The Treasure of Kafur

The Treasure of Kafur The fate of an Empire trembles in the balance Hindustan AD The Mughal Emperor Akbar is at the height of his power seemingly invincible But twenty years of war have earned him many enemies and

  • Title: The Treasure of Kafur
  • Author: Aroon Raman
  • ISBN: 9789382616122
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • The fate of an Empire trembles in the balance Hindustan, 1580 AD The Mughal Emperor Akbar is at the height of his power, seemingly invincible But twenty years of war have earned him many enemies, and rebellion is brewing, led by Asaf Baig, the tyrannical ruler of Khandesh Baig has stumbled upon the knowledge that the fabulous lost treasure of Malik Kafur, that will gu The fate of an Empire trembles in the balance Hindustan, 1580 AD The Mughal Emperor Akbar is at the height of his power, seemingly invincible But twenty years of war have earned him many enemies, and rebellion is brewing, led by Asaf Baig, the tyrannical ruler of Khandesh Baig has stumbled upon the knowledge that the fabulous lost treasure of Malik Kafur, that will guarantee victory to Akbar s enemies, is known to an old woman called Ambu.Baig Kidnaps Ambu to wrest the knowledge of the treasure from her but her twenty year old grandson, Dattatreya, escapes and flees across Hindustan to enlist the help of the one person who has the most reason to stop Baig the Mughal Emperor himself.Staying one step ahead of capture and death, Datta is swept up in a world of kings and warrior princesses, of uncommon friendships and an implacable evil and a desperate race against time to save his grandmother and the Empire.Aroon Raman, national bestselling author of The Shadow Throne now brings us a riveting saga of action and adventure set in Mughal India.

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    1. A secret treasure of import.Being hidden so no one can find it. The hiding place is ingenious. You instantly hope you’re in for a treat.Fast forward a few century. A coupe is brewing. The hunt for the treasure is afoot. The guardian of the treasure, Ambu, is being hunted. Dattatreya, Ambu’s grandson, the protagonist is a guardian in the making. Not yet aware of his charge. His world turns upside down when he becomes hunted for reasons he is not aware of. His grandmother kidnapped and his lif [...]

    2. I just surface-read reviews before taking up a book, and I took this one up thinking that it was historical fiction. It came as a real surprise and a pleasant one at that when it turned out to be a brilliantly crafted action-packed fantasy set in Mughal India. Aroon Raman's command over the language combined with his Haggardian story-telling made this one a thoroughly compelling read for me.I think fantasy-lovers shouldn't miss this one.

    3. There is a moment in the latter half of this book where Dattatreya, the protagonist, is engaged in battle with anti-Mughal forces as a scout when he suddenly falls off his horse because of an attack from an assailant (whose identity shall remain undisclosed for obvious reasons). And this is perhaps the point where this book stops being the effortlessly smooth ride it had been till that point. Unfulfilled promise, to sum it up in a couple of words.I had the pleasure of reading Aroon Raman's debut [...]

    4. I was very reluctant to start reading this book. Something about the cover of the book and the description didn't feel very inviting. However, the fact that I got an author signed copy to read(thanks to ) and that I had promised the author to review it when collecting the same forced me to start reading.The is a fantasy novel based in Hindustan during the Mughal period. History and folklore has been used intermittently by the author to tell the tale. Though the canvas of the story is as large as [...]

    5. A chase-story with a little fantasy set in Akbar's India. The first half reminded me of the Jungle Book and the Lord of the Rings (dont know what happens in the second half of LOTR anyways :P ). There r twists, there r places where u think game over and the author makes the game live on. There is a lot of thoughtful effort and smart editing in crafting this novel and there are hardly any dull moments and no lazy writing. A lot of things could have gone wrong - too much masala, too loud dialogues [...]

    6. Author's hand downFirst of all a huge thanks and a big hug to the author for sharing me a copy and going through the pain of personally sending me the book and was really touched by this gesture.Coming on to the book, its not just because i got a personal copy, that i go on to say that this was one of the best books i have read and that too coming from an Indian author.I will admit that i m always a bit apprehensive about reading Indian authors because none of them take the effort in researching [...]

    7. This one turned out to be one very interesting surprise package. Quite an unexpected cast of characters who support the protagonist in the story. The story has a treasure but much more than that the story is about the politics, about royalty, about a special gift, about the companions of the hero-kid and his friends and of the Emperor and the King of fierce loyalty and friendship. The book blurb doesnt do it justice the book is much more than that but then if the blurb had mentioned it it wo [...]

    8. There's always a wonderful feeling after completing a book with more than 375 pages. I am done reading one of the latest releases- THE TREASURE OF KAFUR. It's the second book of the author, Aroon Raman, after The Shadow Throne. I haven't read the latter one but what I have heard from people around me that it is an excellent and thrilling story. I got a chance to read his 2nd and the latest book which I did without thinking twice. The book is published by India's one of the leading publishers- Pa [...]

    9. I was motivated to take this book in hands. Neither because of reviews nor because of its ratings. I took this book in hand because I have seen Mr. Aroon Raman personally as an advisor in my professional life. He comes through his words as very simple and powerful person. The impression of Mr. Raman as an successful entrepreneur and brilliant advisor motivated me to grab The Treasure Of Kafur. I was sure that this treasure is going to be worth reading. I must tell you after finishing it today, b [...]

    10. The first book of Aroon Raman was a national bestseller (I haven't read that book yet). I bought the book because it has an eye catching title (I am always a sucker for historical fiction), lovely cover, and an engaging synopsis on the back cover. The story itself is way more interesting, engaging and entertaining than what the first visible aspects of the book promised.In this story, we have the buried treasure of Malik Kafur, the plundering general of Alaudin Khilji who looted Devgiri and Urai [...]

    11. Let us begin with a little bit of history : Ala-ud-din Khilji ruled India in between the 12th and 13th centuries. He won renown as the ruler who brought down the might of the Rajputs with the defeat of Rani Padmini of Chittor after a ferocious battle. Khilji's rule was a front runner of the later rule of the Mughals in India from the early 16th century. He is one of the invisible yet powerful presences in this story. The second character is an extended cameo and is a renowned emperor of the Mugh [...]

    12. ***I had received a signed copy of the book to review***‘The Treasure of Kafur’ is a story set during the golden era of the Mughal period when Akbar is the King of Hindustan. The Deccanis want to seize the throne and are searching for the famed treasure of Malik Kafur to finance the war. The story involves the Rajput clans, elements of fantasy, a quest and an unfinished love story. There are some historical inaccuracies, but this can be ignored in this work of fiction.Ambu, who is a Guardian [...]

    13. This is the first book I am reading written by Aroon. This is my first book regarding Indian historical fiction. Aroon got the pulse of the reader.There are some elements of fantasy, but those are confided to only few characters in particular say two, only Ambu and Datta, have the capability to communicate with pets telepathically.There are some statements which attracts more attention like, "Animals speak from their heart, you will have to do so from your head" written by Ambu to Datta to survi [...]

    14. Wow what a wonder ride through history. This is a historical fiction with quite bit of fantasy mixed in and the result is simply great. This really is a pageturner. The story is about the treasure of Malik Kafur which is lost and no one knows its location except for our hero Datta's Grandma Ambu. Our villain kidnaps Ambu and Datta starts his journey to Mughal emperor to seek help to free her and along with him he has his friends Aditi - a Cow, Manas - A Tortoise, Kanka - a Raven, Shukra - A Rave [...]

    15. This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review. I had not hear of Aroon's earlier book which is surprising because I felt he writes well. There was no unnecessary drama and lingering over the same thought. The only thing I found out of place were the telepathic animals - I can understand talking to animals, but no the animal's ability to articulate so well and strategise. But once you get over that, it is a relatively fast-paced book. At first I wondered why there seems to be no rus [...]

    16. The story revolves around a young boy by the name of Dattatreya who lives with his grandmother whom he calls Ambu. Asaf Baig, the most despised ruler of Khandesh, is after the treasure of Malik Kafur. The emperor of Hindustan, Akbar is at the same time planning an attack on Khandesh. Ambu is kidnapped by Asaf Baig so to save her Dattatreya rushes with his talking animal friends to Akbar for help. He makes many new friends who along with him embark on a long and tiring journey to save Ambu and th [...]

    17. Probably this is the one historical fiction that I read so quickly. This may be due to the historical facts and figures are known to me as a part of history subject, but the narration part and the story also made me enjoy the book. I was keen to read the book before the new year begins.

    18. This is my second book from Aroon Raman and I am rating him a scale of 5 on 5 - his writing excited me. This is an action-fantasy adventure book during the times of bullock carts and horses and Akbar; took me quite by surprise when the pace of the story stared building and that too from page 1. I do not want to be a spoiler of sorts, but the story unravelled from the very start when Malik Kafur decided to hide his treasure (not a spoiler here - but isn't that the book about!). And I could not ke [...]

    19. I thought it was a historical novel, until I realise that cows, turtles and crows talk not just talk, they give advice, keep watch for you, etc, etc genre mismatch

    20. Confused.Left with these questions among many others:1. Taraks despite being far more capable enemy combatants, are unable to trace and capture their quarry in Agra, despite Datta walking around the city in open view, but suddenly unleashes attack on Datta’s impersonator when he leaves the city gates in the middle of the night dressed as a sadhu. Forgivable, I guess.2. Datta who goes into a shock and jumps into the moat to rescue his hunter and is such a deep state of shock, he is rendered inc [...]

    21. First of all, this book is not a perfect book , still I wanted to give this book a 5 star rating . Why I wanted to do that ? There are few Indian books that touches upon other than romance and mystery.Fantasy as a genre by Indian authors of modern days are not a strong point despite India having a strong lineage of fantasy that has arisen out of India in the past that can be traced a long way back. Only a handful of Indian authors can blend history and fantasy and can engross the reader and main [...]

    22. As this is the first book I'm reading from Sire Aroon Raman, I don't really understand what to write in this review about this book, simply bewildered. The story of amazing journey of boy with extraordinary power to become the bravest man in the country who’s been upheld by the great warriors. The journey tests his endurance as much as it does of other who accompanied with him. What I love about this story is its subtle details that have been laid inform of word on pages. From the exhausting j [...]

    23. For Full and detailed review, hop over to cynthology/2014/0Raman has taken a single character from the hoary pages of history, the merest slice of our illustrious past, and peopled that colourful world and time using his own intelligence and imagination.In this strange, anthropormorphic world, there are people who are capable of understanding and interpreting the language of animals and birds. The creatures themselves speak lucidly and coherently, and are capable of strategising and detailed pla [...]

    24. "It is in essence a story of high adventure, but I also like to think of it as a crystal that mirrors in its facets the inner landscape that so lit up my childhood: the stories into which I escaped by day and the dreams into which I sank at night."- AuthorHistoric Adventure A treasure hunt and on balance is the power to rule India. An ancient treasure buried deep in layers of blood, gore and dusts of history Witness? Just one A tortoise. Dattatreya, just stepping into manhood, races against t [...]

    25. The Treasure of Kafur.The book and the cover seemed very interesting to me so immediately the Google search engine was on and I found the next link to read free online:spmlib.pdpu:8080/jspui/bThe story is around 1580 AD. Around those days the Great India was ruled under the Great Mughal Emperor Akbar; the greatest of the Mughal emperors of India. In order to preserve the unity of his empire, he adopted programs that won the loyalty of the non-Muslem populations of his empire. He was loved by all [...]

    26. The book is placed in the Mughal Period in India, the late 1500s, when Akbar was in reign. As the title states, it is about a lost treasure. The plot revolves around a rebellion by Asaf Baig, the ruler of Khandesh, who plans to overthrow Akbar, and plans to fund the battle with the Treasure of Kafur. The whereabouts of the treasure are known to Ambu, a Guardian of the forest, who can communicate with animals, and is kidnapped by Baig. The 'Guardian' bit adds a mystical angle to the plot, but luc [...]

    27. This book could have been SO amazing. And sadly, I had to read all the way through to realize that. If I had dumped the book after the introduction like I was tempted to, I would have missed an opportunity to watch a really interesting adventuring featuring one of the more interesting characters from the Mughal era, Emperor Akbar.See, I enjoy a good fantasy read. And I enjoy a good historical fiction. But I don't really see the need to blend the two genres to create an intriguing story. With thi [...]

    28. ajitabhpandeyfo/2014/08/the-treasure-of-kafur/The treasure of Kafur is the second published book of the author. However it was the first one written (as per the notes at the end of the book). This is an historical fiction book based on the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Malik Kafur looted treasures during his raids to the Southern India, while he was in the army of Alauddin Khilji. The plot in this book is based on the riches looted during Kafur’s raid and which was hidden somewhere.The story r [...]

    29. First and foremost, being my first author signed book, I am indeed indebted to the author and for the book. I received this book in the firstreads program. Next, the review:This is what happens when you take up Indian History and Geography and add a dash of fantasy to trace the journey of a boy who wants to save his grandmother and in the end the fate of the peoples of entire Indian subcontinent.The book traces not only the maturing of the protagonist but the writer in Mr. Aroon Raman as well. [...]

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