The Ghost, the White House and Me

The Ghost the White House and Me What if your mom was President After their mother s inauguration two sisters find out that the White House may be haunted Could Abraham Lincoln s spirit really be lingering in the Lincoln bedroom

  • Title: The Ghost, the White House and Me
  • Author: Judith St. George
  • ISBN: 9780823420452
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What if your mom was President After their mother s inauguration, two sisters find out that the White House may be haunted Could Abraham Lincoln s spirit really be lingering in the Lincoln bedroom

    One thought on “The Ghost, the White House and Me”

    1. Kay-Kay and Annie Granger are the daughters of Margaret Granger, president of the United States. They, of course, are all living together in The White House with 'first husband' dad, a Harvard professor. Kay-Kay is a mystery writer in the making and is trying to get some historical facts to use in her novel. She hears that Abraham Lincoln has haunted The White House once or twice. She begs her mom to let Annie and her sleep in Lincoln's bedroom for a night. Mom refuses, but conveniently allows U [...]

    2. Katherine (fondly called KayKay by her family) and her sister Ann are trying to get adjusted to living in the white house since their mother became president. There are stories of the Lincoln bedroom being haunted by Lincoln himself. KayKay wants to sleep in the room overnight, especially since a schoolmate talked about sleeping there when his grandfather was president. Borden also tells the girls that he saw the ghost that night. Not wanting to be outdone is why KayKay wants so badly to stay in [...]

    3. What would it be like to live in the White House and have your mom as the president? Kate's mom is two presidents after Obama. It's a cute story. We chose it because it won a Virginia book award and William needed one of those for his 4th grade book report. The author explores the feelings of the children as they deal with a busy mom who doesn't have much time for them, secret service agents who are always around, and meeting important people. The pranks, tension about ghosts were well described [...]

    4. 3.5 stars.This book was pretty good. It's definitely too young for me but I wanted to read it since I never got to when I first got the book. It was a cute book. I would probably recommend this book for younger elementary school-aged children but it was pretty decent.

    5. As an adult reading this book I was bored. The plot was simple. The characters drove me nuts. The first person viewpoint didn't bother me so much, but the need to describe everything as the character thought it drove me a little batty. I had a pretty good idea early on what the conclusion would be, but some of the details of the plot were completely left untied, almost as though the author meant to write a series, but I don't know if she's got any more planned.I think my daughter might like the [...]

    6. I would recommend this book to all the people who like very exiting mysteries. My favorite character in this book is a young girl named KayKay Granger. Because she is like the main character in the book. But my least favorite character is a young boy named Borden Williamson because he gets into peoples nerves. But if this book was made into a movie I would like to play Borden Williamson even if he does get into peoples nerves. The portion of that captive my attention the most is the part that it [...]

    7. Our oldest is starting to read longer chapter books and she is interested in mysteries. She read the series about ghosts by Marion Dane Bauer and she really loved those books, so I thought this would be a good fit. In addition, I took our girls on a tour of the White House not too long ago and I have tried to expose them to much of the history and museums of this area. We are so fortunate to live near our nation's capital and we want to see as much as we can. While we can't go into the city all [...]

    8. A fun young adult book featuring KayKay Granger and her younger sister Annie. Both are new residents to the White House after their mother is sworn in as the new President of the United States. KayKay's description of living in the White House is fun and informational. The adjustment is hard and time consuming but the mystery of the ghost in the Lincoln Bedroom becomes all consuming for the sisters. With the help of the former president's grandson, they intend to get to the bottom of it. Twelve [...]

    9. KayKay Granger is not thrilled at first to be living in the White House, now that her mother has been elected president of the United States. But when she finds out about the possibility that her new home is haunted, she decides to investigate further. A cute story, despite a couple leaps of logic and a plot hole or two (like KayKay's wondering/realization that her nerdy classmate might be dyslexic -- a bit of a stretch given her age and her having only seen him on a couple occassions). I like t [...]

    10. A great mystery for younger kids. KayKay is the daughter of the President, her mom. KayKay and her sister Annie have just moved into the White House and are still getting used to all the legends and ghost stories. One in particular, that Lincoln's ghost haunts his room, has KayKay curious and adventurous. She persuades her mom to let her and her sister sleep in Lincoln's bedroom. Is the White House haunted like the legends say or is it all a myth?

    11. The first woman president has been elected and her daughters, Kay Kay and Annie are adjusting to being "First Kids" in the White House. Rumors and legends say that the White House is haunted by the spirits of past Presidents and their families, especially those of Abraham Lincoln. Read this book to find out what happens when Kay Kay and Annie spend the night in Lincoln's bedroom.

    12. 3rd/4th grade book. During this year of elections, this book will be interesting to kids because it gives them an insight into the White House and what it is like to be White House Kids. KayKay and her sister want to sleep in Lincoln's bedroom to see Lincoln's ghost but Madame President won't let her daughters sleep there. Can the daughters figure out a plan to see the ghost?

    13. i loved this book it was really good. you will like this book if you like mystery books. it is about a girl named kay kay. well her mom is the new president and now they live in the white housee heared about a curse that abraham lincoln was alive at night . so they slept there and you have to read the book to find out!i recomennd this book for 5th graders!

    14. I wish I could rate a book 2 1/2 stars. This book was cute, but didn't wow me. I honestly expected more from it considering the author is Judith St. George. I did like the fact that there were some history facts thrown in with this otherwise fluffy plot.

    15. Good mystery/ghost story for 3rd-5th graders. Kay Kay lives in the White House because her mom is president. Kay Kay and her sister want to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom to find out if it is really haunted by Lincolns ghost. In the end, they certainly end up finding a haunting surprise.

    16. Does Lincoln haunt the Lincoln bedroom? The daughters of the female President of the United States want to find out.

    17. I really liked this book. My teacher wanted me to read something else then a dog book so I picked a mystory. Every chapter ends with a surprise so you always want to read on.

    18. This is a really good book! It's all about the presidents daughter who thinks that there is a ghost somewhere in the White House and they go searching for it.

    19. This was a great book. You can learn a few things and this book will twist in unexpected ways. Over all it was interesting and surprising.

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