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  1. Can be read online here: hopemirrlees/texts/Paris_H Note that it was written and published in 1919/20 - two years prior to the Waste Land but, hey, a woman wrote it so why should we give a shit, right?

  2. I want a holophrase NORD-SUD ZIG-ZAG LION NOIR CACAO BLOOKER Black-figured vases in Etruscan tombs RUE DU BAC (DUBONNET) SOLFERINO (DUBONNET) CAHMBRE DES DEPUTESBrekekekek coax coax we are passing under the Seine DUBONNETThe Scarlet Woman shouting BYRRH and deafeningSt. John at PatmosVous descendes Madame? QUI SOUVENT SE PESE BIEN SE CONNAIT QUI BIEN SE CONNAIT BIEN SE PORTE CONCORDE I can't I must go slowly[]Read the full text here: hopemirrlees/texts/Paris

  3. This sounds like a song depicting a city very dear to someone, to a poet who knew it well and had studied all its secrets and crevices. It's full of descriptive details that make me wonder who I'm dealing with, what the author was thinking, what did paris truly mean to her, how can someone ever feel such a deep connection with a place. "The sky is saffron between the two towers of Nôtre-Dame".I'm not sure I caught the whole meaning of this text, partly due to my ignorance of french and to the p [...]

  4. This poem was originally printed by Virginia and Leonard Woolf's Hogarth Press in 1919.You can read a PDF of it via Hope Mirrlees on the Web.

  5. My God, where has Hope been in all my life? So glad I ran into this masterpiece, she was truly ahead of her time. Extraordinary beautiful!

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