Shugo Chara!, Vol. 1:

Shugo Chara Vol Amu est le sujet de toutes les rumeurs de l acad mie Seiyo Chacun lui renvoie l image d une fille aussi jolie que cool Mais Amu est elle vraiment comme a En r alit elle souhaiterait rena tre tout au

  • Title: Shugo Chara!, Vol. 1:
  • Author: Peach-Pit
  • ISBN: 9782811600396
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amu est le sujet de toutes les rumeurs de l acad mie Seiyo.Chacun lui renvoie l image d une fille aussi jolie que cool.Mais Amu est elle vraiment comme a En r alit , elle souhaiterait rena tre tout autre peine a t elle nonc ce souhait, que trois ufs font leur apparition sous son oreiller De ces ufs, naissent trois shugo chara

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    1. 1. The art is beautiful.2. The idea is WAAAAY original. I CAN'T FIND ANOTHER PLOT LIKE IT!!3. It teaches a valuable lesson that I ENCOURAGE MY REVIEW READERS TO FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES. :)Shugo Chara (NOTE: Pronounced Shoo-goh kah-rah! People have been calling it Shoo-goh cha-rah and I have the immediate urge to correct them! But I wouldn't know--I'm just a fan of pronouncing things the japanese way.) starts out as story about a young 4th grader (I can't believe how young they are) named Amu Hin [...]

    2. Everything about this is just plain meh. Even though I knew from the start that this manga isn't something to be gaga over and that it isn't meant to be realistic at all, I'm still confused and a bit disappointed.First off, the egg idea is kind of ludicrous to me and in all honesty, it doesn't really make sense in my head. How're Guardian Characters supposed to help a person find his/her true personality and identity if they constantly control and change how the person acts and reacts? Well, may [...]

    3. Shugo Chara is a lovely manga series! It turned out better than I had expected to be. Amu Hinamori, the main character, acting 'cool and spicy' at her school but that wasn't her true character. So she wish to be reborn as her true self. Her wish came true and there were three eggs on her bed. She was astonished about it. She brought them at her school where she met the Guardians of Seiyo Elementary. She had a crush with the prince, Tadase who was in the king chair. Once she confessed to him that [...]

    4. Review for series.The first volume of this was a little incoherant, and I had trouble getting into it. I only read further because I already had the entire set out from the library, and figured why not. It's not like they take long to read. The later volumes were much better plotted, and I actually zipped past number 7 pretty quickly. Then I got bored. I finished for the same reason I'd continued past volume 1. The ending was okay, though not amazing.As for the material:(view spoiler)[The charac [...]

    5. You know, I had been making progress with writing my draft. Got a whole three pages out of the way in an hour. But then I discovered Shugo Chara! and now my schedule for the rest of the week is down the drain.

    6. I loved this. It was very cute and very sweet. Unfortunately though I'm only adding novels to my challenge this year, so I'm going to note her that I read it on the 14/03/2014-15/03/2014.The plot: Very straightforward, kind of predictable. But also has enough twists and turns to keep interested. Though it's like any usual shoujo manga. It's not like a mystery where you're suddenly thrown in another direction.The Characters:I loved Amu. I loved Ikuto. Amu is your usual Shoujo protag and yet she w [...]

    7. Overall Rating: B+Synopsis: Created by Peach-Pit, the series is a shōjo manga that follows Amu Hinamori, a student at Seiyo Elementary. Amu has a reputation for being stylish and cool (that's her to the left), but she's really very shy. One night, she makes a wish that she could be her real self, and the next morning she finds three brightly colored eggs in her bed. Each egg eventually hatches a Guardian Character, angel-like beings able to change Amu into a new personality. She also has to dea [...]

    8. Hinamori Amu is the most popular girl at Seiyo Elemantary school, known for her edgy fashion sense and "Cool-n-Spicy" attitude. Hell, even her own parents are huge fans of her. But in reality, Amu is just a scared girl who just wants to be cuter and more honest.Enter three eggs, who hatch into Guardian Characters, sort of mascots who represent who Amu wants to become. Ran represents her desire to more athletic and honest. Miki is her wish to be more artsy, and has her stubborn attitude. Suu is t [...]

    9. 3.5* I watched the anime first, so some of the terminology in the manga sounded peculiar to me. Especially "the self that I want to be", whereas the anime OP theme said "my would-be self". Also, the "Negative Heart, Lock-On!" that I loved so much in the anime, seems missing from the manga. Other than that, and how obvious it is that the mangakas are Amuto fangirls (which I despise, since I am a Tadamu fangirl), the manga is a decent readeven for those of us, who watched all of the anime first. R [...]

    10. Holy, this was an amazing manga series! First of all, nothing like this out of manga have I ever seen. And I so doubt I ever will. This manga stands alone from everything else, especially in the whole entire concept.Amu is really an example of a girl in elementary school who is misunderstood and not given a chance to fix her mistakes, but she really wants another chance at a good life. Tadase and Ikuto are two boys that help her along the way, both becoming crushes but she does eventually choose [...]

    11. Shugo Chara: Volume 1 was written by Peach-Pit a female manga artist duo consisting of Banri Sendo and Shibuko Ebara. It was published in Japan on January 1st, 2006 by Kodansha Ltd Tokyo. Since this manga/graphic novel was originally written in Japanese, it was translated into english by June Kato. This graphic novel falls into the genre of Magical Girl. This genre is a subgenre of Japanese fantasy manga as well as anime that feature young girls who are, of course, using magic. If you’re think [...]

    12. My review will be on the original non-edited version that some kind people translate for us on the internet cos Del Rey suck (no offence to you guys and all) and 'edit' (or as I like to say, make loads of mistake in) the translation WHICH IS REALLY, REALLY ANNOYING!!! Seriously annoying seriously, seriously annoying you don't know how long I can rant about something like that cos I appreciate the Japanese culture and language so much (speaking of which, anyone wanna lend me £1000 so I can go th [...]

    13. Ah, Shugo Chara!. This is a series which really does break away from the boundaries and conventions of its preordained genre and give you something new for the audience. It takes the stereotypical aspects of mahou shoujo, of course, but it runs with them - uses some more than others and disregards some of the more cliché ones. It's not all about the sparkles and the saving the world and the impossibly comfortable outfits and impossible hair colours and so forth. Okay, it is about all of that, b [...]

    14. This review will be for the whole series.When I finished the official last chapter of Shugo Chara! back in 2010, I was an emotional wreck. Some people don't understand; I was obsessed with this series. The idea was original, the characters pleasant and adorable, the plot perfect with just the right amount of dark/light elements. I was devastated when it ended. Granted, I probably hadn't stuck to it for no more than a year and a half. I found out about it around the summer of 2009, and it ended w [...]

    15. Review #15 ~I think~ ) This is one of the best manga I've read. I love the story plot so far and I also love the pictures The pictures are detailed and very cute. The main character,fourth grader Amu, doesn't like the ways she acts, or how she fits into the community. People see Amu as the cool punk girl because of the clothing she wears( that her mother bought her). Her personality is nothing like that though. So one night, Amu wished so bad that she could "start over." The next morning, thinki [...]

    16. This manga was very unique in its storyline as well as the art. The art was really top notch, as expected of the duo, PEACH-PIT. The story itself was like no other, and that's saying something because nowadays, you see the same things repeating itself over and over again, so this was a fresh start and it truly set itself apart from all of that. This manga was very empowering, because I remembered that during the time when I read this, I was going through a difficult time in my life and I couldn' [...]

    17. Shugo Chara vol.1Peach Pit, Shugo Chara, Kondasha publishing’s, 2007, 200p Have you ever felt like someone that you’re not and just keep acting like it? And you just wished that you can change yourself? That’s how Hinamori Amu feels in the cute little manga made by Peach Pit. This is one of the cutest manga I have read in my entire life, it’s just so darn adorable it will make your teeth rot I swear. Now join me as I tell Amu’s story as it starts out with three little eggs. Taking plac [...]

    18. Shugo Chara!: Volume 1 is a fun, little manga book about students with Guardian Characters that let them transform into different people. Well, not different people . . . they are still the same person. But when they change, each person has different talents. The Guardians have been waiting for for a person with three Guardian Characters to fill the "Joker" seat. The Joker Guardian has a job to do . They have to go out and find X Eggs before they hatch. X Eggs contain X Characters, which are the [...]

    19. Everybody at school thinks Amu is amazing. They want to be her and they idolize her, because she's so tough. Amu is struggling with her image, because it isn't who she really is. She is a sweet girl who wants to wear cute things. Amu wishes she can be herself. With the help of a bit of magic three eggs are the result. At first Amu has no idea what they are for, but soon she finds out that each egg contains a Guardian Character. These characters are her would be selves. With the help of her three [...]

    20. This adorable story with cute characters and a mysterious plot is definitely different from most manga out there. Following elementary student and accidentally acclaimed badass, Amu Hinamori, we learn about the Shugo Chara, or "Guardian Characters" and their roles in the world of this story.The pace was slower in general, but it was the perfect pace for this story. The plot is different and always tries to keep you guessing. The artwork is great with lots of attention to detail. The characters a [...]

    21. Shugo chara is one of those books when I could feel like reading it any time of the day, it is always funny, sometimes serious or lovey dovey or totally complicated. I agree to those people who say it's "kinda childish" or "makes no sense" or people who say that the plot is not the best that they've seen or something like that. I totally agree to that, I actually really liked it at first and hated it after I finished reading it but I liked it again after I realised that it's not too bad and it's [...]

    22. Ok, if you only want what I thought of the series go to the bold, this first paragraph is about me finding the book, and figuring it out.Honestly, I just found this for a dollar and said "Why not?"Then I read the back, said " much?"But I still bought it. And was damn glad I did! It was my first manga, and I saw the cover was on the back only when I got home said "What the hell?!?"So I just read it from the cover and guessed which pannal was where (Same with the speech bubbles) and was lucky enou [...]

    23. Shugo Chara Vol. 1 Summary: WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? Everybody at Seiyo Elementary thinks that stylish and super-cool Amu has it all. But nobody knows the REAL Amu, a shy girl who wishes she had the courage to truly be herself. Changing Amu's life is going to take more than wishes and dreams - it's going to take a little magic! One morning, Amu finds a surprise in her bed: three strange little eggs. Each egg contains a Guardian Character, an angel-like being who can give her the power to be someon [...]

    24. I think this a very cute and sweet story about kids who want to show people what they can do. Amu is a nice person but when she panics she says things that make her seem arrogant, and it doesn't help the fact that her mom gets her clothes that make her look like a delinquent. She doesn't believe in this "hocus-pocus" stuff but finds herself trying it out anyway. She gets three magical eggs and finds her true-self with the help of her charas. Amu is not alone, with the school guardians by her sid [...]

    25. I'm not very good with reviews but I'm giving this a go, it probably won't be in great detail but never mindThis is a review for the entire Shugo Chara series (all 12 volumes)I tried to read these to get back into manga, but unfortunately it didn't do very well. But I'm not going to rate it on how much I like manga in general but just this series.I did enjoy the series. I loved the drawings and the story and the bonus bits at the ends and the Q&A to peach-pit during the volume. I have to say [...]

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