The Haunted Lady

The Haunted Lady Eliza Fairbanks may be old but she s hardly senile So when she claims to have found bats in her bedroom and arsenic in her strawberries Miss Pinkerton is quickly assigned to investigate It doesn t t

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  • Title: The Haunted Lady
  • Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • ISBN: 9780786215621
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eliza Fairbanks may be old, but she s hardly senile So when she claims to have found bats in her bedroom and arsenic in her strawberries, Miss Pinkerton is quickly assigned to investigate It doesn t take the shrewd nurse detective long to discover that Mrs Fairbanksis quite sane after all and quite dead

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    1. "The Haunted Lady" is a novel by Mary Roberts Rinehart written in 1942. It is the fourth novel in the Hilda Adams series and the fourth one I've read, I think there is one more but I don't have it, and Rinehart novels don't show up in any of my bookstores very often, so I might never get it. But for now I'll get back to this one.This one was probably the most fun for me in a I can't believe I like this way. Right from the beginning there wasn't a person in the novel who would have been respondin [...]

    2. This book was okay, but it wasn't very memorable and it was easily predictable. It had very little originality and it had limited vocabulary.

    3. It was great fun to read one of Mary Roberts Rinehart's classic "Had I But Known" mysteries again! Even more fun was that I was reading a 75 year old original Dell map back edition (not the first issued, but second, #814 to be exact, which has a different cover). I know all those map back collectors out there are probably appalled that I risked condition by reading my copy. My position is that it's already 'used' and I am gentle!Plot has so many classic Rinehart elements: elderly rich woman ulti [...]

    4. This was one of two Rinehart novels in a compilation that also contained two novelettes. As I read this novel, written in 1942, I vividly imagined a film of it. It would have been a perfect film of that era, and as I read it I practically "cast" it with all the wonderful characters actors from that era in Hollywood. Rinehart is particularly talented at creating flesh and blood characterizations and she is at her zenith with this one.

    5. Whatever this case promised, she thought--and it seemed to promise quite a bit--there was no violence indicated. She was wrong of course. (p. 20)Mary Roberts Rinehart is considered the mother of the HIBK (Had I But Known) school of mystery writing where the main character and/or narrator (frequently female) proceeds throughout the story in a manner which has the effect of prolonging the action of the novel. The Circular Staircase (1908) was her first novel written in this vein and The Haunted La [...]

    6. There is just something amazing about the atmosphere that Mary Roberts Rinehart can pack into a small piece of real estate. Once again, she showcases her talent by setting a murder mystery in a home that is inhabited by some very strange people. You would think that after a while, all these mysteries that take place in spooky houses would become repetitive. I think with lesser authors, that is a real big possibility. With Rinehart at the quill, quite the opposite happens. There is something so r [...]

    7. Mary Roberts Rinehart is often referred to as America's first female detective author, and was a bestselling author in her day.The day of 'The Haunted Lady' was 1942. The tale features a recurring Rinehart character, Hilda Adams, nicknamed Miss Pinkerton by her friend and sometime employer Inspector Fuller. Fuller often hired Hilda, a registered nurse, to do police work as her inherent powers of observation and sleuthing had aided him in the past.This time Fuller has Hilda stationed at the home [...]

    8. This book, first published in 1942, starts slowly, moves slowly, and then wraps up in a very few pages. And some of the loose ends are not entirely wrapped up. Hilda Adams, also known as Miss Pinkerton, is a registered nurse who is sometimes used by the police department to gather information. In this book she is sent to the aging mansion of Eliza Fairbanks because the elderly woman claimed that someone (most likely someone in the family) was trying to kill her, first by arsenic in the strawberr [...]

    9. Rinehart's The Haunted Lady was a fun, quick read that was full of many twists and turns. The book begins with Hilda being given the task of watching over Eliza Fairbanks. Mrs. Fairbanks had told the inspector that someone was trying to frighten her so the inspector decided to send Hilda to watch over things. Hilda then finds out that it is more serious than just a few pranks when Eliza ends up murdered. Rinehart introduces some quirky characters that add to the mystery and to the puzzle giving [...]

    10. I picked this up, looking forward to a golden-age mystery to immerse myself in. Unfortunately, this story moved SO slow the first half of the book I found it difficult to keep up my enthusiasm. There was a glimmer of interest once a murder occurred, but that was short lived and again the story dragged on. I decided to skimming through towards the end to see who 'done it', but that got tedious as well so I ended up putting the book aside 2/3s in. I've read other books by this author and have enjo [...]

    11. This was a great one, and my introduction to the fabulous Hilda Adams, the "police nurse" with the sharp dry wit and keen intellect that appear in Rinehart's strong lead women characters in her later works. Here Adams is sent to guard over an aristocratic woman who claims she's being terrorized by someone wishing to kill her, believed only by her granddaughter and Adams, the rest of the characters believing the fierce older woman to be crazy.

    12. Nurse Hilda Adams is on a case where an elderly lady is seemingly being haunted--by bats, rats, and noises--in her sealed bedroom. How are they getting in and why? Not needed for regular nursing duties, Hilda Adams investigates the family and when there is a murder, she solves the case for the police. Her favorite inspector is back, and her personality shines throughout.

    13. Read this one yesterday. I was enjoying it until I remembered that not only had I read it before, but I knew who the murderer was! But I went ahead and finished it anyway. Rinehart writes in the "Had I But Known" school, where she uses a lot of foreshadowing. This is supposed to heighten the suspense, but I think it works the opposite way.

    14. pretty good creepy mystery, but pretty hard to keep all the characters straight. When the suspect was finally revealed I couldn't remember who it was. I did like the nurse/dectective and the mystery of the bats and rats in the room.

    15. On okay story with a likable detective. I would read more by this author, but am not going to seek out these stories. I do like that this is a 1942 book republished. It is good that some of the older novels aren't getting lost forever.

    16. Well written mystery, although the reader will be much quicker at pointing the clues together than Hilda.

    17. Nurse Pinkerton Rich elderly woman, card table, hidden safe, unhappy son. His new wife kills his mother for money.

    18. This very old mystery was well written and I can see where she gets her title of "America's Agatha Cristie:

    19. In essence this is a locked room mystery with a social sauce. Having read it, realized that the author's work must have been a model for the more pathological suspense of Margaret Millar's novels.

    20. what? I started this book this morning. I got half way through and had to put it down. It wasn't interesting to me, like I thought it would be.

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