Mistress Pat

Mistress Pat In this charming sequel to Pat of Silver Bush Pat Gardiner is growing up but not yet ready to leave her beloved home When she was twenty nearly everyone thought Patricia Gardiner ought to be having

  • Title: Mistress Pat
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9781402289279
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this charming sequel to Pat of Silver Bush, Pat Gardiner is growing up but not yet ready to leave her beloved home.When she was twenty, nearly everyone thought Patricia Gardiner ought to be having beaus except of course, Pat herself For Pat, Silver Bush was both home and heaven All she could ever ask of life was bound in the magic of the lovely old house on Prince EdIn this charming sequel to Pat of Silver Bush, Pat Gardiner is growing up but not yet ready to leave her beloved home.When she was twenty, nearly everyone thought Patricia Gardiner ought to be having beaus except of course, Pat herself For Pat, Silver Bush was both home and heaven All she could ever ask of life was bound in the magic of the lovely old house on Prince Edward Island, where good things never change And now there was than ever to do planning for the Christmas family reunion, entertaining a countess, playing matchmaker, and preparing for the arrival of the new hired man Yet as those she loved so dearly started to move away, Pat began to question the wisdom of her choice of Silver Bush over romance Was it possible to be lonely at Silver Bush

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    1. Like its predecessor, Mistress Pat takes a little getting into, mostly because Hilary Gordon is away. The reader must unfortunately spend quite a bit of time missing his presence in the story, and the very structure of the book makes it obvious that Pat will continue her blindness for an absurdly long time.Fortunately, Judy Plum has not gone anywhere, and her lively presence at Silver Bush receives the additional spark provided by a foil: one Josiah Tillytuck, whose tall tales and cornball perso [...]

    2. Patricia Gardiner loves nothing in the world as much as she loves Silver Bush. This love is obsessive, restrictive, and detrimental to the relationships she has with family and friends. Eventually, through the power of negative enforcement, she realizes there's a whole wide world beyond the farm. This results in a "happy ever after" that feels more like a transference of obsession. 1. I sound dour but that's because this book really did not rub me the right way. For starters, as much as I loved [...]

    3. Okay, so this was not that good. It wasokaythough, because there were some parts I LOVED and it's written by My Favourite Authoress Ever. Sooo. But nope, it's definitely not My Favourite Authoress Ever's masterpiece; and it bored me to death a lot of the time. In fact, I'm going to start with the negatives today. What I didn't like: 1 LITTLE HILARY.I mean, after finishingPat of Silver Moonand readingthat endingall I wanted was JINGLES. And all I got were mention of hisletters ???! (Till at the e [...]

    4. I loved this sequel to Pat of Silver Bush. I think I even probably like the two Pat books better than the Anne of Green Gables books - I just adore the picture of contented domesticity at Silver Bush they paint, with the marvellous descriptions of evenings sat together round the table, eating and telling stories. It just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside, and I love those sorts of books. In the second half of this book, the domesticity rather recedes, and it becomes the gentle romance I was [...]

    5. Pat continues her opposition to change but as life marches on change is inevitable. I found most of the book to be a wistful look at the past, remembering the events of the last book and resenting the changes that come with growing up. Pat remains much the same through out this book as she was in the last. Although the events of the last couple years of the story do see her mature some. I found myself missing the character of Hillary immensely. Although he is referenced often he doesn't reaapear [...]

    6. I don't really know how to review this book. In the beginning I found it slow-going and tedious, I felt it was mainly a repetition of the same theme we already learned in the first book: Pat doesn't like change. Well, much of the book revolves around that theme, but Pat also has to begin learning to accept change, and somehow as the book progressed I began to love it more. A lot of people seem to find Pat an annoying character, and I can easily see how someone would feel that way - and I'm not s [...]

    7. Pat hates change, but change is inevitable. Change comes whether one welcomes it or not. And Silver Bush is no exception to this rule."Mistress Pat" is a rather slow book. It takes place over many years and simply documents the many changes that occur at Silver Bush. The many changes that makes Pat's life unbearably hard. Minor catastrophes and small tragedies haunt Silver Bush, souring the life for Pat and the people she loves. While all of Pat's choices in life has been made in order to protec [...]

    8. My least favorite of all of the L.M. Montgomery books. I like Pat okay in Pat of Silver Bush, but I want to hit her over the head repeatedly in this book. Cuddles and Jingle are my favorite characters, and we don't get enough of either of them, just lots of annoying Pat.

    9. A book that makes me feel this much---including tears---has got to be rated five stars, even if I didn't like everything that happened therein. Full review:The first half of this book was leisurely paced. The picture of life at Silver Bush was so cozy and domestic it was a comfort to read. In changing times when people were snubbing the old delights of hospitality, doing less at home and eating more store-bought food, just the precursor to our lifestyle today, Silver Bush, under the leadership o [...]

    10. Having not been overly impressed with Pat of Silver Bush, why did I read the continuation? Well, curiousity for one. What could she possibly have to say about this obviously unbalanced woman who resists change to an unhealthy degree, even positive change, even in other adults who really don't require her opinion (her father's choice to shave off his mustache upsets her for days), and is obsessively attached to a house and a few acres of land?Well, a lot, actually. But in this volume the "saying" [...]

    11. Mistress Pat doesn't hold up quite as well upon revisiting it as an adult The issue of flimsy characters persists from the last book, though there is a good solid core of well written people, namely Pat herself, Judy Plum, Cuddles/Rae, and Tillytuck. Everybody else had no life in them apart from their interactions with these characters.I found it harder and harder to relate to Pat's passionate attachment to her house Pat's obsession with it really did get in the way of some of her friendships. T [...]

    12. Pat's story is nicely continued, and nicely concluded.Now some general L.M. Montgomery comments, after having just read 21 of her books in the last few months. Sometimes her endings are a little too abrupt for me, saving huge reversals until the last few pages. And she is a little too focused on fatalism, or pre-destination, as she calls it, in some books. The fatalism looms largest, in my opinion, in the Emily books. Hence I'm less fond of them. I don't believe that people "can't help it" and h [...]

    13. Yes, there is too little Hilary, and I can see how this Pat sequel would turn readers off with its potential for being depressing and its rather slapdash ending. But I find it charming, romantic, and best of all, like home, to a degree that the other LMM books don't quite reach. Judy, Tillytuck, Rae (she's so bracing), and, of course, the cats, are all delightful. Pat herself is full of fancy not much different from Anne's. I often dream of Anne, Emily, and Pat meeting each other! What would the [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book, overall. I liked it better than Pat of Silver Bush, but you would have to read both books. It really is one part of the whole. But the story seemed more fluid. This was a really thought-provoking Montgomery for me. I had a great time ruminating on the Binnies and wondering whether they were as bad as Pat thinks or not. The development of Cuddles into a young woman was also fun. The only thing I couldn't understand was the almost complete absence of Hilary. I found it [...]

    15. Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat are two of my favourite books by L.M Montgomery, and although there are bits in both books that I'm not fond of, I find Pat to be an engaging heroine. It's nice to see more of Cuddles in this book, and as I really liked Jingle as a character, I do wish he'd gotten more of a part in this book. Tillytuck and Judy rivalling each other in regards to story telling is always worth the read, as is Uncle Tom's attempt at marriage. The only major disappointment for me [...]

    16. Hmmm, Mistress PatI don't really understand why I liked you. You're meandering and difficult, repetitive, and even dull. You have cat prose everywhere! You're divided up into eleven years with spring/summer/winter/fall descriptions uttered again and again. Yet I read on, straight through Judy's jargon, cat prose, weather whimsy, and years of change. I felt tearful at the aging of Judy and McGinty, mad at Mae Binnie's cheapness of soul, charmed by Jingle's loyalty, at home in Judy's kitchen, deli [...]

    17. i'm in the opposite camp, it seems, from lots of readers posting on this site, in the sense that i really disliked pat in the first book, but found her a bit more tolerable and interesting in this sequel. although maybe it's just that i knew what to expect? or that i'm more willing to accept the sort of behaviour in adults that i find tedious and obnoxious in children. also, i thought that the supporting characters were *much* better drawn here, especially rae and the welcome addition of tillytu [...]

    18. I finished Pat of Silver Bush last night and immediately picked up the sequeld didn't put it down until 1am, at which time I realized I couldn't finish the whole book in one night. Not at my age.Finished it the other day. I got really frustrated with this book - I don't want to wait eleven years for my hero! I KNEW LMM was going to make me wait until the last few pages!!! I got really frustrated with Pat - I mean, come on, she confused her love for the hero with love for a HOUSE. For ELEVEN YEAR [...]

    19. Definitely not L.M. Montgomery's best work. But still beautiful. I find this one to be much more full of sadness than any of her other works. The end was bittersweet. No spoilers, but why did so much happen to Pat? Pat did get on my nerves a bit. I love my home, but she practically worshiped hers. Though I couldn't help feeling for her, as so much change did come into her life, and most of it not good. Oh, well. The Pat books just weren't my favorite of Montgomery's works. Still enjoyable, but n [...]

    20. Just like the prequel, it is a bit like all the other LM Montgomery books. I could basically tell you how t would end from the start but she does such a beautiful job getting you thee everytime I don't mind knowing the ending. She can definitely create a beautiful setting and then work a situation in such a way that makes you feel utterly distraught and hopeless for the character. I love that. Even if it isn't her best or most original, it is still LM Montgomery which means it is deliciously goo [...]

    21. I devoured this book after reading the first one. Great characters and once again, I fell in love with Silver Bush and its environs and wanted to move there immediately. I'd love to visit P.E.I. someday. I did feel rather frustrated with Pat at times, as she clung so tenaciously to Silver Bushbut I understood her feelings, too. It's a shame it took such catastrophes for her feelings and desires to undergo a transformation.I felt very domestic after finishing, and immediately went to the kitchen [...]


    23. Beautiful, elfinly magical in the true Montgomery fashion in which she sucks you in into the real beauty of P.E.Island - it is about the love of home, and how change is essential, but how you will always have the memories of the times past. It made me cry a bit, as it is so close to my situation. The right books always come to me at the right time. Thank you :)

    24. i really want to like this book, but it spent 350 pages hitting me over the head with depression, and then dropped the two worst possible scenarios in the last two chapters. seriously, lmm? i guess the end redeemed it all somewhat, but for an lmm book, getting there was sometimes more painful that it should have been.

    25. Pat seems so much more "real" than Anne or Emily. She isn't a budding writer, she loses so much, and actually gets married in her 30's! I find it interesting that she's the only one of LMM's heroines that waits as long as she herself did to get married. Oh, Jingle! Thank Goodness you came and rescued her in the nick of time. I've never hated a character as much as May Binnie. How dare she!

    26. I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first one, but still a good read. I really wish the David character would have been fleshed out a bit more, I think there was a missed opportunity there

    27. The Pat series is a cute story, but I don't believe it one of Montgomery's best works. The story is hard to get into and moves rather slowly. Also, once you've read one Montgomery series, you've just about read them all. The characters may be different, but the plot is the same.

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