The President was alive I was alive No idea what the hell had just happened, other than that I was simply alive, and glad of it Nations of Earth Ambassador Cory Wilson had thought the hardest part of his role would be mastering the many intricacies of gamra pronouns Then the President is shot in front of him, and all clues point to extraterrestrial agencies Only the truth will prevent the conflict escalating, but to find it, Cory has to challenge the very top of the Coldi hierarchy, in a society where the simple act of looking someone in the eye or using the wrong pronouns can mean the difference between life and death.

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    1. I finished Ambassador: Seeing Red, today. I loved this book. Patty Jansen has done a remarkable world building job, building a complex interplanetary society structured around 'gamra,' with earth and humanity as we mostly know it, sitting on the periphery. Cory Wilson is earth's second ambassador to 'gamra' - but the first ambassador who actually understands the society he's about to be thrust into.The politics, cultural differences and language differences are complex, but well developed and un [...]

    2. This was a serendipitous find, since science fiction isn't my usual fare. But having tripped over it, I started reading and was instantly hooked. The book starts with a bang - literally, since almost the first thing that happens is a massive explosion which seriously injures the Nations of Earth President, during a meeting with our hero, Cory Wilson, the ambassador of the title. Cory is about to take up a position as Earth's ambassador to the united non-Earth nations (gamra) who control interste [...]

    3. Decent space opera, wound around a young Earth diplomat who seems, at any moment, to be over his head. Many sequels.

    4. Lush worldbuilding and good plot; some problematic stereotypesI read this book in one sitting. It was engaging and suspenseful, complicated enough to be intriguing while being easy to follow.I mark this as a 4-star read for a few reasons. Firstly, voice: the characters did not have very unique voices. I found it hard to picture individuals, though races are generally described. The narrator is the most individuated. It's possible this improves across the series.Secondly, I found myself cringing [...]

    5. I liked this a lot. It's more a political thriller than sci-fi, with alien cultures not overly 'alien'. I think the story would have worked just as well if 'gamra' had been the UN and 'alien races' were just nations of the Earth. I like the author's style and hope to check out her other books soon

    6. It was "good" I liked it but?Cory Wilson is the new ambassador for Earth at a 'galactic UN' type organization.The President of the Earth has been murdered by unknown parties but aliens are suspected.Can Cory solve the crime and bring peace to the galaxy?(he would find it a lot easier if he kept his mind on the job rather than what he hopes will be going on in his trousers)

    7. I have mixed feelings about this one. It was entertaining while reading, but I found the ending unsatisfying and the romance subplot to be uninteresting - of maybe it was just that the two love interests were both forgettable.

    8. I always try to tread the book description properly because a good description should deliver enough information to arise your interest and to give at least a hint about what to expect.Off course you do not get any information about the writing style of the author.Because of the description I expect less action and a lot of politics and interesting facts about the challenge to cope with an alien nation.To be honest I got more than I expected. A complex story full of twists and turns. A loveable [...]

    9. Strong, intelligent SF set in a future I can believe, and with complex and credible alien races. I really enjoyed this one.My only quibble was with the protag's relationships -- they felt clunky, rushed and didn't ring true. The rest of the story was good enough that this was a minor irritation rather than a major problem.

    10. beaucoup d'infos dumps, un style d'écriture plus que basique, des portraits psychologiques clichés avec des histoires de coeur peu crédibles qui noient le fil plus intéressant des circonvolutions politiques entre des espèces différentes et du rôle sensible et fragile de l'ambassadeur Dommage, il y avait sûrement de quoi m'intéresser mais le fond dilué sans la forme, non, dsl, je passe !

    11. Enjoyed it. Its been a while since I read a scifi and this had lots of politics and thriller action to add grit and intrigue to the plot. Made me remember why I liked scifi. Painted the alternate world well and had some unique cultural quirks for the aliens which I loved. I would have liked the romance angle to be more developed than it was. It felt a bit hurried and clunky in parts.

    12. I finished 2016 reading this book, which is probably the best written SciFi I read this year. It has a rich and vivid world building in all aspects, people, physiology, cultures, food, places, etc and one can imagine and see all of it while reading the book. It feels both leisurely (things take their time) and fast paced, because there is a permanent tension on many intertwinned issues, political and personal. I feel that the author has been drawing on her (assumed by me) knowledge of varied cul [...]

    13. Seeing Red is the first book in an SF series from Patty Jansen, in which young ambassador Cory Wilson witnesses Earth's President being assassinated, and then does his best to avert interplanetary conflict in the ensuing diplomatic fallout.While I for once managed to start this series on book 1, I gather Jansen has written a previous series in this universe which establishes Gamra, Coldi, and extraterrestrial concepts like "zhayma" etc. But there's more than enough background sprinkled through t [...]

    14. This was an enjoyable read. Jansen has built an interesting world and dressed it finely with plenty of politics and intrigue. At times there was a retro sci-fi feel to it, in terms of the societal requirements of getting married and going to dinner parties, which I felt were a little 1950's/1960's, but all in all I didn't really mind that. The only thing that bugged me was the main character's incompetence with not checking the documents the president gave him before the attack. Someone had just [...]

    15. If you like space opera, this book is for you. If you like political intrigue, this book is for you. Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patty Jansen melds these two subjects into one awesome book.The author has done a great job of developing a storyline which could be from today's headlines, but adding a science fiction twist to it. It is full of intrigue and adventure that will leave you breathless by the end of the book. The story has a lot of plot twist and turns which will keep you glued to its pag [...]

    16. A Sci-Fi thriller mixed with political intrigue, literally starts off with a “ Boom”. The explosion happens in the office of the Nations of Earth President Sirkonen. He ismeeting with Cory Wilson, the new Earth's ambassador to “gamra”- the united non-Earth nations alien coalition who control interstellar travel. Who is responsible for thebombing?Wilson’s gamra partner has been arrested plus Cory is under suspicion. Thus the story takes off at a startling fastpace. Cory has to decide wh [...]

    17. Slow, plodding, introduction to a multi-book space opera. A lot of space--not much opera. The other books shall go unread.

    18. It's a hundred or so years in the future, but politics hasn't changed. The new phase of Cory Wilson's career is ahead of him, as a full ambassador to the Gamra interplanetary alliance. He's already been working with the "Gamra", understands a number of non-earth languages like Coldi, and he's now been promoted. Just as he's being briefed by the President of Nations of Earth, some strange force hits the president's office, fatally injuring the president (he dies a couple days later), and indirect [...]

    19. Tense Action-adventure Alien-interaction Space OperaHIGHLY RECOMMENDED: AS A DIPLOMACY-CENTERED ALIEN INTERACTION SPACE OPERAJansen has written an engaging new space opera, centered on the experience of the human ambassador to an alien trading group. It seems to be the first of a series, and if this first volume is a good sample, that series will be very interesting.Our protagonist, the second ambassador representing Earth to the trading organization that controls travel and trade, has spent eig [...]

    20. Imaginative, well-developed galaxy of believable characters from many races and worlds, in an intriguing future setting. I definitely want to read the rest of this series! Well-written dialogue, a plot that keeps moving, and an amazing array of extra-terrestrials, including some who have been on earth since the 1960s. Reminds me of C.J. Cherryh, Isaac Asimov, and Robert Heinlein -- three of my favorite authors of classic science fiction -- with perhaps a bit of David Weber or Lois McMaster Bujol [...]

    21. Highly recommend this series!An addictive story with a compelling three-dimensional and complex main character in the person of Cory Wilson, diplomat, who's stuck in the middle of an assassination attempt and… no, that would rather ruin the suspense. An intricate, enthralling and quite a page-turner of a plot with some great twists. Plenty of tension, action and suspense as the various factions of this complex, well developed universe meet. Enjoyed all the characters immensely, including some [...]

    22. I freely chose to review this ARC of the first book in the Seeing Red Series, and I was intrigued with the fact that it is a futuristic tale of murder and intrigue. Young diplomat, Cory Wilson barely escaped death in the assassination of Earth's president and no one claimed responsibility, his assistant was in jail as officials believed he was responsible, but Cory had lived with the man for four years and his gut said he was innocent. Cory was given information by the president before everythin [...]

    23. This is the first novel I've read by Patty Jansen. She has created a universe inhabited by eathpeople and many alien races. The interrelationships are complex. At the heart is a young earth ambassador. Cory Wilson, who has to tread an intricate pathway to discover the murderer of the Nations of Earth president Sirkonen. Politics, alien customs, potential revolt, love interests are all handled deftly by this author. I look forward to reading further books in the series.

    24. Diplomacy, action novel. The plot was a bit more complicated than necessary and the story moved more quickly than seemed realistic. I enjoyed the protagonists struggles to be a diplomat. I found the romance subplot pretty cliche. The reveal at the end about the nature of relationship between his assistant and his best friend seemed was very disappointing. No way his assistant would NOT have told him this early in the story. I won't bother with the sequels.

    25. We all know I love books where we solve mysteries in spaaaaace, so this book was a good time for me as Cory ran around gathering evidence - I think the mystery wasn't that difficult, but I appreciated that he needed proof.My only real gripe was his romantic relationship issues. I didn't really understand why he did what he did and thought things moved too quickly to feel realistic.But yeah, will totally read the next one.

    26. Oh yay baby. Love political thriller long time. Throw in a bit of Left hand of Darkness, a dash of like Robert Ludlum, and like freekn lasers and you're set. Solid storytelling, fascinating world and strong characters. Excellent book. Would recommend for lovers of sci fi and long walks on the beach. Fucky sucky. Nine dowlah.

    27. I quite liked this Sf political thriller. The setting info feels solid and the protagonist is a likable fellow. I do think the pacing could have done with some tightening, though: our hero spends a little too long floundering without much idea of what is going on, for my tastes, and becomes rather more compelling as a point of view character once he is able to be more active.

    28. Initially I downloaded this book to my iPhone/iPad to read when I would be caught 'waiting' (for kids, wife, winning lotto ticket, etc). But about half way through the book, I started reading it when ever I had a few minutes as the story had drawn me in and I wanted to find out what happened. I'm now a fan of Patty Jansen and will loading more of her books.

    29. Great first book. I'll be keeping an eye out for the rest of the series as I go about filling my kindle. The World building was good, though I still got lost a few times on who was who, and such. Bound to happen in sci-fi, especially as big as this universe is.Overall a good read, though there was a lot of narration to move the story along, where I'd have prefered dialogue or actual action.

    30. At first the way it was written was hard for me to follow, then I got into it and couldn't put it down. I had to know what was going on. I can't wait until I get the second book and find out what happens next.

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