LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary: Updated and Expanded

LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary Updated and Expanded With than two million copies of the original sold worldwide since DK now brings you a fully revised and updated edition of the New York Times bestseller LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary C

  • Title: LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary: Updated and Expanded
  • Author: Simon Beecroft Jason Fry
  • ISBN: 9781465419217
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With than two million copies of the original sold worldwide since 2009, DK now brings you a fully revised and updated edition of the 1 New York Times bestseller, LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary Complete with 48 additional pages and updated throughout to show all of the new sets and innovations from LEGO Star Wars , LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary UpdWith than two million copies of the original sold worldwide since 2009, DK now brings you a fully revised and updated edition of the 1 New York Times bestseller, LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary Complete with 48 additional pages and updated throughout to show all of the new sets and innovations from LEGO Star Wars , LEGO Star Wars The Visual Dictionary Update and Expanded provides detailed and annotated photography giving insight into the characters, locations, creatures, and spacecraft of the LEGO galaxy far, far away Young Padawans will learn the ins and outs about their favorite vehicles, weapons, and minifigures such as Anakin, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader.Fans of all ages will learn about every LEGO Star Wars set released while exploring the updated cross sections that expose the inner workings of larger piece sets such as the Death Star or Millennium Falcon The updated Beyond the Bricks chapter goes behind the scenes to take a look at how LEGO sets are made, new models, plus fun fan creations Of course this book would not be complete without an exclusive LEGO Star Wars minifigure, which is sure to impress even the most dedicated collector.

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    1. This book is amazing. It gives an awesome description of each set and a list of every Lego Star Wars minifig at the time of writing. This book also includes a remake if the first Luke Skywalker minifig. It makes a great companion to the Lego Star Wars minifig guide.

    2. (More pictures at parkablogs)Here's a great book for all those LEGO Star Wars collectors out there. LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary also comes with an exclusive mini-figure of Luke Skywalker. It's quite thick but actually half the book behind the cover is a pad created to house that small figure. Not really a major issue.There's a timeline that shows all the LEGO Star Wars sets, the boxes, from 1999 to 2009, which includes the movie saga, Clone Wars and specialist sets. It should delight t [...]

    3. * This is a terrifically comprehensive book on the subject of Star Wars lego. * My six year old son is obsessed with this book, poring over the pages himself and asking for it to be read to him constantly. * It is a cool book with a ton of information on Star Wars and Star Wars Lego "guys", another obsession in my house. ____________________________________________________________________________________ This book is positively captivating my young Star Wars fan - he literally can't get enough o [...]

    4. The Visual Dictionary is quite the volume. It's a very comprehensive listing of all the LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigures from 1999 to 2009. Being that it's now 2013, it's obviously a little out of date, but keeping when it was released in mind it's really quite fantastic.There's lots of beautiful full-color illustrations to show off the sets, especially how much better they got over a decade. Comparing the 1999 X-Wing set to the 2006 one is just night and day. There's lots of text callouts an [...]

    5. Ok who does not have fond memories of Lego (ok apart from that time you stood on some, boy is that painful) Anyway my love of Lego is no secret and goes back to being a very young boy (yes Lego is that old - look it up), and my grandmother buying me kits for when I was on holiday. Then as I grew up out came the star wars films and I remember many an hour trying to recreate the ships from the films in those coloured building blocks. Then years late a deal was struck and out came the first of many [...]

    6. this book is for people who love lego star wars sets and for kid to learn about how were sets like in the past. what's also great about this book is that it comes with a limited edition luke skywalker minifigure.

    7. When I first got this book, I was in awe. There are so many Star Wars sets that I never knew existed. Then after a few months I realized that this book is a really good way to get yourself to want to spend more money than you have on discontinued LEGO sets. I was a little disappointed, and didn't open it very much.Now that a year has passed since receiving this book, I am super excited about it again. It's fun to compare new LEGO Star Wars sets with their older iterations and see how some of the [...]

    8. If you are a Lego Star Wars collector, you probably bought the book for the Luke Skywalker inside the front cover, or to help you find old sets to buy. If all you want is the minifigure, it's a steep price to pay, even if the book is relatively cheap. If you are not a fan of Star Wars or Legos, then this is a mere curiosity book.The book has a timeline of all Lego sets from 1999 through 2010, which had originally been the end-date of Lego Star Wars production. Now that Lego Star Wars has been ex [...]

    9. My nine year old son Kile has basically memorized all of the characters and space ships in this book and refers to them when watching the shows, movies, or reading other books. He also has other Star Wars Legos books that he enjoys, especially when they come with an action figure.My review of several children's Star Wars books: lauragerold/2015/

    10. Hello there. All star wars fans will like this book made by Simon Beecroft called Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary. This book has the narrator talking to the reader. The narrator explains the back story (the best he can) about each Star Wars character's to the reader.This book has Star Wars in it. Star Wars is awesome and is amazing.This book is long. Long books are usually the best type of books.That is it about is.

    11. Everything you need to know about Lego Star Wars collection.Need a flowchart of the exact collections, number of pieces, number of minifigs, instead of all over the place and from different movies, etc. That's just my way of looking at things. Other than that, it's pretty cool to really see the full Lego Star Wars collection. My DREAM display would be The Death Star II, Millenium Falcon, and Super Star Destroyer (LARGEST Lego collection at 3152 pieces, 50 inches long).

    12. A comprehensive visual dictionary of LEGO Star Wars toys. My children really enjoyed this dictionary with it's clear photographs of not only Lego sets such as the Millennium Falcon, but also minifigs that collectors love. The dictionary has a timeline of the year and Star Wars episodes that coincide along with the Lego set numbers which make it extremely easy for searching/buying the individual sets online. A great resource for the Lego and/or Star Wars fans.

    13. A nice book for LEGO Star Wars' fan with a lot of information about the boxsets LEGO released these last thirteen or so years. Boxsets are give with the title, release year, number of bricks and boxset number. The author paid attention to the several figures LEGO created for Star Wars. The book finishes with an interview with the master developper and gives an inside view of the LEGO Star Wars Community.

    14. We read this book over and over while we were at Moriya's. Brynn let my boys drool over it. My sons had this book memorized instantly. I didn't know my boys had such a broad vocabulary, but I guess all males are born with a complete understanding of Junga Fett and Bobba Fett. Owen and Harry knew all the Star War's lingo after reading this book. We talked about it the entire seven hour trip back to Elko! I felt highly stimulated. If you have young boys, this book is for you! Ha!Ha!

    15. For fans of Star Wars & Legos, this book is for you! With wonderful illustrations, the reader will learn so much about the Star Wars universe and the history of Lego working with Star Wars. A great book for collectors of Lego Star Wars. Includes a photo history of every kit that Lego has released in the Star Wars genre. An oversized book that's great for just casual browsing. A great book!

    16. This book was one of the first books that I read more than 3 times. As a kid, I loved Star Wars. Especially Lego Star Wars. When I got this book, I was so thrilled. I found out that there were alot of new sets that I have not yet heard about. This book triggered me to get my fist dream which was Lego - Designer. This book is the best.

    17. An illustrated and very detailed description of all the Lego Star Wars characters, vehicles, settings, and weapons. My five-year-old loves the full-page photos that depict movie scenes. The time-line of when the Lego products were made is also neat. Perfect book for Star Wars lovers.

    18. This book is very exciting because it tells about every Star Wars Lego made from 1999 to present day. Since it also comes with a free, never released, special edition minifigure of Luke Skywalker in the celebration scene from Episode IV: A New Hope, I'm rating it a 5 instead of a 4.

    19. We checked this out from the library. My kid loved it so much that I actually bought it. This says a lot since I rarely buy books. It's also really cool that it comes with a star wars lego character.

    20. They put the millennium falcon in a pool cause it was too big for the oven! There was all of the star wars legos of the world on the first pages of the book. The lego Millennium Falcon could open up!

    21. I love this book! Tons of people in my class had it and that was TORTURE until the 2010 book fair came along. We got it then! Oh, and my 6 year old brother is actually scrolling through it right now!!!!!!!

    22. If you love Legos or Star Wars, this is a must read. I like neither all that much, but my six year old does. Hence, I have this book memorized and just in case I forget, my son has written out all the stuff I need to remember for me.

    23. A great book-talk for Lego and star wars fans--the kind of book kids do not know exists, but which they will love to find out about.

    24. I would have liked to see more 'behind-the-scenes' stuff on how model decisions get made. Overall, a good review of the last 10 years of Lego Star Wars

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