His Xmas Surprise

His Xmas Surprise Anna is a runaway bride whose best friend Cynthia has spirited her away to the family island to hide what happens when Cynthia s older brother Tanner ends up on the same island while hiding from a pe

  • Title: His Xmas Surprise
  • Author: Jordan Silver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Anna is a runaway bride whose best friend Cynthia has spirited her away to the family island to hide, what happens when Cynthia s older brother Tanner ends up on the same island while hiding from a persistent woman who can t seem to take no for an answer

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    1. 4.5 KICKASS XMAS STARSThis was sexy, hot and amusing little holiday read. It's a story about Anne-Marie a sassy little Miss who is feeling pressured into marriage to Mark, a man she has always considered to be her brother. Her father is expecting them to marry at Christmas. To escape this she enlisted the help of her bff Cynthia. Cynthia sets her up on a private Island for the holidays. Little did Anne-Marie know that she had a major holiday manipulation in mind, as she also send her brother Tan [...]

    2. Anna and Tanner. This was cute fluff, but honestly I skimmed a fair bit as it was pretty boring. Especially the OTT evil OW wannabe who was obviously just put in the story to cause strife, but not really.Anna is about to be wed to her best friend on their father's insistence, when she escapes to her best friend's island retreat. Little does she know, her BFF has designs to match-make Anna with her older brother Tanner. Tanner has harboured an obsession for Anna for the last two years, but was ju [...]

    3. Anna is 18 years old, she lives in a small town and her Dad is the town Doctor. Her Dad expects her to marry her friend since childhood, Mark on Christmas Day. Anna doesn't want to marry Mark, she loves him like a brother but has no romantic feelings towards him. Her best friend, Cynthia comes up with a plan to sneak her out of the house and keep her hidden on her family's private island. Tanner Reid comes from a very rich family. He has just retired from being a Navy Seal and he's preparing to [...]

    4. I loved this story! Anna is hiding out on an island to keep from marrying her best friend who is more like a brother than anything else. Thanks to her best friend Cynthia she secretly got Tanner on the Island under the ruse of Yvette coming to Christmas. What he didn't expect was to find Anna the woman of his dreams and the reason he stayed away from home to be there. Anna and /tanner have danced around each other for years because they did not know how to communicate their feelings to each othe [...]

    5. Anna is supposed to marry Mark but runs of to her friend's private island to avoid the wedding. Her friend's brother Tanner comes to the island for the holidays and sees her. Interested in her since she was 16 he decides to marry her instead. She has a great time on the island and breaks the news to her family. They all come over to celebrate. She has an altercation with someone who wanted to marry Tanner and was jealous. Otherwise a pretty good celebration.

    6. What can I say? I like Jordan Silver's brash, swearing writing style. Unfortunately this wasn't as good as some of her other books like Talon's Heart so I only gave it 3 stars.

    7. Good story but everything felt rushed for some reason. Liked the characters and would have liked to have known more about them than just the bare basics.

    8. It's short but perfect if you just want something sweet, hot and a little bit funny, it's not that great of a story but it's entertaining!! :D

    9. This book was worth reading just to read the phrase: "sham wow panties now"The end was dumb as fuck, but Ms. Silver had to let you all know that someone is a crazy jealous freak in the relationship. But hey, there was plenty of pussy destroying and skewering with his ginormous schlong.

    10. His Xmas Surprise was a sweet, playful, and sexy read. I really enjoyed this. Although it was a bit too short but the author was still able to make it believable and a fun read.Anna run off to a private island with the help of her best friend Cynthia without any idea what was in store for her once she get there.Tanner was finally done with his stint serving the country in the S.E.A.L.S but due to a very annoying woman he was forced to spend Christmas in the island away from his family. And shock [...]

    11. I love it!!!!This short romance is cute. favorite quote from this book is "ooh so I get to finish college will it be near our cave" damn I love this author's writing style. Tanner is a true alpha male and little Anna Maria is feisty, check this book out I'm sure you will enjoy it Happy Reading!

    12. Awesome Ms Silver has always delivered. The Hero was an Alpha male that you cannot get enough of. The Heroine had me in stitches throughout the book. I recommend this book to all readers of a fine sexy romp and a hilarious book.

    13. Liked this bookI liked this story. It was short and sweet. I love stories with strong, feisty female characters who get their happily ever after.

    14. LOVE ITAlpha male at his finestI loved this bookSEALS make the best alpha in my opinion.is book has Jordan Silver's M.O. all over it.

    15. SWEET AND SEXYI liked that Tanner and Anna-Maria were attracted to each other for a longtime but finally brought together by his meddling pixie little sisterGreat story

    16. Between the cooch and the boy, it just lost all the sexy and became a weird funny and tacky story. Definitely not one to recommend as good quick smut read.

    17. LOL and to think I thought my kid sister was a busy body hmmm I should have her read this book maybe there is a book boyfriend worthy guy in my future lol

    18. Good bookThis was a good short story to read. I liked the characters and their story line. I really like this author.

    19. WowTalk about a surprise. I love the roughness of the males and the attitude of the females. I hope their are more books just like it.

    20. I know it's not Christmas and don't judge but I still enjoyed this book. Only wish I read this book earlier and that is my story and I'm sticking to it. One more thing I wish it was a longer read.

    21. GreatI enjoyed this book so much, it was romance and passion and most importantly it was funny. I loved Tanner and Anna Maria, she may have only been 18 but she was the sh@t!

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