Return of the Mummy

Return of the Mummy Gabe and his obnoxious cousin Sari return to Egypt where the mummified body of an Egyptian prince lives and breathes

  • Title: Return of the Mummy
  • Author: Francine Hughes Charles Lazer R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780590745895
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gabe and his obnoxious cousin, Sari, return to Egypt where the mummified body of an Egyptian prince lives and breathes.

    One thought on “Return of the Mummy”

    1. Not bad for a children's television tie-in. It was short and had very choppy sentences but it also has a lot of suspense and entertainment value for kids.

    2. its good because the ending is great because the bad people had to die and all the evil was destroyed and l think its intresting because you learn more abbout Egypt and the Pharos

    3. Owned this book when I was a kid. I liked the colored inserts from the TV show, although I never really saw the episode myself.I liked this story because it wasn't very boring, and the twist was unexpected at the time.

    4. Goosebumps series are always intriguing! I love this one. Adventurous, mystic and cool! I always admire horror and thrilling books like Goosebumps :) Thumbs up!

    5. I did not read this book. I am using it as a place marker for a book I have reread: My Name is Lucy Barton.

    6. I read this book when I was in fifth grade fact Goosebumps was what I mostly read back then. Ah, the memories. haha.

    7. this was a scary book. it gave me night mares. there is a lot of detail in the book. i think the aurthor is very good at writing books.

    8. I really disliked this book. It was too easy to read, the lack of pages, it was easy to guess what was going to happen next, though I enjoyed its "scary" parts

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