The Elephant And The Maruti: Stories

The Elephant And The Maruti Stories Set in locales as cosmopolitan as Delhi and as remote as Mangladi these stories ranging from the whimsical to the bizarre constitute a fascinating ride through the lives of everyday people grapplin

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  • Title: The Elephant And The Maruti: Stories
  • Author: Radhika Jha
  • ISBN: 9780143030454
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in locales as cosmopolitan as Delhi and as remote as Mangladi, these stories, ranging from the whimsical to the bizarre, constitute a fascinating ride through the lives of everyday people grappling with themselves and with circumstances they can neither fully comprehend nor entirely control.

    One thought on “The Elephant And The Maruti: Stories”

    1. It is very rare that I put only 1 star to a put.I honestly do not see what this read brought me. The writing style has nothing exceptional.The stories are, apart from dark and murky (which is definitely not my cup of tea!), far fetched, and too superficial. Even though they are short stories, you could dig deep in a character, an event, but there it seems to be like a boat floating on the surface of water without goal. I did not see surprising twists, the ends are abrupt and fizzle out.None of t [...]

    2. Radhika Jha is perhaps one of the most unique authors I've ever read, even if I had to judge only from this book. There is a vividness in the prose that I've rarely experienced before. The book consists of 6 stories. 'The Wedding' gives us a peek into Delhi's high society, as portrayed by a wedding that stops just short of bizarre. This would be my least favourite. 'Hope' uses two characters - the narrator, who represents a typical middle class migrant to the big city (Delhi) and Shibu Mondal, a [...]

    3. Gostei da escrita da autora e de ler sobre um a cultura tão diferente, das descrições do trânsito, dos cozinhados. Mas sendo um livro de contos, alguns acabaram quase abruptamente, logo a seguir a um acontecimento radical que mudaria a história daí para a frente. Gostava de saber um pouco mais do que aconteceria a seguir. Hei-de ler um romance desta autora.

    4. Jha's writing is oftentimes surreal she has a talent for portraying vivid images just through her use of language. Her stories are at once enigmatic and unambiguous.

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