The Seventh Child

The Seventh Child Winner of the Glass Key Award given by the members of the Crime Writers of ScandinaviaAll the best homes are by the water or so the matron of Kongslund Orphanage tells her small charges But at t

  • Title: The Seventh Child
  • Author: Erik Valeur K.E. Semmel
  • ISBN: 9781477849804
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of the 2012 Glass Key Award given by the members of the Crime Writers of ScandinaviaAll the best homes are by the water, or so the matron of Kongslund Orphanage tells her small charges But at this particular house by the sea, not all is as it appears.On September 11, 2001, on a desolate beach on the outskirts of Copenhagen, police begin investigating the strange deWinner of the 2012 Glass Key Award given by the members of the Crime Writers of ScandinaviaAll the best homes are by the water, or so the matron of Kongslund Orphanage tells her small charges But at this particular house by the sea, not all is as it appears.On September 11, 2001, on a desolate beach on the outskirts of Copenhagen, police begin investigating the strange death of an unidentified woman Surrounding the body are what appear to be offerings to the deceased a book, a small noose, a dead golden canary, a linden tree branch, and a photo of the Kongslund Orphanage As the police puzzle over their bizarre findings, the Twin Towers fall in walls of flame and the case is quickly overshadowed by the terror half a world away.Years later, as the sixtieth anniversary of the matron s reign at Kongslund approaches, identical anonymous letters are sent to six of the home s former residents, hinting at a cover up that has allowed Denmark s most influential to hide away their dirty secrets and keep their grip on power As one tenacious reporter hunts for clues, he begins to unravel the true parentage of some of Kongslund s orphans Can he figure out who is sending the mysterious letters and who murdered the woman on the beach years earlier before it is too late

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    1. ARC for review. Dear God in heaven, I thought I would never finish this book. My copy is an electronic ARC and doesn't have page numbers, therefore I must estimate, and my low guess is that this book was 38,719 pages long. And that was 38,532 pages too many. What I did have was the Kindle % of book left and I got depressed each day when I saw how much I had left. It was that bad. It was all too much - too many characters, too many (often pointless) stories and just way too many words. The book i [...]

    2. 3.5 starsIf you browse through reviews for this novel, you'll see they run the gamut. I think it's because this is a polarizing book, not popular fiction for the masses. It will appeal to fans of slow, introspective & thoughtful reads. And you'll have to be someone who enjoys a tome you can tuck into. At over 700 pages, this is not a beach book.Set in Copenhagen, it chronicles the lives of 7 children from their births to middle age. They ended up in an orphanage within days of being born in [...]

    3. As a reader, I always want to love a book. I certainly don't start a novel with the hopes that it will bore me to tears. But this one nearly did just that. This story is endless, and not in a good way. There are pages upon pages of nothing happening. Somewhere within it all I'm fairly sure there is a decent plot, though the sheer excess of words left me floundering for some reason to continue this torturous event. The narration keeps us at a distance, as if we're being told this story by someone [...]

    4. Uh altså, først var jeg ellevild - sådan ca. de første 150 sider. Men så må jeg sige, at min begejstring kølnedes betragteligt. Gentagelse på gentagelse, helt unødvendige bi-historier, udpenslet politisk indhold, så man til sidst næsten helt havde tabt interessen for indholdet. Ak og ve. Jeg tror sjældent, at jeg er faldet i søvn til en skønlitterær bog så mange gange! Jeg fik dog læst den færdig og fik bekræftet min mistanke om gerningsmand og løsning på bogens gåde. Hvord [...]

    5. ReviewI did not enjoy this book at all. Finally 200 pages from the end I gave up. There are no likeable characters in this book. The story about the dead woman on the beach isn't even what most of the book is about. There are way too many other storylines going on. I wish I had picked another book in my queue. I feel like I wasted several days of reading time.

    6. Aburrido a más no poder, se hace eterno. La sinopsis parecía interesante pero empieza a flojear desde el principio y no mejora. Mejor ahorraos el tiempo y leed algo que merezca la pena.

    7. Een pageturner ! Het verhaal over zeven volwassenen die als baby voor adoptie werden opgegeven door hun alleenstaande moeder, en wiens lot voor de rest van hun leven met elkaar verbonden blijft. Een verhaal van beschadigde kinderen die men met veel goede wil 'repareren'in een adoptieproces dat totaal geen rekening houdt met de moeder-kind-band, en waar al die eerzame bedoelingen tot weinig 'reparatie' en tot veel extra beschadiging leiden. Een beklemmende beschrijving van de adoptiepraktijken in [...]

    8. Set in Denmark in 2008, this mystery begins with the body of an unidentified woman found on a beach in 2001. Due to the events of 9/11 the death was ruled accidentally and forgotten by most involved in the case.Fast forward seven years to five men, all born in 1961, who were given up by their birth mothers to a well-known orphanage, Kongslund. All were adopted and in present day have received a letter with a pair of booties wondering if one of them is John Bjergstrand.The letters lead a journali [...]

    9. I am not going to finish this book, but I am listing it because it has taken up enough of my life to count and I got at least 60% through before I couldn't take it anymore. This is a mystery with political intrigue and more. Probably too much more There is an old, old orphanage in Denmark that has been home to many children over the years. One group of children from 1961 who were adopted out to "qualified" families have been brought back together in an attempt to solve the mystery surrounding on [...]

    10. Interesting, but felt a little too drawn outFirst off, I read this as a free Kindle book and would probably be disappointed if I had paid for it. I was on my way to vacation in Copenhagen when I downloaded the book, it seemed appropriate. Early on there is mystery and intrigue, but by the end of the story the same vague, cryptic descriptions feel over used. Once the big secret is revealed there is way too much review of the plot and history in the remaining chapters. I felt like I had to finish [...]

    11. In 1961 komen er zeven kinderen ongeveer tegelijk terecht in het Kongslund-kindertehuis in Skodsborg, die voor adoptie worden afgestaan nadat ze in het Rigshospital in Kopenhagen ter wereld zijn gebracht. Binnen bepaalde tijd krijgen ze allemaal nieuwe ouders en een nieuwe toekomst. Inger Marie, met de roepnaam Marie, die als vondelingetje terechtkomt in Kongslund krijgt de directrice van het kindertehuis, Magna, zelf als pleegmoeder en blijft haar hele leven in Kongslund, een villa aan de Sont [...]

    12. I don't know how many stars to give this book. It had the makings of a great mystery with some twists along the way, but it is also a very frustrating, annoying and ultimately disappointing read. The author repeats himself a lot (a lot!) and some of his inventions were a bit too contrived to be believable (there is a journalist who is disgraced (before we meet him) because he ran a campaign to have a convicted man released from jail. According to the author the journalist is the reason the man w [...]

    13. At 730-something pages, way way way too long. What could have been an intriguing read, turned into a thing I just had to finish.I took an interest to the book as I once live more or less door to door to the "scene of the crime" in Skodsborg. Looking back, it was always never a place that caused any attention to the outside world, and I guess it still doesn´t.Taking 7 babies and creating a life story for each of them with, at least, some consistency is an effort I will credit the author. Whereas [...]

    14. This is not your feel-good read. I never review books, but having made my way through the many pages of The Seventh Son, I felt compelled. I am an adoptive parent and have found the experience to be the best of my life. My two daughters are loving mothers themselves now and we have a mutual love for each other that's very fulfilling. That's where I'm coming from as I review. The author of this book is adopted and perhaps this colors his fiction. The main children of The Seventh Son are all psych [...]

    15. The book sounded promising. I read the entire thing and still didn't care for any of the characters. Reading this book you'd think that everyone in Denmark is a criminal. Even the things that were done to help a child is told in a jaded sort of way. I think the author is much too close to the subject matter. I know a few people that were adopted and they aren't maladjusted. I wonder if the story lost something in translation. Last but not least is the length of this book and the fact that there [...]

    16. Krimien er på 700 sider og (mindst) 300 af dem kunne snildt være skåret væk. Der er for mange gentagelser og ingen særlige overraskelser. Plottet er nemt at gætte, hvilket gør de overdrevne udpenslinger af hvordan tingene hænger sammen ret ulidelige. Helt ned på sætningsniveau genbruges også flittigt, fx går sætningen "han så ud som om han havde set et spøgelse - og det havde han måske også" igen mange gange. Dette er vel og mærke blot ét eksempel.

    17. Flojo, flojo, flojo. No tenía intención de leer esta novela, pero la editorial me ofreció la oportunidad de hacerle una entrevista al autor y leer la novela, así que pensé que sería interesante. Y sí, la entrevista fue muy interesante, pero el libro en sí peca de lento, en ocasiones de aburrido, y lamentablemente tiene más paja que argumento. No llega a ser un libro horrible, pero desde luego no llega al aprobado.

    18. This book is long. I'm not one who likes to read something over and over unless there are new details that are exciting. I'm afraid this book could have been a lot shorter. 632 pages. It was very slow in the action category.

    19. 3.5I got this from Kindle First because it seemed to be the most interesting book, and I've never had the chance to read a translated novel. At least, one that isn't considered a classic and that I was forced to read.Spoilers are probably going to be ahead.First off, I want to say that everything was a lie in the novel. A very good way of saying that the narrator -- Was there a narrator, though? The point of view changed so often that it was difficult to pinpoint the main one, yet I have chosen [...]

    20. Am rezistat doar până la pagina 200. Mi se pare că efectiv nu se întâmplă nimic, citesc și citesc dar acțiunea nu se desfășoară. Nu m-a prins, deși descrierea părea exact genul meu.

    21. FirstReads Program Badly paced and far too long, the author relies on "surprises" and "twists" which he telegraphs long before the reveal such that nothing is ever a revelation. There's not a lot more to say than what I've said above in my summary. This is a 642 page book that should only have covered 200 pages maximum. Several times the author actually took the time to spend several pages summarizing every single thing that had already happened, not even as if it were a recap, but as if the sto [...]

    22. AuthorErik Valeur was born in 1955 in Denmark. He is a journalist and off-stage commentator. He spend the first two years of his life in an orphanage himself and parts of this book are based on his experiences both as child in an orphanage and situations he walked into while doing research for his work.ReviewI saw this book for the first time on a book expo back in September 2012. They only had a cover and a blurb available at that time but I was already intrigued and knew I had to get my hands [...]

    23. Synopsis: a story of politics and orphans. There are 7 orphans and one is the child of mystery that could make things very difficult for some politicians and government leaders. The story opens with a dead woman on the shore. There is a lot of odd things about this death but because it happens on 9/11/2001, it is dropped and never solved. How or why this has any relationship to the orphans is anyone’s guess. It takes 640 pages of twists and turns to get through this mystery. Much of the time, [...]

    24. No, it didn't really take me 90 years to read this book just felt like it did. Holy croak, what a struggle. It took me so long to read it that I don't even remember why I wanted to read it in the first place. It wasn't terrible: the story is interesting; the characters are complex; the writing is okay (although mind numbingly repetitive at times); it's just TOO. DARN. LONG. Maybe it takes ten English words to express one Danish word, so it's a translation problem; who knows. I honestly think the [...]

    25. This is a fascinating and complicated book that starts in the more recent past, moves to the distant past, then to the present, then back again. This is deftly handled and makes sense in the context of the story. The story centers around 7 children who were in an orphanage at the same time and later it is proven that one of them is the illegitimate child of a man who had connections in the past but is now powerful. There is the mystery of which child the offspring of this powerful man, but there [...]

    26. A Danish orphanage built by the sea holds secrets which the author painstakingly reveals bit by bit, as if peeling the layers of an onion. The book begins when a woman is found dead on the beach, displayed with random objects and through the course of the book, her life and the life of seven people who began their lives at the orphanage is explored. The story line shifts through each of their lives drawing the reader into a hidden darkness of the children's ill-fated start to life. The orphanage [...]

    27. This has got to be the most frustrating author I have ever read. So many unnecessary words that have nothing to do with the meat of the story. I skipped over many pages and never lost a single thread of the story. How on earth this book won a "coveted" award is beyond me. Makes me wonder about all the other Scandinavian books that didn't win bad are they?I used to look forward to my reading timeI dreaded it with this book. You might ask, why did you keep reading? I honestly hoped it would get be [...]

    28. This is a very long, slow mystery, but that's why I liked it! Bit-by-bit and story by story (seven children remember!) the reader is made aware of what seems to be going on and what actually is/was going on. It investigates the psychology of adopted children and touches on nature vs nurture. As the events of 1961, 2001 and 2008 all become clearer and clearer, we finally have some resolution. Unfortunately, to me, the resolution was not as satisfying as I would have liked. The author is Danish an [...]

    29. Det syvende barn er en af den slags bøger, hvor når man er færdig, man føler sig fristet til at genlæse den for at fatte alle de skjulte hentydninger. Men så alligevel ikke. Den var sej at komme igennem, og af og til havde jeg mest lyst til at lægge den fra mig. Der var alt for megen elendighed, skæve skæbner og triste liv. Børnehjemmet Kongslunds store mysterium var dog interessant nok til at få mig igennem bogen, selv om jeg alligevel sad tilbage med nogle løse tråde. Og at det va [...]

    30. De schrijfstijl van het boek sprak mij niet meteen aan, waardoor ik af en toe moeite had om door het boek heen te komen omdat ik mijn aandacht er niet bij kon houden. Het is wel een apart verhaal waardoor je het boek niet zo makkelijk in een hokje kan duwen.

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